who is your favorite national morning news show?

I flip back and forth. I usually prefer the today show, up until they do fashion shows. They consider 500 to be reasonable for a dress, give me a break.

How do atheists explain miracles like this?

The human body can survive quite a bit (it's the brain that's a little more fickle.)

Is the Eraserheads' reunion concert making waves in the Philippines?

I've heard about this a couple nights ago. I don't think it's making that big of a buzz. I'm just not sure if it's the right time to go ahead & have the reunion concert. But I'm sure a lot of ehead fans will show up.

What fate awaits the 1,451 new filipino lawyers? Would they all find employment right after oath-taking?

Some of them will continue working in the same legal companies they work with, but maybe this time they become partners. Those employed by private companies will most likely get a raise now that they are officially lawyers. Unfortunately, some will have to continue with their counter jobs at Jollibee or McDo until they find jobs that match their qualifications.

Do you think ABC-GMA has an agenda?

Heck, they are still saying "Bush lied, people died" about Iraq's WMD, still completely ignoring that Saddam used poison gas against both Iraq and the Kurds, wiping out thousands of people and whole villages at a time. And during the Iran/Iraq war, USA wouldn't even sell gas masks to Iran. After all, Saddam was our guy. Just like all the other dictators we had to take down when they got too big for their britches. Which reminds me, is Manuel Noriega (Panama) still in jail? The "Arab Spring" is mostly a CIA operation to clean up old messes we made. The popular uprisings are part of a whole Big Picture orchestrated event, mostly caused by us (U.S.). After all, the "war on terror" is winding down and the military/industrial complex (aka "The State) always needs an enemy". -George Orwell- Yea, GMA is a little late. Have they reported yet on a warehouse full of "yellow cake" radioactive stuff we found in Libya? Wait, did I say "we"? I mean NATO, of course. Everyone knows (!) "we" don't have any boots on the ground there..... (And the dummies stored high explosives and radioactive stuff in the same building. What a bunch of idiots.)

Has ABC News finally come clean about UFOs?

I hope so!!! Look at my avatar name. There was an incident over Phoenix, Arizona where this huge craft hovered silently for 30 minutes. So many people seen it, and the goverment said they were doing secret experimental manuevers with new aircraft. If that's the case, why over a very populated city, and why can't they do it again? I know they're hiding UFO's and some Aliens. Read about Bob Lazar!!! He worked at Area 51 to do some reverse technology on UFO's and how they worked, and also said we are very, very far away from even trying to know of the Aliens technology.

i want to have news from arnel ibarra mirando?

try searching for this person using friendster, most filipinos have friendster account. goodluck

Is GMA qualified to run again for president on 2016?

No she won't. And she won't be allowed to, either. The thing about Past President ERAP is that during the scandal in which he was imprisoned, the acting government under President GMA could not absolve him of the crimes that were charged against him (whether they be true or not is irrelevant). That is because the basis of his ousting was because it was believed that he WAS guilty of graft and corruption and plunder etc. If the court decided on ERAP's favor, that would make GMA's government unconstitutional and in the simplest sense, ILLEGAL. Therefore the only way out was to charge him of the crime AND THEN grant him pardon. That way everyone survives. Did that make sense? EDIT: Sorry about that. I got a little bit carried away with the ERAP thing there. But to answer your question. In the 1987 Constitution, the one we're using today, a president may only run for 1 (6 year) term of service with no chance of re-election. Before this, a person may become president for a maximum of two terms, but the terms were relatively shorter (4 years per term) GMA got lucky. When ERAP was ousted, she got to serve his remaining terms. Having NOT been elected president, she was still viable for candidacy. But now that she ran and won, she "used up her turn", so to speak. So, unless there's a charter change, NO, she wouldn't be allowed to run in the 2016 election, or ever.

Is it true that Angel Locsin was not part of the GMA Artist-Center?

ahhhm im fan of angel locsin and i want to support her but after what she did i dont know i love gma7 and what she did isnt right about lying to her fellow celebreties and to her manager but we cant judge her that easy maybe theres something behind all this

I am stuck between my gma and my mom?

