How do Low Profile Graphics Cards fit in small desktops?

Most cards advertised as "low-profile ready" come with a shorter bracket which only has one video port. Either the full or half-height bracket may be installed by default. You can switch brackets in under 2 minutes with just a screwdriver.

What are the best graphics cards in the $500 range for 2010?

well it differs look at a visiontek killer hd 5770 (isn't out yet) it has a built in Ethernet port only card of its kind and at 200$ you could get 2 or just 1 gtx 480 superclocked.

when using 2 graphics cards in SLI do i use the HDMI cable in the first graphics card?


How can I tell which Graphics Cards can work in my computer?

Find out what motherboard you have and look up it specs

Which of these graphics cards are better and are ghz more important than RAM for gaming?

The cpu is more important than RAM when it comes to gaming (after 2 GB of RAM most games from crysis to Left 4 Dead perform the same).I'd choose the HD 5850 from these two but you should know that you can't change the graphics card of a laptop.

What are the graphics cards compatible with a HP Pavilion a6130n?

Any graphics card is supported but heres the thing... You cant use a new graphics card with your stock power supply. Most graphics cards need at least 500 watts. If you don't upgrade your power supply you may break it along with everything else in your computer. Thats why graphic card upgrades are so expensive.

What are some good graphics cards that can run Starcraft 2 at maximum settings but don't cost a fortune ?

ive got a ati hd5770 1gb vid ram and dx11 only costs about 160-200 dollars depending on the make of it at but i was playing it on a nvidia 9800gt 512mb vid ram and it only costs about 60$ on the same site both played at 60fps but the nvidia slowed a little with to many units on the screen

Can anyone tell me the difference between the Blue and White input on graphics cards and monitors?

The blue is a VGA connector. The white is probably DVI-I, possibly DVI-D DVI is a much newer standard and comes in three flavors: DVI-A is analog. This has exactly the same signals as a VGA connector but in a DVI connector shell. Signal quality is a bit better. You can get adapters that will remap the signals from a DVI-A connector to a VGA connector. DVI-D is digital. This will give a better image for flat panels as the video signal stays digital from the GPU through to the panel. VGA it gets converted from digital to analog, pushed up the (lossy) cable, sampled and converted back to digital. DVI-I is analog and digital. Usually seen on the back of video cards. Since the analog signals and the digital signals use different pins you can fully populate the connector and support either. If you have a second VGA monitor you can connect it via a VGA to DVI-A adapter, provided that the video card has DVI-I rather than DVI-D If you have a DVI-D input on the monitor, then you will get a slightly better picture connecting via a DVI-D cable than the VGA.

Is it possible to bridge 4 Nvidia Quadro fx graphics cards on a single motherboard?

What are the advantages and disadvantage of both Nvidia and ATI graphics cards?

Both companies make some great cards and some crap cards. It all depends on how much you want to spend. Each company has cards competing with each other in different price ranges. The general trend is that AMD (formerly ATI) are generally cheaper so you end up getting a card with better performance from AMD than if you spent the same amount of money on a card from NVIDIA. I personally don't think there's much difference between the two. I've used a few NVIDIA cards in my systems and i've used AMD (ATI) cards as well and they have all been good with ONE exception. And that exception is a card that died on me. It was a 4870X2 and it was the best card at the time. I believe however, that the cards death cannot be attributed to ATI but it must be the fault of the brand which manufactured the card. It was Gecube and the thing died a week past its very short warranty period. My bad for choosing such a crap brand due to stock limitations at the time. In my opinion, the manufacturer of the card is more important than whether it's AMD or NVIDIA. Go for quality brands like XFX, EVGA, Sapphire, ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI. Both ATI and NVIDIA have different features that they use to try to market their product better. NVIDIA have PhysX, which is really just a scam because hardly any games actually use it, and AMD have Eyefinity, which is the ability to easily hook triple monitors up to the card. Of course, there are fan boys in each camp. The fanboys will sing the praises of their favourite camp but really all their prejudice one way or the other is based on the cards that they've used in the past which have given them good experiences. It is said by many that driver support for ATI cards is much poorer than that of NVIDIA. Personally, in over 10 years of buying and using video cards, both ATI and NVIDIA, i have not found that to be the case at all.

