Will there be midnight launch for Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary?

You will have to call your local store and ask them about it, some stores will and others wont, it all depends on the manager, my local eb games didnt have a black ops release because the guy who managed it hated cod, so i had to wait till next morning, but really will it kill you to wait like 8 hours or so? like are those other guys gonna get a massive head lead? If i was you call up and see what they say.

Is there going to be a limited edition xbox 360 s for halo combat evolved anniversary?

Yes, there is going to be a limited edition xbox 360 s for halo combat evolved anniversary. Good luck!

Can you tell me all about Halo 4 and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary?

bungie stopped making halo games since there with activision, 343 studios is making it but they have people from bungie over there 343 is making both games. Halo anniversary is halo 1 but better graphics and has the halo 4 beta, halo 4 is the sequel to halo 3 taking place in the forerunners world


Get the anniversary because it you will be able to play with online friends and play xbox live multiplayer on it and of course you can also play online Co-op. The biggest thing is they made the graphics as good as Halo Reach. But if you don't want the new graphics. There is a mode for the campaign where you just push a button and you have the old graphics from 10 years ago. Plus its not the same price as a brand new game its $39.99 instead of $59.99. Its worth the 2 1/2 months wait for it to come out November 15th.

What are the pre-order rewards for Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary?

you can compare pre order bonuses at gamescales http://www.gamescales.com/Pre-Order.html

Will Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary have a limited edition xbox 360 coming along side it?

i highly doubt it, since they haven't announced it yet, and it's coming out in less than 6 months.

Will Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary be worth getting?

Yes, the game back in the day was $40 bucks I believe on Classic Xbox, consider that the new map pack coming with it is $10 and they've redone the graphics, audio, added online enabled co-op, achievements, terminals and everything else, you are getting a great deal. Let me go over that again. -$40 for the Classic game [original price] -$10 for the map pack [average price for map packs] -$10 for SOOO MUCH MORE WORK and entertainment. The storyline alone is worth $60.

Will halo combat evolved anniversary have a limited/ legendary edition?

No, Halo Ce anniversary wont have a limited edition copy, halo 4 may have one but until then we must wait and see.

Halo combat evolved Anniversary and Halo 4 question?

Like someone above me said it comes out in a couple of months so anything that's going to be said is said. And Halo 4 comes out holiday 2012, so most likely in november or even december. Trailers should come out as the date comes up, MW3 trailers come out very often.

Should I buy Gears of War 3 or halo combat evolved anniversary?

If you already have halo reach, I'd just buy gears 3. Halo combat evolved anniversary is going to be the same as reach, just with the campaign of halo 1 and multiplayer maps of halo 1 while gears 3 is a whole new game.