Is there a second Gone in 60 Seconds?

There was an original one from the 70's... from what I read the lead actor died in a car stunt making part 2 and it was never finished.

what is the song in gone in 60 seconds?

Low Rider by War @ the 3:30 mark

What's the dog called in gone in 60 seconds?


what did atley jackson do in gone in 60 seconds?

he went with the car

Movies like fast and the furious and gone in 60 seconds ?

The transporter is a good one and I must throw in The Italian Job

What is the name of the cement ditch that is in Gone in 60 seconds and grease?

It's the Los Angeles River... It's cemented to prevent it from changing flow course in large floods as a change in course would be catastrophic to the city infastructure... Looking at the aerial pictures it's easy to see a change in course would destroy a lot of structures...

How would I achive Angelina Jolie's hair in Gone in 60 Seconds?

well i'm sure you know how to get it platinum blonde - lots of bleach and a platinum or white toner. but for the little twistie dread things ... i did this once. you use a texturising paste in your hair, like this one:^PRD_STYLING^FRUCTIS_STYLE^STYLE_DISCOVER^STYLE_FIBER_GUM_PUTTY or this one:^PRD_STYLING^FRUCTIS_STYLE^STYLE_DISCOVER^STYLE_SURF_HAIR the first one makes your hair a little more stiff when it's dry while the second one has more movement. apply it to slightly damp hair and twist individual pieces, adding more paste as needed. to that all over your head and maybe use a hairspray once you're done. good luck!

What would be the sentence received my Nicholas Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds?

do the stanky leg

Where can I watch The Fast and the Furious or Gone in 60 Seconds?

Net Flicks ...

Whats the difference between Gone in 60 Seconds GT500 Shebly, and Normal GT500 Shelby Mustang?

imdb # Cinema Vehicle Services actually produced 12 different "Eleanors" for use in the production of this film. None of the 12 were actual Shelby Mustangs but converted standard 1967 Mustang fastbacks. Of those cars, seven survived the filming in various states of repair. A 13th Eleanor, based on a real 1967 Shelby GT500 was prepared by Cinema Vehicle Services for producer Jerry Bruckheimer, but that car did not appear in the film. # Seven Eleanor replicas were made for use in this movie. Five of them were totaled during stunt sequences. Nicolas Cage and Jerry Bruckheimer kept the remaining two. Cage regularly takes Eleanor out for joy rides while Bruckheimer is afraid of driving her. # Nicolas Cage did most of his own stunt driving for the film. He attended the Bondurant Driving School in Phoenix, Arizona, Willow Springs (another car driving school), and the Bobby Ore Stunt Driving School in preparation for the film. He liked the race car driving school so much that he continued to pursue it as a hobby after shooting was completed. # The only true Shelby GT500 in the movie was given to Nicolas Cage's character by Giovanni Ribisi's character at the end of the movie. The owner consented to the vehicle being used as long as it was returned in the original condition. Every part that could be unbolted, was and replaced by a junked replacement part.