What are some good gaming graphics cards?

This should give you a good idea.

Why cant you change the graphics cards on laptops and macbooks?

That is because the video chips are soldered to the laptop motherboard, and are designed to be integrated with that laptop. Laptop do not have external bus connectors, so you cannot add any video card. Even if they had external bus connectors, there is no way a laptop could handle the size of a real video card, much less the power they use (more than the entire laptop itself)

What graphics cards are compatible with IBM Thinkpad R51?

Laptops are almost never upgradable when it comes to the video card except for buying a new laptop. Sorry but you'll have to live with what you have or upgrade to another machine.

What are some good graphics cards for games?

Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB PCI-E Video Card or EVGA GeForce GTXD 460 SE Fermi 1GB Video Card or you can see more graphics cards and relevant detailed information at : video card &type=deal&ru=28800125 then make your own choice good luck

Can somebody list a list of best graphics cards that works on fsx deluxe and acceleration?

what graphics cards are good for flash games?

update flash add memory get a faster nic or processor those things and can do the memory first.

How to compare ATI to Nvidia graphics cards?

Well unfortunately the games requirements are sloppy and misleading if that's how they listed them. The Radeon HD 5xxx series includes cards from the low-end 5450 which is only good for everyday tasks and light games like the Sims, to the high-performance HD 5870. Those are $40 and $350 cards respectively- their performance is nowhere near each other. Game publishers may recommend a particular series of card for specific features (for example ATI introduced DirectX 11 support with the 5000 series) but it's individual card models that you need to compare to, not a series. Anyway, back to your question- the answer is card reviews. That's the only way to get a sense of where different cards from AMD/ATI and Nvidia stand compared to each other. For example, here's part of a review of the Radeon HD 5670 showing how it performs compared to various cards above and below it: Here are the GTS 450 and Radeon HD 6790:,2917.html Tom's Hardware has a hierarchy chart which shows the rough tiers that cards fall into. It's nice because it includes much older models like your X1600 Pro- which is quite weak by today's standards- about equivalent to $40 cards.,2935-7.html Do NOT pay much attention to the results from (a popular reference from some people here on Y/A) because those scores are based solely upon synthetic test results- they don't reflect how cards perform in actual games. Even worse is GPUcompare, which doesn't test anything- it provides THEORETICAL results of how they THINK cards will perform based upon the design specs. Yeesh! So always check reviews. Those provide actual results in games (which is what matters) along with power consumption, noise and heat information. Techspot, Hot Hardware, Tom's Hardware, Anandtech, Xbitlabs are all good. The major issue when upgrading a graphics card will be the power requirements- in order to run most midrange cards, your computer needs a 450W or higher power supply with a dedicated 6-pin power cable, while entry-level cards usually only need 300W, and don't need a dedicated power cable. So depending upon how much performance you're looking for, a new psu might be needed.,2935.html

What are the cons of having 2 graphics cards?

Two cards draw more power, both at idle and under load, but they don't quite give you twice the graphics computation power. As such the system as a whole costs more to run (let alone to buy in the first place!) because it uses more elctricity. You also need to be able to remove the heat from the case effectively too, if you cannot you may not be able to overclock your CPU or graphics cards as much as they will become unstable sooner. Even if you don't overclock, your componants will probably run hotter than they would with only one graphics card in the system, this will reduce their life span. Some games can have problems running properly if there's an SLI or Crossfire configuration in the system, additionally games can only be supported under dual (or triple or quad) graphics card configurations if there is a profile for that game in the driver. Some programs that use the graphics card to perform useful work when not gaming, for example folding@home, cannot use multiple graphics cards without tricky configuration, so they can only utilise one GPU.

