Know of a "Game changer" audio book torrent?

Is the $41000 0baamaVolt an auto market game changer?

Question for my fellow McCain supporters, was last night a game changer, is our man coming back to win win win?

Look, my friend. At the end of the day this election is a game changer for joe 6pack and the crisis on wall st?

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what exactly is a game changer ?

When something or someone influences the outcome of anything it is called a game changer, goes to sports competition where someone scores points it changes the game and influences the outcome, in the reference you gave Cuomo's support changed the original expected outcome.}{

What is game changer?

It's a positive thing..... The comparison is a sports metaphor, it 's the key play in the game that differentiates between a win or a loss. Simply put, he's interested in you. Luck

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Will Paul Ryan's 2012 budget plan be a game-changer for Republicans? If so, why or why not? What say you?

I'd say B or C Ryan is a fiscal conservative and the majority of the republican party likes their pork (even when they complain about it) Ryan is also rather soft on the wealthiest of Americans and places more of a burden on the poor. Basically I think combining his plan with a return to the older tax rates (more successful tax rates I might add) we could actually get a leg up on the deficit.

What is a game changer?

I believe a game changer is something that changes the game. When Mario consumes a mushroom... that shit changes the game!

Hey right wingers what do you think of Bush manipulating the threat level for his game changer in 04?

Key word, "Believed".

Do you think Clinton now regrets calling North Carolina a "game changer" last week?

I'm sure she'll come up with a new goal tonight...grrrr...

"Game changer", "My friend", "Look, ...", What political jargon are you tired of?

"my friend" and "yes we can" ...I don't like either candidate!

If Obama's speech is going to be such a game changer, why wait so long to give it?

Since Obama has nothing new to say, how he says it is everything. Obama's long-awaited jobs plan is, unfortunately, yet another economic plan based on smoke and mirrors. The hole in Obama's plan is so big Joe Plumber could drive his truck through it. And for anyone who has any doubts, don't be misled into thinking this was a jobs speech: this was a campaign speech through and through. Here's how you know: *Obama is a Democrat *He promised everything *He provided a fantasy plan to pay for it *He's blaming the opposition in advance for anything that goes wrong And don't expect Obama to change course any time soon: to do that would be to admit he was wrong and his policies have cost future generations and us dearly, with an apology in order. Not likely from a guy who consistently blames everyone else for his failures. o_O

McCain just lost the election, was this a game changer for McCain?

He's been so snarky this entire debate. Republicans love it, but I'm sure it doesn't play well with independents.

If it's between Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, and Hillary Clinton, which one would be a game changer for Obama? ?

who is a bigger potential game changer in the nba between Tyler Hansbrough and Michael Beasley?

What makes Hansbrough a special player is the energy and passion he brings to the game. However, i dont think he posesses the talent that beasley has. I see hansborough as a great college player who will succeed in the NBA as a good role player. I see beasley as a poetential all-star in the NBA.

Is it a game changer, while dining out, that a restaurant is vegetarian or vegan friendly?

Definately - in my family I am vegetarian and my sister-in-law is also vegetarian. Therefore there has to be at least one thing on the menu vegetarian, but obviously the more the better. However, all families/couples have certain things that dictate where they go: eg The grandad that will only eat Scampi and Chips The partner that won't eat Chinese food There has to be simple kids menu choices...if its too fussy they will just want a bowl of chips The drunken uncle that will only go somewhere that serves alcohol The disabled cousin that needs easy parking and ramp access So I guess we vegetarians are just another awkward entry to the list :)

what was the song playing for the nomenees for the game changer award?

There were two songs in the 'Game Changer of the year' video: 1 - "We Are Young" by Fun (download link: 2 - "Hated you from Hello" by Downplay (download link:

What does it mean when your boyfriend says you are a "game changer" ?

something to do with being a player. The player is playing the game, but you change the game therefore you're the game-changer who brings in new rules. It basically means that he's serious about you or sees you as a potential serious girlfriend. Thats my interpretation anyway

How to be a game changer?

A game changer doesn't always have to shoot. They can do little things like stealing the ball or getting rebounds. Both Kobe and Leborn are great game changers with no doubt. When the game is on the line, little things change the game. Let me think... sometimes a star player would have to a bad shooting night. But they can still do little things to change the direction of the game. To be a game changer, you can't give up

If president Bush dies before the election will that be a game changer?

I think not as the damage from the character assassination campaign has already been done and the mind set cast. People would see a President Cheney as more of the same. I can see one scenario where it could make a difference, though. If the news of President Bush's death cause Cheney to die from a heart attack, then, even in the short time left, president Pelosi would be sure to make such a mess of things that a new Republican revolution would likely occur.

Is the Obama endorsement by the ambulance chaser really a game changer, or a joke?

Please put my check in the Joke box.

was PA really a game changer for Hillary or just media spin?

you and i know that PA changed nothing. it's just hillary and the media SPIN on the outcome. hillary got 84 delegates, obama got 74. that's only a net gain of 10 delegates for hillary. obama's well-spent money stopped her dead in her tracks. obama still leads on all fronts. 2 weeks from now, he will wipe out all of her so-called gains, just like he did when she "won" the TX primary, RI and OH. and for those who can't do math like hillary, she spent $4.8 millions dollar and obama spent $11.2 millions. does that sound like he outspent her 3 to 1? NOT! it's more like 2 to 1, so please stop parroting more of hillary's LIES out here.

where do i find a name changer game that changes peoples names to goth names?

Go to this site: Enter your name and your surname and click on "Get Name". Your "Goth" name shall be generated immediately.

Can anyone predict what kind of game changer mccain might get?

