What are the new dlc charaters coming for Gears Of war 3?

The Horde Command Pack consists of three new maps, three new playable characters, new fortification upgrades for Horde mode, two new weapon skins, and new Achievements (totaling 250 Gamerscore). The new maps include Blood Drive (set at the Jacinto Medical Plaza), Rustlung (set on the foredecks of a decommissioned battleship; it features a Silverback mech suit that can be used), and Azura (set on a former island resort). The new fortifications are the Command Center (call in sniper teams, mortar strikes, and Hammer of Dawn strikes), Decoy Upgrade (turn your decoy into an Onyx Guard bot that fights), Sentry Upgrade (adds a fire bolt sentry), and the Silverback Upgrade (the mech can be upgraded with rockets and further repair cost reductions can be purchased). As for the new characters, those include the Onyx Guard, Big Rig Dizzy, and Bernie, while the new weapon skins are called Team Plasma (which I think we can assume are unrelated to the Pokemon Black and White baddies) and Jungle Camo. The DLC pack will be available on November 1 for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Season Pass owners can automatically download it for free upon release.

what day will gears of war 3 beta will be launch and how long will the beta be available?

A few of my mates and myself think around March or April. It'll probably start end of March.

Does anybody know when Gears Of War 3 is coming out?

Gears of War 3 the "Official" release is Decmeber 31st 2010.... so you have a while until it comes out. get GOW2 cuz its a pretty good game with some clues on what the GOW3 game will be like. good luck.

Gears of war 3, Party options help?

How to get the liquid metal skin in gears of war 3?

Can you get the Golden Retro Lancer without having unlocked it in the beta in Gears of War 3?

No both are basically different , in order to unlock u will have to get DLC character codes or season pass which i got from : http://getgearsofwar3.com

How to play gears of war 3 beta after may 15.?

Sadly no, just gotta wait another month. :(

how does gears of war 3 multiplayer work?

It is an amazing game! The story co-op is max of 4 players but the other multiplayer modes include horde, wingman, capture the leader,king of the hill, team deathmatch and execution. More people can play those modes. All of the modes were in the previous gears games. New weapons include the retro-lancer, sawed-off shotgun, and others. It is easy to jump in and play. I would say more but don't want to spoil the game. :)

I got the limited edition gears of war 3 game and now i want to sell it?

Can someone stamp the Gears 3 title "Gears of War 3" in front of this wallpaper i found?