If Obama thought ABC was so unfair during his debate with Clinton, what is he appearing on all of their shows?

Just because someone treats you terrible does not mean you stop talking to them. Think about a spouse.

Why is the media obsessed with Donald trump?

My impression is that Trump is running because if he were elected president, that would get him a lot of attention.

GO CHARLIE GIBSON!!! Are you looking for fair and balanced news?

What the hell are you talking about? Not that I care. Being the best in TV news is like being the best garbage dump. LOL If you like TV news, that's pretty sad. Terrible way to get news.

Does anybody else think that GMA has been too girlie-fied lately?

All 3 of the morning talkie shows are dribble and "News Light". I can't stand any of them except for moments of the Today Show. Even the morning show on CNN is News Light, which also makes me want to puke. But I don't throw up--I just turn it off and listen to the radio instead.

Have any good news? Write it here!?

I am alive.

are our fellow filipino in hong kong the ones to bear the shame and burden?

Unfortunately so. They will just have to dodge angry stares, profiling, and name calling even if it is not of their fault and are as innocent as the locals are. It would be tragic that it'll spill out into other countries, but it will. I think the high price of working and living abroad had just gone up a notch.

differentiate abs-cbn (kapamilya) from gma (kapuso)...?

this is a hard question. my powers aren't up to it... it's like this. ABS-CBN has been notorious for "mimicking" the best shows in GMA, like with "Isanglinggonaposila" when Eat Bulaga was scoring high in ratings and now with "wowowee". notice the sunday shows, too. if you look closely at some of ABS-CBN's program shows or high-profile shows, it mimics almost too well GMA's pilot shows. like in the drama soap operas. unfortunately, we have cable now, so I really can't help you. just gave a tip.

is GMA-7 getting desperate?

i think so since they're not the number 1 station anymore. LOLz. they want to be closer with the "masa", that's why they're using dudes wit blue collar job (simple tasks). don't mind them and just watch the television. **i agree with your comment to pia. LOLz. her face seems to be so oily and haggard. she doesn't even look fresh.

Fox News v. MSNBC...Who ya got?

Fox Noise is not a 'news organization' but an infotainment channel. They concoct the news to serve their own agenda, and then ask you to swallow it. Beck, Hannity and oReilly are noxious gasbags that are stealing valuable oxygen from cockroaches. They rant, anticipate Armageddon tomorrow, and propose no solutions. Nice work if you can get it.

is the abs-cbn and gma ratings controversy getting on peoples nerve?

such drama over ratings. i really dont care much coz im a cs/rpn viewer, i only watch the local news show on abs and only that news but when they feature their issue regarding the ratings & suing stuffs its irritating thus im ending switching to another channel. they should shut up their airing & tackle it backstage on lime light, not all of us care about ratings, right?!

Did you know when you watch ABC News you don't get the truth?

I learned many years ago that ABC, CBS, NBC, will perpetrate LIES in order to push their agenda. I stopped watching these idiots years ago.

Who is going to replace Charlie Gibson on GMA?

Rush Limbaugh

Whys is ABC good morning america Obsessed with the royal wedding?

Because GMA thinks people want to wake up to a happy story. Budget battles in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Capitol Hill are not happy stories. The New Zealand earthquake is certainly a downer. Not enough people care about basketball to spend 8 minutes on GMA on the Carmelo Anthony & Deron Williams trades. The heavy coverage of the royal wedding indicates the lack of uplifting stories right now.

What do you guys think about the dude who dies on Christmas?

Wow I cried watching that and I'm not really that sensitive.

How could Ms. Coulter, speaking on GMA, be remotely compared to B Maher remarks on his comedy/new show? No way

The differences are worth being noted. I don't think either of these people should be looked to for political insight, both are comedians who say the things they do to illicit a response. The only thing is I've seen Bill Maher be funny; I can't say the same about Ann Coulter.

