How do I find the price of gold per ounce today, it recently was near 1000.00 per ounce?

Heres a site thats shows you what gold is doing,as well as other metals.

How much was the average price of gold per ounce in the past ten years?

Here is a link to a gold price chart. You can change the time period for which it shows the corresponding gold price. It isn't going to give you an average like you asked for but it will show you how gold prices have changed during the past x number of years. You change the time period under the tab labeled "period"

Gold price per ounce 28k or 14k?

There is no such thing as 28k gold. The closest you will find to pure gold is 24k.

When I search for the gold price on google finance it shows as $152.42 is this per ounce?

Oh, no. I don't know what that is, but its way wrong. The spot price right now is $1625.00/oz

What is the price of gold per ounce right now in US dollars?

At this moment, $1368.90 You can find the current quote here:

what is the present price of gold per ounce and per gramme in nigeria?

here's a website with real time gold price, silver price and etc. but it's in USD, hope it will be helpful to you

Price for Gold Coins over the Price per Ounce of Gold?

I would love to find someone charging $25/oz premium. Ted, pls send me details. Each coin type varies abit, since the actual content of gold varies a bit. It used to be (for years) that dealers bought at spot, sold at 4% over spot. RIght now the honest ones buy at 2-5% over spot, sell at 7-9% over spot.

What do you think the Gold price per ounce will be in January 2012?

All the gold gurus are predicting $ 2000+ gold ...the governments worldwide are printing more paper money which increases the value of gold. I invest in gold monthly buying it by the gram which makes it affordable for most people.You may want to look into it at

What is the price of gold per ounce in the US?

For getting live update on the gold price this website is great to surf :

What is the price per ounce or gram of White gold?

It is impossible to give one answer for the price of white gold. White gold is a mixture of gold with either nickel, palladium or platinum. In addtion the mixtures or amounts of these metals to the gold can vary. If platinum is mixed with the gold the price is higher than pure gold. Nickel and palladium result in less expensive mixtures. On a per carat basis white gold is almost always more expensive than "yellow" gold. Yellow gold in jewelery is usually gold mixed with copper and or zinc.