Gronkowski or Gates for week 14?

Gronkowski is hands down the best fantasy TE. I'd start no TE over him, ever....I've already made the mistake of starting Graham over him a few times, but I've learned by lesson there. Pretty much every endzone pass by the Pats is headed for Gronkowski
good luck

Do I start Martellus Bennett or Rob Gronkowski?

Gronkowski. Bennett isn't at 100% fitness this week, and Gronkowski's the best TE in the league when healthy. Start the Gronk.

Fantasy football week 13 who should i start Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski?

gronkowski best matchup by far if that offense is within 30 yards he can take a dump off and carry the rest of the colts defense in for a score.
the lions are without Suh an some secondary players but they still have a very good pass rush which graham will likely be asked to help out with more than say other matchup problems like sproles.
both are good this week but i would not run away from a big target against a miserable pass defense like the colts.

Should I start Ryan Mathews or Rob Gronkowski?

I would go with Mathews...whenever I`m not sure I always go with a RB...RBs touch the ball the most...and thus have the most opportunities to score fantasy points.
Please see links below...especially one pertaining to the following:
Owners beware - Rob Gronkowski at Jets: If Gronkowski is on your roster, chances are he's going to be active. Just keep this in mind -- in three career games against the Jets, Gronkowski has averaged an awful 19 yards with no touchdowns. The Men in Green have also given up the sixth-fewest fantasy points to tight ends.
Gronk always has the chance that Hernandez will get more looks in a given game.
Good luck!

Jimmy Graham Vs. Rob Gronkowski?

Rob Gronkowski = More TD's
Jimmy Graham = More Yards
Both great players and they're both breaking records but I would go with Gronkowski because he has less players competing for the ball and he's really been Brady's first option in the passed few weeks.

Jermichael finley or rob gronkowski?

if Gronkowski is healthy and he is, Brady will use him a lot against The Jets Defense. Finley will get his share of receptions against Atlanta too, but not as much as Gronkowski.

Who thinks that Jimmy Graham is a much better TE than Gronkowski and beat him up in a fist fight? If not, why?

Gronkowski is the better TE. He is a more complete player meaning not only is he an exceptional pass catcher and threat whenever in the redzone but also a very, very good blocking TE.
Graham has proven to be able to stay on the field so in some ways I guess that makes him the more valuable player (and he is a major threat don't get me wrong) but Gronkowski is without a question the best TE when he is healthy. But, we will have to see if we ever see a fully healthy Gronkowski again.

Who should I start for week 3 tightend in fanasty football ? Jason witten or rob gronkowski?

I hope you decided to start Rob Gronkowski.
Even if Aaron Hernandez is in the game, Gronkowski is Tom Brady's favorite end zone target, even more so than Wes Welker. If you are in a PPR league, Aaron Hernandez has a little bit more upside because he is more of a hybrid TE/WR but Gronkowski is definitely the more valuable player. In the last 3 games this season he has scored 5 touchdowns. Gronkowski is on my fantasy team and he is quickly becoming the most consistent TE and a strong candidate for No.1 TE for the season. I'm surprised that you have both Jason Witten and Gronk... I would suggest trading one of them (preferably keeping Gronk) for a top 10 WR or RB if you need either.
Don't get me wrong, Jason Witten is a fantastic tight end and also a strong candidate for No.1 TE for the season but with Aaron Hernandez out (possibly out until week 7 or 8), Gronkowski has so much more value now.
Even when Hernandez plays, Gronk puts up stellar fantasy numbers. Go with Gronk every time. For Week 4, definitely go with Gronk. He is not only the safer choice (because Brady isn't injured like Romo is) but he is also the better fantasy option due to his red zone looks). Gronk will not let you down even when Hernandez comes back.
Hope this helped and good luck!

Do you think Rob Gronkowski could have caught that last end zone pass if his ankle was 100%?

Maybe, but if Gronkowski was playing at 100%, who knows if it would have even come down to a play like that? It was fairly obvious after a while that Gronk was only in there for his "presence". His job was to draw extra attention from the defense and help other guys get open. He only caught 2 passes in the whole game. If you knew going in that Gronk was only going to have 2 catches and no TDs in the Super Bowl, you would think the Patriots hopes of winning would be pretty slim. The Giants quickly figured out that he was not even close to 100% and started paying less attention to him. A healthy Gronkowski gives Brady an extra dangerous option, especially on 3rd down and in the red option that he did not have yesterday. The game never comes down to one play, it's always the random combination of plays over the course of the game that sets up something like the dramatic Hail Mary you saw last night. What if Bradshaw had managed to get down on the 1 and didn't score? It could have come down to a field goal with no time left to give the Giants the win...and Tynes could have missed it, making the final 17-15 Pats. You never just have to play every down to the best of your ability and leave the rest to elements. Hats off to the Giants...they really deserved it...but the Pats shouldn't hang their heads either. Just getting to the Super Bowl is a huge accomplishment, and Rob Gronkowski is certainly a big reason why they were there in the first place.

Opinions on patriots rookie Rob Gronkowski?

Gronkowski is a beast. He has all the tools that a TE needs. He is an excellent blocker. He is money in the red zone. As much as I like Hernandez, he is not better than Gronk. Hernandez is more of a receiving TE, much like Dallas Clark. Gronkowski is more of a classic TE that can catch and block, much like Jason Witten. They complement each other well.