Are Dell Laptop graphics cards soldered on or simply connected using a cable?

It is a chip soldered to the motherboard. You'd be better off buying a new laptop as a motherboard is expensive.

What are the benefits of multiple graphics cards?

The benefit is having more cards to assist with graphical processing. This is not going to double the performance, because of many limiting factors I won't go into. The ATI Radeon 2600XT is an ok card, but nothing special. Having 4 of them is a waste of money in my opinion. If you really need game performance, don't waste your time with MAC.

Can i fit regular graphics cards into low profile computer?

If your motherboard uses a standard ATX power connector, then yes- you can transplant everything into a standard case and use regular height video cards (along with the higher wattage power supplies they require). But HP slimlines are a notable exception. Their motherboards use a proprietary small power connector so even if you move the motherboard, drives etc to a larger case, regular power supplies aren't compatible. But for most slimlines..... yes, you can. And it's a good move, since most small cases are cramped with poor airflow, which can lead to overheating problems. The best low-profile card for most slimline/small computers is the Radeon 5570. While there is a low-profile GeForce 9800GT (which is much more powerful), it requires a 400W power supply, which is almost unheard of in small chassis versions.

What's the main difference between consumer gaming and workstation graphics cards?

consumer are more oriented towards gaming and drivers reflect that quadro and workstation cards are oriented towards large renders and other intensive tasks many workstation cards have large memory sizes too. for gaming the consumer card is more supported with drivers to help it in gaming and other consumer tasks. for stuff like video editing and photo rendering , mapping the interior of the heart in a 3d medical image they would use a "workstation card or specialty card" a workstation card could very well likely perform worse when it comes to gaming or not at all due to lack of drivers or support for some games.

What's the difference between integrated and dedicated graphics cards?

Your NVidia GeForce 9500GT is a dedicated graphics card. If you open up your computer, you should see a large circuit board (called the motherboard) with a whole lot of cables and wires and other things stuck on it. Now, there should be another circuit board that is about a sixth of the size, sticking out at a right angle. Now, this board should also have a cable connecting it to your computer monitor. This board is your graphics card.

How do i use 2 graphics cards at the same time?

I am sorry you have not supplied enough information. Need to know power rating of your power supply you have installed and the other components fitted. So long as your total power requirements do not exceed PSU output all should be ok. Example: PSU output 300watts Power requirements 200watts ok 275watts not good to near operating limits 300watts or greater one fried PSU likely. Hope this helps. '

What are the differences between various laptop graphics cards?


What's the difference between nVidia graphics cards and nVidia based chipset graphics cards?

It's been a while but i know some time ago you could buy video cards with the "brand" name chip set at a lot lower price than the original Manuf. I found that some "features" were deliberatly turned off in the chip and sold at a much lower price. That may..or maynot be the way it is now.

What are the best graphics cards, and processors for 3D games?

Your AMD processor is fine, and will be for the next year or so. Gaming is all about the graphics card, the CPU is secondary. A single core Athlon 64 with an 8800 series Nvidia would outperform your AMD Athlon dual core with an x1950pro. For your money, the best is the 8800GTS. It come in 320mb and 640mb flavors. You only need the 640mb if you have a high rez monitor (Dell 24" or a 21"+ CRT monitor) or you have a 1080p HDTV and you want to game on that. At $260, this is easily the best card for the money. It has DX10 capabilities for the next gen games coming out Fall/Christmas. At a more pedestrian budget of $130, we have the ATi x1950Pro. It's only DX9 compatible: Here is a chart that compares the two cards above. I'm assuming you have a 19" monitor. Look at the blue lines: The minimum you want in shooting/action games is 40 frames per second (FPS). For story / RPG 30 is okay. Either card will require a new power supply as they consume massive amounts of power and your HP probably has a weak 300watt no name in it. And not all 500 watt power supplies are the same. You get what you pay for has great meaning in the power supply world. SilverStone, FSP, Seasonic, etc are some great brands. You want 450-500watts. A cheap power supply can fry your motherboard and other expensive components. Here is an install video:

Would dual graphics cards work better than a single good graphic card?

