If You Could Choose 1 Person Out Of Theese People To Be On Your Team Which Would It Be And Why?

Do you guys know CBs who'll be in this year's draft?

I'd goggle a mock draft but ill name a few
Jason Verret-TCU
Justin Gilbert -Oklahoma state(Top Cb prospect )
Darqueze Dennard-Michigan
Bradley roby- Ohio state (Sleeper Highly under looked at bad season last year)
Haha Clinton Dix - Alabama
Lamarcus Joyner -FSU
Marcus Roberson -Florida

NFL: Post NFC Championship Loss: Seahawks to demote Wilson? cut Wilson for new QB?

I would like to answer but at this moment it's only a 9 point game in the 3rd quarter. GB hasn't won anything

Ultimate draft picks for Green Bay Packers? (will choose Best Answer)?

Round 1. C.J. Mosley
We need an inside presence and we are just as thin at linebacker as we are Safety. We can't stop the run, and Mosley is a freak. Size/Speed/Ability he has it all. I'd much rather have him over Haha Clinton Dix, especially because Micah Hyde should make a fine safety. Mosley is a top 10 pick if not for his injury issues. Which is always a 50/50 thing anyways. If Mosley isn't available my next guys would be Louis Nix, Eric Ebron or possibly a CB if the right one drops. I say this because some people think Kyle Fuller could rise and Justin Gilbert could fall, either way they are both very good along with Dennard, and Dom Capers loves CB's and it would make it easier to move Micah Hyde to safety knowing we'd have the most depth at CB in the league.
Round 2. Antone Exum
Moving Micah Hyde to Safety means there is going to be a space at CB again. Exum has intriguing size at 6'0" 213 lbs. and he is a ball hawk. Could move to safety eventually which means he's versatile. Dom Capers would love this, and he'd probably get playing time considering the Packers CB's tend to get hurt often. He has injury history himself, and would benefit from being in a backup role his first year or two while the knee gets solid and he gets coached up. Makes too much sense. Other possibilities - One of the TE's/ another LB or DL

What are the chances of HaHa Clinton-Dix falling to the Ravens at #17?

Who is Haha Clinton-dix's nfl comparison?

I'm not sure, maybe an antrel rolle?

Is HaHa Clinton Dix the most unfortunate name a draft prospect a could possibly have?

Hahahah I never thought of his name like that.
Here's another question, who in their right mind names their kid Ha Ha?

What is the weirdest name you ever heard?

Who would be the better choice for the steelers?

Haha Clinton-Dix
Ryan Clark's and Troy Polomalus best days are behind them (still great tho)
But a safety duo of Shakmaro Thomas and Clinton-Dix sounds like a good replacement
Plus,Steve McClendon actually didn't do that bad last year

Who;s better Calvin Pryor or Haha Clinton Dix?

HA ha Clinton Dix because his name reminds me of the Monica Lewinski scandal.