How do announcers see the teleprompter at the Oscars/Grammys?

they are buried in the stage aprons where the forward looking cameras can not see them, and the print type is huge so that the material can be read even without glasses other prompters are also hidden in other strategic locations like the ear pods and recievers in their ears

When do the Grammys start and on what channel is it aired on tonight?

Do the Grammys start at 11pm on the east coast?

yup i live in la :P we have a 3 hour tape delay :( haha its 8 pm for your :D u better start watchin :3

Are the Grammys being shown in the UK tomorrow night live from America? If so what channel?

What did Whitney take before presenting at the Grammys?

no kidding! she was way messed up! she couldn't even keep her eyes open, and she looked like she was about 90 yrs. old!! she acted all weird too...I can't stand her!!

why doesnt Avenged Sevenfold ever get nominated for grammys and suff while Miley Cyrus etc. do?

Avenged Sevenfold does have a VMA that they won a few years ago. I think it was '05 or '06 for best new artist. They beat out rihanna, chris brown, and I think one other. It was magical

what was the michael jackson song that the celebritys sang at the grammys?

Earth Song i think

What channel is the Grammys and when do they start?

ch 2 i think

What time do the Jonas Brothers perform on the Grammys tonight!?

ohh i just remembered in the 1st hour it said on a commerical!! lol so yeah oh in 2 commercial breaks =) just said who was performing next a sec ago

why do the grammys always have to suck?

Because they're based on popularity, not on talent, and as we all should know, the masses have almost ALWAYS had a terrible music taste.

Where can I download beyonces if i were a boy / you oughta know remix she sang at the grammys?

you could try "" and do a search in the mp3 section. I hope this helps.

Where Can I Stream the 2011 Grammys Online?

What was the song that Beyonce sung at the end of her song "If I Were a Boy" during the Grammys?

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrissette. She sang it better during her tour IMO.

Who is nominated for the best rapper for the grammys?

I know Lil Wayne, TI, Kanye West, and I think Common Check out my celebrity blogspot to comment on celeb gossip:

What should I wear to the 2010 Grammys?

Christian Siriano

Why is there a lack of Categories for Alternative Rock at the Grammys?

There are so many different rock genres that don't get represented at The Grammy's. So many great bands.

How many of you watched the grammys?

I was disgusted and will never watch again. what happened to music and respect for the business? one recipient had a wad of gum in her mouth as she was accepting her award (really good song though, too bad she has no class) - and others looked more like they were getting ready to take out the trash - or worse looked like trash - MIA great influence!

What sneakers were Justin Bieber wearing during his performance at the Grammys 2011?

Justin Bieber has a pair of sneakers in just about every shade! If there’s anything Justin Bieber likes as much as older R&B starlets, it’s colorful sneakers in every color of the rainbow! The pint-sized crooner has been spotted sporting sneaks in bright shades like purple, red, blue, and even yellow! Justin Bieber’s sneakers collection looks more like the inside of a Fruit Loops box than footwear! It seems like his fetish for eye-popping sneakers is his signature style staple! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen colorful shoes on other performers before, but the young star is easily making the trend his own with his array of brights!

How do I find when red carpet premieres/Oscars/Grammys are?

Sorry I don't have an answer. but may I have a cookie for being the only answerer? I prefer oreos. Thanks...

Is the red carpet for the grammys or oscars?

the red carpet is most commonly known for the oscars

What did you people think of the 51st Grammys?

the gangsters dominate the music field and will all be behind bars soon

Who else is extremely effing pissed that Lady Antebellum won so many Grammys?

Not me. I remember answering a question here last year saying Lady Antebellum was going to be next winning truckloads of awards when last year taylor Swift was taking home all the awards. Top country music artist have always been top winners at any music awards that had different genres of music, it has always been like that. Despite people thinking pop is the more popular music genre, when really it's country music, pretty much why they are the only music genre that have their own music awards show. You don't see a pop music awards or and r&b music awards show even though there are the BET, MTV, and Hip hop awards but country music awards air on prime time channel like the American Music Awards, Grammy Music awards, Oscars, and the Golden Globes.

is it possible to buy the light up shutter shades from the grammys like kanye wests?

i bought the led shuttershades from they are so cool. this is the only site with the shuttershades that have batteries and light up. you can email the guy at my pair look exactly like kanye west's from the grammys. i think these people made kanyes for the grammys.

