What are some monster cards similar to Goblin Coach?

not a good idea to ask the same question twice in a short time period. for the card games section, i say u should probably wait a couple of hours maybe even a day before u ask the same question.

What's the difference between a troll and a goblin?

Goblins are smaller and have like pointy faces, sharp claws etc. They are mainly evil and up to mischief. Trolls are big and bulky and usually stupid (goblins are a bit stupid but more cunning). Some trolls are said to be evil and eat children and hide under bridges and eat unlucky travelers and such, but you also have friendly ones. So yeah a troll doesn't have to be evil. Hope that helped!

Who would in a fight Green Goblin or Iron man?

Green Goblin- more resourceful than tony stark, Physically stronger than stark without the armor. Bombs that not only destroy but also cause hallucinations. Plus he has a freakin glider for gods sakes. Tony can talk all he wants about advance tech but when it comes down to fighting Green Goblin has the tenacity, the wits, and the power to own iron man in a one on one fight. Plus green goblin likes to play mind games with his victims.

How do I ask a Goblin to return my lost stuff?

Very carefully, they are tricky little beggers. Leave them a plate of nice fresh fairy cakes....that usually helps. Good luck.

Wouldn't it be great if there were a crazy smart goblin living in steam tunnels you pay to write papers?

Wouldn't it be great if people could learn to stop procrastinating and get to work?

What is the best set of Magic The Gathering cards to purchase for Goblin Cards?

For newer cards, I suggest Lorwyn. For older cards, I suggest Onslaught Block. It has arguably the 2 best goblin cards (Goblin Piledriver and Goblin Sharpshooter). In Legions, there is Clickslither. Though it's not a goblin, it can gobble your goblins to get big quick (and gain trample) to seal the deal. In Scourge, there is Goblin Warchief, a better version of Goblin King.

How do you get magic goblin items in Sims Medieval?

Come upstairs from the basement, admit to your mother that your life is utterly pathetic, and wait for the rewards to rain down.

How many eyeballs are you sopposed to put in goblin finger soup?

You must be thinking of Hobgoblin Finger soup, that has eyeballs in it. Goblin soup is just the Goblin fingers, Witches spit for the stock and of course rat whiskers to garnish.

What's the best way for a Goblin deck to protect itself against black spells like Doomsblade etc?

direct damage spells like Incinerate, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, etc. to kill his creatures or deal direct damage to him. use them in combination with lower creatures attacking to sacrifice them to deal enough damage to finish off his stronger creatures red decks are all about direct damage so just get strong blockers and wear him down.

What is needed to start the goblin totem wars on Oblivion?

well it doesnt really work that way because you probably killed all of the goblins to get the totem staff so you have to wait awhile before they will come after you...but its also fun to put the totem staff in another goblin cave/mine and wait and watch them for a funny fight between goblins...if you have any other question about oblivion feel free to ask...i hoped this helped... good luck