Is there a machine that can read credit cards wirelessly?

It's called RFID. The way to sell new wallets is that you can protect your credid card RFID from being read with a new "aluminum" wallet. You can "read all about it" here http://www.google.com/search?q=rfid+and+credit+cards&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&ie=&oe=&rlz=1I7ADFA_en

ABC Woman News Correspondent from the 70s and 80s.?

Is it Nancy Dussault or Joan Lunden?

why we must like sandra aguinaldo? What kind of techniques does she do in reporting?

Because she is good reporter. She uses the interview techniques superbly.

Why do I want to cry for the death of someone i've never met but cant shed a tear at my own gma's funeral?

We all handle death differently, psychologically; I think sometimes our bodies do things to protect us from ourselves. Also, I think there is a big difference when someone we love is suddenly taken from us, as opposed to when we have a chance to at least tell them goodbye.

Now that Douglas Kennedy has been shown on video attacking nurses, will he be suspended from Fox News?

Are the nurses unionized? If so, Fox News might give him his own show.

What is ABC News NY or internship phone number?

Here you go. http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=resources/inside_station/station_info&id=5783128

Yahoo news story about man under an alias i dont understand how that could happen?

you can buy fake documents for a couple hundred dollars.

Does anyone know the entrance locations of WWII tunnels under Mnl from port to Makati?

Many know but probably didn't realize what they were seeing.

Is there anyone who can explain to me the meaning of Cora Aloran scam ?

All i know is that they are scammer and con artist as i have read a column about this person at the Philippine Daily Inquirer with fraud , murder , scam and kidnapping case and a warrant of arrest issue by the NBI with P20,000 peso reward.

is robin roberts, the GMA anchor, related to the deborah roberts also abc news anchor?

As far as I know, Robin and Deborah are not related.

anyone know the physical mailing address for GMA? I would like to report a news story and cannot find one.?

1313 Mockingbird Lane

does anyone know an news email address?

They give their email address on the broadcast during and sometimes after. You just have to be alert to get it.

Does your school have a morning news show?

We did have one in Middle School, but not in High School! We Just have morning announcements (they are just telecasted over the speaker)

Is it wrong to think of GMA as a scheming B1ttcch?

Of course not!! GMA is probably the most unpredictable leader we have ever had. You would think that she would plot about something, but you would be completely wrong and the truth would be 10x worse than what you were thinking. Although she'll be departing as president, she is still sort of a supreme and eternal power as she never wants to leave the government.

Why R there so many drug adds on GMA? Do only hypochondriacs watch morning news or can only drug cos afford it?

Because only old people get up that frikkin' early just so they can watch GMA.

Why do morning news shows not schedule enough time for their segments?

because of advestisement and commercial they paid every second on t.v

gma 7 news and programs?

i found a site that help you a lot of information http://www.gmanews.tv/index.html

What is your favorite morning news show? GMA, Today, or Early Show?

Today show

GMA News Network, Mel and Joey television Sunday show?

Try youtube

Email address of GMA news Channel 7?


wat is the email ad of gma news imbestigador?

To contact our writers, contributors, columnists or editors send your e-mail to feedback@gmanews.tv with the name of the recipient on the subject line. Contact Numbers: Telephone: +63-2-982-7777 Fax: +63-2-927-6210 Mailing Address: GMANews.TV 6/F GMA Network Center EDSA corner Timog Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 PHILIPPINES http://www.gmanews.tv/aboutus --------- Imbestigador - GMA News Online - GMA News and Public Affairs on this Imbestigador Special. (Episode on January 15, 2011) ... www.gmanews.tv/show/imbestigador Imbestigador http://www.gmanews.tv/show/imbestigador

please confirm the truth about Counties Manuka District Health Board from N.Zealand has told POEA and GMA news

