Who do you think is going to win the Giants< Eagles game?

EAGLES. They have a better chance of winning. Of course they never won a Super Bowl but' i'm sure they can beat the crap out of the Giants like they did to the Cowboys. Who knows? They might even make it to the Super Bowl once again if they have the skill and luck. (i'm an eagles fan, as you can see)

Who do you think is going to win sunday: Giants or Eagles and why?

eagles... i'm a giants fan but i have a bad feeling about this game, the eagles are on FIRE and westbrook owns the G-men. Plus philly's D hasn't allowed more than 14 points the last 5 games, oh yea and buckhalter has seems to get 15+ yards everytime he carries it.

Why were the Eagles and Giants fighting at the end of the game?

66 of the Giants got mad when he saw 91 of the Eagles celebrating (jumping up and down) and started pushing him and other players then 58 came in and threw some punches. It was just some guys getting over emotional after a hard fought game.

What is the most intriguing matchup this wkd: Jaguars-Colts,Eagles-Giants,Packers-Patriots, or Jets-Steelers?

Eagles vs Giants because both teams are equally matched and so much is on the line. I would say Jags vs Colts but I can see the Colts winning in a blow out.

Why do so many people that aren't Giants,Redskins,or Eagles fans hate the Cowboys?

I am a Redskins fan, so you really are not talking about me and my perspective may not be the one you want, but here is my conjecture: 1) They are the most over-rated team in professional sports. Somebody will pick them to win the Super Bowl this year despite fifteen years of playoff futility. 2) They are arrogant. Jerry Jones is a jerk and thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. 3) A lot of people DO like them, which increases their media coverage and makes the rest of us sick of hearing about them. 4) They are full of drama. If I never hear another word about T.O., Romo, and Jessica SImpson, it won't be soon enough. Why is Jessica SImpson in the sports news? 5) Their uniforms are ugly. (Okay, granted, now I AM sounding like a Redskins fan.....LOL...wink)

Do u guys believe that the Eagles will lose twice to Giants this year?

No, I think that people make too many false predictions. The Eagles have beat the Giants many many times. It's nothing impossible. If you are a Giants fan, don't get your hopes up too high because they are riding high right now. Anything can happen. Just look at last season for example. Teams that were were winning just about every game in regular season, did not even make it to the SB. This season it's anyone's game so far with the exception of Dallas and a couple others lol.

How would you rate tonight's Giants- Eagles game?

action wise: 9/10. It really doesn't get much better than that...it was definitely one of the most games exciting I've watched in a while. overall though, that was a pretty bad game for me (being a giants fan). The giants did make some big plays and stayed in it the whole time, but they also made some big mistakes that cost them crucial points-and eventually, cost them the game. All those fumbles and interceptions and whatnot...it was painful to watch ): and our defense needs some serious work. the eagles scored on nearly every drive. at least we still have a shot at getting wildcard spot. hopefullllly the giants will step their game up these next few weeks.

NY Giants fans, what are the keys to beating the Eagles next week?

This is common sense Stop Michael Vick. Good Luck to the Giants D that just got tourched by John Kitna.

Hi, I am watching the Giants-Eagles game today and was wondering why the Giants scored a safety?

The back field judge blew the whistle indicating that he was sacked in the end zone. This resulted in a safety. Giants then scored 2 points. You do not have to be fully sacked to have it be a sack. The NFL is trying to protect the QB. These guys are the 100 million dollar men these days.

In the last Eagles-Giants game, would the booth have reviewed the play had Reid not called timeout?

yes, it would.