What graphics cards can my computer take?

If you want a better graphics card you need to upgrade you power supply to 500watts.

How do you view multiple graphics cards?

How do I tell if a laptop can use dedicated graphics cards?

Look for any laptop that you can configure at least an NVidia 8400GS. Should be enough to play Half Life 2 at decent settings, plus it's DirectX10 capable so you will be able to run future games. Here are some computers that feature the 8400 card: Dell Inspiron 1420 Asus A8 Dell XPS 1330 HP dv6500 and many more Also, here is a comparison of all cards in the market. You should probably aim for the 'Mid-range' or 'Performance' graphic cards, so if you see any of those cards on a laptop you like, that's the one to pick: And yes, sadly, once you build a laptop with x graphic card, it can't be upgraded.

How does powering two Graphics cards(SLI/Crossfire) work?

The power consumption needs to SLI teamed video cards is not double of the power requirements of a single card. When manufacturers indicated minimum power supply, realize that the power supply is also powering the rest of the system in addition to the graphics card. Adding a second graphics card means you just need enough power to support the second card (the power supply requirements for the rest of the system have already been met). In my opinion, a 750 or 800 watt power supply would be sufficient for both cards. Just make sure you have enough 6-pin connectors to provide additional power (the PCI-E slots don't provide enough power through the bus).

What graphics cards are the most cost effective?

This cards have good prices radeon 4670 69$ to play at low sittings radeon 5670 99$ to play at medium sittings radeon 5750 140$ to play at high sittings i prefer 5670 because it don't need extra power but 5750 will require extra power for more 50$ so the best deal is 5670

What required the same in 2 graphics cards running alongside each other with sli?

You require, 1) Motherboard with SLI-Support, SLI Cablestrip 2) Power Supply Unit to handle 2 graphics cards.. ( like 750 W) 3) Similar Graphics cards.. I mean same memory, same bandwidth,etc..

What is company makes the best graphics cards?

In the mobile arena, only one thing is certain- Intel sucks compared to ATI & Nvidia. For standalone desktop cards, ATI currently has the lead with their recently introduced 5000 series cards- the only cards on the market which support DirectX 11. Nvidia will have DX11 support in their next generation of cards, but those aren't expected until March, at least. If you eliminate the 5000 series, then ATI simply has better pricing- to get equivalent performance from Nvidia cards you have to spend $25-$40 more. The Radeon 4850 had equivalent performance to the GTS 250 but sold for the same price as Nvidia's lower-end 9800GT. The Radeon 4870 was comparable to a GTX 260 but sold for the same price as Nvidia's GTS 250, and so on. Here is a list of laptop graphics adapters ranked by benchmark performance: Broken down by gaming performance: And overall categories/comparisons:

What external graphics cards work with my laptop?

Not with laptops, too much headache for very very little performance gain theoretically. Just gonna have to buy a new laptop with a better card or get a desktop for gaming needs or graphic intensive applications.

What are the best graphics cards for the Dell E510?

I used to have an ATI for my PC and it sucked... blew out after a year. I then bought a Nvidia and it has been amazing ever since. I think that's the best brand to go with. Compatibility wise... I wouldn't know lol... Dells really suck in my opinion... so I try to stay away from them XD But, I did look up some nice Nvidia/MSI video cards for you on this great website called They're very cheap and it ships to you really fast. Check it out... I'm sure you'll find one that's perfect for that computer. I hope this helps you out =)

What is the future of graphics cards? Are current graphics cards sufficient for all future graphics needs?

there are no " best for the future"products for computers only best for 10 min. ago, they will come out w/ new stuff til the Apocalypse

What are some graphics cards that are compatible with my computer?

What are the advantages of having two or more graphics cards in a pc?