NZ has a kind of social complexity that you do not encounter in any other country. It is a small isolated country. So what you think the major source of income is. Of course it is agriculture and tourism.The problem is because salaries are low most educated people leave for better income overseas. This creates a big problem.. As I said it is a small country.So what do think people might feel when most young generation emigrate. Well they feel they are invaded by foreigner migrants especially Asians, Indians and others. For many years white people dominated the country and Maories were lower class citizens. When the white young generation is emigrating the country, fear of losing the power and fear of losing the working class (age 16-45) can cause a hostile environment towards new comers….If you spend some time with them you will see how much they adore and admire themselves and their younger ones compared to other nationalities no matter where they are from…..This is a dominant culture…even if a kiwi commits a crime if the victim is not a main stream New Zealander the chances that lawyers and justice protect their own people is quiet high. Because they want to keep their people and stop them from leaving. This culture exits in all of them .Almost all of them…politicians, doctors, lawyers, taxi drivers, farmers…..almost all of them maybe because they want to teach them to value their country and stay….however because tourism is their biggest source of income over many many years of dealing with migrants and foreigners they know they need migrants for their money….I have never seen any other nationality in the world being able to rip off so skilfully as kiwis. They make a slave out of you. They make you work for free. Most skilled migrants are young, motivated, energetic and have some saving. They come to NZ to make a better life. They spend some of their best years of life, the first five years after leaving their country to work hard to achieve nothing instead. I have seen many families break up, I have seen many of them get depressed. A lot of them leave NZ after a few years of putting up with abuse, some leave for Australia, some go back to their home country. Some of the migrants who have some kind of support network and can stand the abuse or work as selfemployed may stay and instead the way they cope with this culture is they turn to be like their kiwi abusive mates. I have seen some of them start cheating, stealing and exploiting others to be able to mentally integrate into the society around them and of course some of them do none of these and stay the way they were but in a less motivated, depressed slavery mood. Ironically when foreigners get ripped off by kiwis they get blamed for not being careful. I have seen young rich Japenese students who get bashed and their money get stolen but instead they will get criticized of being careless. Kiwis have this mentality that foreigners are rich, are pain free and they have their money because their mummy and daddy gives them their money and they do not work hard for it so they deserve their money to be taken away from them because this is the kiwi land and if these foreigners want to stay here they should help us with our economy. We are the best people in this world, our country is the most beautiful country in the world, our government is the least corrupted government of the world(of course that is the other way round), our graduates are the brightest in world, our poo and wee is from gold and because of all these all non-kiwis should adore us and pay us lots and lots of money because we deserve it. New Zealanders are very jealous towards Australians. You just need to tell them how better Australia is compared to NZ. Then you get a sheep thrown to your head and they fart angrily into your face. I have seen some of these kiwis when they come to Australia they brag about their country to other nationalities to encourage them to visit their country and this way to help their highly dependent economy. Some of them say funny lies, For example they say they have lived in many countries all around the world and nowhere else is like New Zealand , The best wheater, the best health system, the best education, the best and most friendly people, no corruption, no crime, affordable and great lifestyle, etc, etc. However about 35% of the population rely on social benefits, 70% of the medical school graduates leave the country after 2 years of finishing their studies and only one third of foreign doctors remain in this country to work due to poor working conditions.

What is you favorite morning news? GMA, Today Show, or Early Show?

I am so busy in the morning, I have no time for even the Weather Channel

Why do TV shows like "Today" and GMA pretend to be news shows but really work to promote their networks shows?

Here's one theory: Years ago, before cable tv, these shows--and others like them--were mostly news. Then cable tv came in and took over. There are 24 hour news stations everywhere, and the network shows have to compete with that. If they can lure you into watching their news, they can promote their own network shows in hope that you will tune in to that too. It's all about the ratings and almighty dollar.

I would like to know the e.mail address of GMA news How can I find it?

You could start here.... http://abcnews.go.com/gma (scroll down to the very bottom of the page) Then, go here.... http://abcnews.go.com/Site/page?id=3068843 Contact Good Morning America, here... http://abcnews.go.com/Site/page?id=3271346&cat=Good%20Morning%20America