Will the lions hire Gary kubiak?

No.. They hired Jim Caldwell from the Ravens....

Do you think Gary Kubiak wants to coach the Broncos now?

When you have a team and origination that is a class act like Denver,
who wouldn't want to go there. Gary is also in a town that has a owner that thinks about his team and fans, so I really don't see him wanting to leave Huston, TX..

What professional football team did Gary Kubiak play for?

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Even a British person like myself can use t'internet to find out about your US game.
This is from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Kubiak
Quarterback Jersey #(s)
Born August 15, 1961 (1961-08-15) (age 48)
Houston, Texas
Career information
Year(s) 1983–1991
NFL Draft 1983 / Round: 8 / Pick: 197
College Texas A&M
Professional teams
As Player
Denver Broncos (1983-1991)
As Coach
Texas A&M (RB coach, 1992-1993)
San Francisco 49ers (QB coach, 1994)
Denver Broncos (offensive coordinator, 1995-2005)
Houston Texans (head coach, 2006-present)
Career stats
TD-INT 14-16
Yards 1,920
QB Rating 70.6
Stats at NFL.com
Career highlights and awards
3x Super Bowl champion (XXIX, XXXII, XXXIII)

Should Gary Kubiak be allowed to finish the season?

Let him coach the last game. Nothing is gained or lost by firing him now. I had high hopes for them this year, especuially after they came back against Washington in week 3 or 4. But that was the last highlight of the season.
Gary's a good NFL coach. But for some reason he can't get his guys to get enough W's for him.

Is the Gary Kubiak gone a curse to the Texans in the second half?

Well if you want to mention refs what about Johnsons first down catch? It was a catch. Lucks 1st quarter fumble? It was a fumble. And the "pass interfierce" that allowed the colts to score 3 pts. But to awnser your question i do think tha lt Kubiak being hospitalized is the reason and the fat kicker missed 2 FGs.

Do you think the Texans will fire Gary Kubiak?

I hope so. With the poor decisions of the entire coaching staff, firing Gary is the only alternative. Gary is a nice guy, but the Texans don't need a nice guy. They need an experienced, winning head coach. One who knows how to make the tough & quick decisions necessary to make playoffs.
Jon (Chuckie) Gruden fits that bill!

Gary Kubiak is going to be back next season, what is wrong with the Texans front office?

Do his own players even respect him anymore? Both Wade and Gary are better suited as coordinators, both are too soft. Houston needs a coach who can rally them, motivate and lead with intensity and fight.
Besides, didn't Kubiak have major input on the hiring of the defensive coordinator?
Here's the question to those who say it's not his fault, it's the defense...
Well? What do you want a Head Coach who can make decisions on all factors as to the guys around him, or an offensive Coordinator. Because all he is, is an Offensive Coordinator.
I'm sorry Houston fans. Good talent on the team, a HC that can't motivate.
Edit: read your edit after I made the HC or Offensive Coordinator comment...in other words...I agree!!!!
Edit again: What a game by the Packers Eric, that was intense. McCarthy made some terrible calls again. It wasn't pretty, defense was great though and they're in!

Opinion on Gary Kubiak staying?

Kubiak is a good coach and his team will be better next year!

What are the odds Gary Kubiak will be fired before seasons even over?

No. Kubiak is a good coach. I'd say it more reflects on Schaub playing horrible. The Texans have the best rated defense in the league and an offense that is ranked in like the top 6. The Texans are great at running the ball. And they do a good job on defense. However Schaub throws interceptions at the most critical junctures in the game.
I've watched Kubiak slowly improve the Texans year after year since he became head coach. As long as a head coach is making the team better each year, there is no reason to fire him. And he is. You might argue about this year. But the Texans got beat by 3 very tough teams:
1st loss - Ravens (last year's Super Bowl champions)
2nd loss - Seahawks (ranked #1 in the NFL at the time)
3rd loss - 49ers (ranked #1 or #2 at the start of the season by most people)
Kubiak is just stuck in a bad situation that he can't do much about. He could switch to the backup, but the backup hasn't practiced with the starters at all. At least the backup knows the plays. He could stay with Schaub, try to be a nurturing therapist to him and hope he pulls it together (better start praying). Or he could attempt to bring in a new quarterback from outside the team that would take 2-4 weeks to learn the playbook and run the plays smoothly before he can start.
None of the options are all that great. Now keep in mind that the rest of the Texans schedule doesn't get that much easier. The Texans still have to play the Colts twice. The Colts cost the Texans the #1 AFC playoff seed in week 17 last year by beating them. And the Colts beat both the 49ers and Seahawks that the Texans lost to. The Colts beat the 49ers by 20 points and the Texans lost to the 49ers by over 30 points. Then the Texans still have to play the undefeated Chiefs in Kansas City. They still have to play the undefeated Broncos. And they still have to play the Patriots. Then for the last game of the season they have to play the Titans which keep getting better, nearly beat the Texans in Houston and by that time Locker should be fully healed and recovered.
Kubiak is a great coach. The Texans just have a very tough schedule and Schaub is playing awful. Kubiak can't do much to help either of those two things.

Texans fire Gary Kubiak?

The Texans have lost 8 games by less than 7 points, and 7 of those games the Texans had the lead until the very end. The Texans should be 10-3 or 9-4 fighting for one of the top seeds in the AFC. As a Texans fan, I feel bad for Kubiak and wish him the best with his next team, but the Texans and Kubiak needed to part ways. If they can get a coach that even calls plays 50/50 aggressive/conservative the Texans will be a serious threat next year.