For motherboards which support SLI or Crossfire (which are proprietary technologies for Nvidia and AMD/ATI cards respectively).... the performance gains from a 2nd card are usually 50-95 percent depending upon the specific game title.,6.html For SLI, the Nvidia cards must be identical models. For Crossfire, the cards must be from the same family/series (the first 2 digits of the model numbers must match). So you can Crossfire a Radeon HD 5750 and 5770, or 4830 and 4850, not just identical pairs. The advantages of SLI and Crossfire are simply price. It's cheaper to buy a 2nd identical midrange or higher card 1-2 years later, after newer generation cards have been released and prices on the original models have dropped. So having that extra PCI-E x16 slot serves as a low-cost upgrade path. Aside from power consumption and heat, the only disadvantage to Crossfire/SLI is that some game titles don't support it very well. Not many, but for some games adding a 2nd card only yields around a 30% performance boost, while others barely see any improvment at all.,5.html Of course non-SLI/Crossfire motherboards can't install multiple PCI-E x16 cards. But people often add a regular PCI card not to improve gaming performance, but in order to drive additional monitors for work purposes (like Wall street professionals who routinely have 4+ screens)

How do you find graphics cards for your motherboard?

all cards from 4 years ago to yesterday are compatible. id suggest an nvidia card. peace

How do I know which Graphics cards my computer can handle?

power supply wattage and if it has a strong enough processor.

What is the difference between these graphics cards?

Well, you can't use a laptop graphix card on a desktop. They are made specifically for one or the other. Mobility means it is just a laptop card.

What graphics cards are compatible with my computer?

None. Its very difficult to install a GPU into a notebook, i've been a hardware specialist for 3 years and it is still difficult even when building a notebook from scratch, let aknown modding a prebuilt system from renowned company like Acer. You're only option is to buy a gaming notebook or looking into getting assistance from a hardware engineer to have a look at it him/herself

How come game consoles use graphics cards longer than PCs?

No, the graphics are comparable to medium/high end systems from 2006. They are limited to resolutions of 1080p, which any recent graphics card can surpass by far. Without getting too technical with things like shader models, directx versions, fill rates, triangles-per-second and other nonsense that only matters to advertisers, let's just say that modern high-end graphics cards are way in advance of the PS3 and 360.

What Graphics cards can be run with a 450 wt power supply?

I have a GTX460 that says 450w minimum on the box and it fairly powerful. 450w is actually borderline as most people recommend 550w or more. Look up your 6770 and 550ti at and click details and it should say how many watts you need. If you need to upgrade your power supply in the future the Rosewill brand is affordable at

How to find graphics cards for my computer?

Most modern graphics cards will work in the x16 slot. Just google PCI-E x16 graphics cards and pick the one best suited for you.

graphics cards?

Take a look at this article from It has the best video cards in a bunch of different price ranges. They are a well respected site in the computor community. Good Luck, James

Graphics Cards?

PCI-Express motherboard? Well, the GeForce 7300GT is your card- around 60 bucks. If you can scrape up around 80 bucks then I'd recommend getting the Geforce 7600GT instead, it's a much better peformer for just a little more money. Skip the Radeon series unless you're spending $150 or more- the X1950s are awesome but the lower-end X1650 and X1550 cards are more expensive than equivalent GeForce cards.

Graphics cards?

1. the more memory the better it plays on righer resolutions if you have a computer that runs at 1680x1050 or below you should be fine with 256mb or video ram but if your playing on higher than that go with 512mb 2. it has nothing to do with mb mb just helps on resolutions like i said above 3. no direct 10 isn't a much buy now it will be 2-3 years before games become direct 10 only so games like crysis and unreal tournament 2007 that run in direct 10 will also run in direct 9 just fine if i were you i would just get a high end direct 9 card for now and get a direct 10 card when more games come out because there are like 1-2 game out now that support it and in order to get the best direct 10 experience you have to buy the 8800gts which starts at $260 so just buy a highend direct 9 card you can find a x1950pro and 7950gt for around $100 and $150 on newegg and those cards should run games on max in direct 9