How can I watch the Grammys online?

You can Watch or Download this movie High Quality and Full Screen from here: Enjoy the movie!

why isn't there any real rock music performed in the Grammys or MTV awards?

Grammy's are appalling. If I remember correctly, AC/DC lost to Green Day. and as far as the "Rap& hip hop are getting boring" bit, it's supposed to be a variety of music to entertain a variety of people. not to just make you happy. Hating rap music won't make it go away.

where online can i watch Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus sing at the grammys?

same thing happened to me

At the Grammys,whats the difference between a performer and a presenter?

A performer will dance, sing, etc. you know perform. A presenter is going to say give it up for so and so. The presenter will introduce the person performing.

During the Grammys, where did Miley get her shirt from that she wore during her performance?

Buy a black tshirt and put sparkles on it

what channel can i watch the grammys in the uk and when?

It already aired yesterday, so i don't think they are going to air it any time soon.

What channel is the grammys suppose to play?

where I live (Calif) they are on CBS (channel 2) 9:00 bad...8:00 pm..

Does anyone know where I can get a shirt like lil wayne had on the Grammys?

Right here: listen to lil wayne shirt at brainless tees, looks like they have it in both black and white

What channel do I go to to watch the Grammys for 2011?

CBS type in whatever kind of service you have, like DirectTV or Comcast, or whatever, into the internet search bar and your zip code, you should be able to find your local listing for CBS

Do anyone know what Chris Brown and Rihanna were fighting about tonight before the Grammys?

No one knows but those two why they were arguing or why it escalated to being physical. The herpes story is a lie. Check out source for update son the story

Is it just the East Coast where the Grammys bleeped out the Forever performance?

No. It happened in CST, also. It was done for content, probably.

What songs did taylor swift performs on grammys?

Today was a fairytale. You belong with me. Funny how you found it "awful" but you still wanna know the name of it..

What happened in the first hour of the Grammys?

What song did Lady Antebellum perform during the grammys?

Need you Now

Where can I watch the 1984 Grammys in its entirety?


What did yall think of that folk trio at the grammys?

Thought it started out great with Mumford and Sons and then Avett's killed it even though it was kinda odd seeing them up there in ties and suits but they were still great. Then Bob Dylan came out. I was curious as to how he would sound and he was terrible. His voice is unrecognizeable as to what it used to be and he literally played the harmonica backwards at the end. Overall I thought it was a great showing but Bob Dylan just wasn't up to par with what a legend like him should have been.

How many times have Radiohead performed at the Grammys?

The 15 Step performance was the first they've ever done at the Grammys. I think in 1998 they were originally slated to perform, but the Grammys decided not to have them play (they said it wouldn't be good for the ratings).

What is the difference between the Oscars Emmys Grammys Golden Globes etc?

grammy for music oscar for movies

Is there anyway of watching the Grammys 51 online, and for free without downloading crap?

It wasn't that good.

What time in California are the Grammys on tonight and what time are they being recorded in LA?

8pm- they will have to be taped delayed-Live 8pm pacific time would be Live 11pm Eastern most likely the show will actually start 5pm in CA- just like the oscars nothing is really Live anyways- since the janet jackson thing there is a 3-5 second Delay on all "live " broadcasts

What is the Worst part about the Grammys?

Crappy music and hypocritical ultra-rich tax exiles preaching socialism.

Who are you expecting to win an award at the Grammys tonight?

I really don't care, there are way too many music awards shows on and they are meaningless wastelands that occupy three hours of prime-time viewing that could be used for more entertaining shows. Why don't they just put them all on BET anyway.

What was the 2nd song Beyonce was singing in the Grammys just a few minutes ago?

lol shame on U its alanis morissette

What day do the Grammys come on in the Dominican Republic?

same day, just find out which channel, it won't be hard since there's not a lot of channels.(i'm not counting the cable channels) check 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 one of those 5 will transmit it. i'm very confident that is the same day.

What do the Grammys have to do to be taken seriously?

give people who actually deserve to be recognized for their lyrical skill a Grammy and maybe they will be taken seriously

Grammys??? On the right is a graphic which says "Winner's List", Click it.


You're a day early with your question. the Grammys are a joke though. They have so many catagories for rap and pop that they all cross over so that any of them can win an award. This takes away from celebrating real musicians who create their own music, which was what the Grammy spirit to begin with.