What is the name of the song by Jay Z that has the line from Goodfellas at the end?

i havent seen goodfellas but i typede in jay z goodfellas in google and it came up with the song fallin by jay z so maybe its jay z fallin try that one .. hope this helps and could you please make my answer best answer cause i have never been classified as the best answer Lol :)

What are subcultures in the film Goodfellas?

Goodfellas was one of Scorcese's best films and it portrayed numerous subcultures such as: Karen's Family (Jewish) The young gangsters (Tommy, Jimmy, and Henry) The older gangsters (Paulie) Law enforcement "Made" men (Frankie Batts) "Unmade" men (Tommy) Gangster Wives (Karen)

What is more violent goodfellas or pulp fiction?

Goodfellas by a long shot. Especially considering its based on a true story.

How can I make a compelling argument that would convince my AP teacher to let us watch Goodfellas?

Switch the movie to "The Godfather" and make him an offer he can't refuse.

What are good movies that involve italian gangsters like Goodfellas or The Bronx Tale?

Great movies.. Casino The Godfather I and II The Sicilian The Valachi Papers The Untouchables Donnie Brasco Mobsters Once Upon A Time In America American Gangster (involves some Italian gangsters, but they aren't too involved) Raging Bull (involves some Italian gangsters but not too much like the others) Scarface (not exactly Italian mafia but still a great movie a little similar to the others) Serpico - involved some Italian gangsters. The Departed - Irish Mafia..still good. Carlito's Way - He's Puerto Rican but played by Al Pacino so that must count for something. Not Italian Mafia but good movie.

What is the most realistic depiction of the mafia? Goodfellas or The Godfather?

Goodfellas for sure is the more realistic, being based on the memoirs of an actual Mob associate. The Godfather is an overly romanticized and wildly fictionalized portrayal of Mafia life even for the late '40s period in which its set. There was never any real honor or chivalry in the Mafia. Nobody ever referred to Mafia bosses as "Godfathers" before Puzo. And while it happens, it's very rare for a Mafia boss to be succeeded by his son.

What should my thesis be for comparing Goodfellas and Casino?

"Martin Scorcese can make lots of money casting De Niro and Pesci in Italian mob movies, but only wins an Oscar when he tackles the Irish mob because the Godfather and the Godfather II ensured no Italian Mob movie will ever do so well with the Academy in consecutive sequels ever again"




Goodfellas-I liked Henry Hill until he snitched on his friends. Hated Karen caused she whined too much. I liked Jimmy Conway played by Robert DeNiro, very cool, laidback gangsta with style.


I love Goodfellas!! Scorsese is a genius...anything he does is amazing.