On a diplomatic mission to Pakistan, McCain will personally capture Bin Laden, hog tie him, and then bring him in on a trailer.

Why is it considered a game changer when Iran gets a nuclear bomb?

Because Iran is presently ruled by a nut job. This guy has avowed to wipe America and Israel off the face of the map. Also, other states around Iran do not have nuclear capability and Iran will definitely use the bomb to bully the entire Mid-East. It can in no way be deemed a good thing that Iran is armed with nuclear weapons. It would not surprise me a bit to see either Israel or America bomb Iran's nuclear facilities into oblivion to hold them off for another ten years.

Is Kobe irrelevant & no longer a marquee player game changer?

LeBron, Dirk, Wade, and Chris Paul are all better players than Kobe. Kobe is still very good but he's been overrated as a clutch performer for his entire career. His game winning shot % is 25% and lowest amongst star players. Besides scoring he doesn't make people better the way those players I named do. In career elimination games he is putting up 21.7ppg on 40%fg. He is a top 10 player but barely a top 5 player. Both Paul and Nowitzki outplayed him in these playoffs and Kobe got a 1st team all NBA defensive award for his reputation and not his actual defense. Like I said he's great, but not as good as those guys.

Is there a "sleeper" candidate who could be a game changer in the 2012 Presidential election?

Dr. Tom Campbell would be an excellent sleeper candidate for President in 2012. Dr. Campbell is a Republican and is a very strong Fiscal Conservative. Dr. Campbell graduated from Harvard Law School with highest honors and was selected as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Byron white. Also Dr. Campbell has a PhD in economics from The University of Chicago. The Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman was his Thesis advisor. Dr. Campbell also served in the Reagan Administration. Dr. Tom Campbell was also the youngest Professor to receive Tenure at Stanford University Law School. Dr. Campbell teaches Constitutional Law, Antitrust Law and International Trade Law. Dr. Campbell has served five terms in Congress and would be an excellent choice for the Republican nomination for President in 2012.

Was James Harrisons int TD the biggest game changer in SB history?

Yes, because Arizona would have scored. That was Warner's and Hightower's fault. If Hightower didn't move to block, Harrison would've been guarding him. Warner just assumed Harrison was blitzing and Boldin would be open. Great play by Harrison, if he didn't score it would've went straight to OT, and Arizona would be the champs. In my opinion, Holmes deserved the MVP because he had so many yards after the catch, at least it looked that way. I believed that if Holmes had only 1-5 catches (instead of 9) then Harrison would've been the Super Bowl XLIII MVP, to go along with being the Defensive Player of the Year

What does it mean to be a 'game changer' ?

Can Tanks Be a Game Changer in Afghanistan?

The Danes (I think) have had some tanks in Afghanistan since 2002, none of the big players have any (US, UK, Canada) Having been to Afghanistan I can confirm that tanks will be next to useless in most areas on account of the following 1) only a few roads in the entire country with a hard top the rest are narrow tracks which makes transporting tanks around almost impossible, the hard top roads are not much use for tanks as they pass though a large number of heavily built up towns (real dangerous for a tank) add to that these roads constantly have huge IED's placed around them, not cool, not cool at all 2) Eastern Afghanistan is basically solid mountains, no roads, just dirt tracks up and down the sides of mountains, again a non starter 3) Southern Afghanistan is flatter and most desert like, BUT this is an illusion, the whole area is crisscrossed by dry river beds, Wadis, Canals, creeks, again tanks can't do it, and even if they hit a good trail the dust cloud they will kick up will be seen 10 miles away, everyone will be either long gone before they arrive or will have had plenty of time to organise a reception plus it also has areas of intense vegetation, and I mean intense! maize fields with crops 10 feet high that you can't see more than 2 feet in any direction in, difficult enough for an infantryman using all his senses, suicide for a tank to enter, everyone in that field will know were the tank is, the tank crew will not see anyone, and there is no chance of a tank fitting down an Afghan village street, it may get a few yards in but it won't get out again. and of course you have the problem throughout the whole country of russian minefields, left over from the last war, Russian landmines don't play - those things were designed during the cold war to hurt M1's and the other nato MBT's and even the russians don't know where these minefields are Undoubtedly Tanks can have some use out there, but they will only be secondary roles, guarding bases, and checkpoints, perhaps some support fire in certain favourable circumstances (i.e assuming the tali are silly enough to do something while one is around) overall it is an awful lot of effort getting them there for what will be a very limited return. certainly not a game changer

Is anyone else sick of the term "game-changer"?

Nope, I'm tired of hearing alot of things but this isn't one of 'em

Prediction: Gingrich blasting the media last night was an absolute game changer-agree or disagree?

I have been leaning towards Gingrich because I like his ideas on dealing with our problems, such as the economy, job industry, foreign policy, current tax system, health care, abortion & illegal immigration. I also liked all of the things he accomplished as House Speaker & agree with him on many other issues. One thing I admire about him is that he knows how to put somebody in their place without backing down, he`s tougher than nails & he will bring Obama to account for the horrible things he has done to our country. November is still far away for me to decide who I will vote for but so far The Newt measures quite well. Last night was a good example of what he delivers best, putting somebody in their place,

In your opinion does TCU's win over Wisconsin mean a game changer for BCS qualifications?

big Ten played great in the bowl season last year, this year i didnt beliee they stood a chance going into the Michigan, and michigan state game. i knew they were overmatched going in. But penn state blew that game. So they played bad this year, although they still dominated the big 12, the sec had there number. Next year theyll be ready to go again. And as for your question about teams they schedule. TCU is a good team, that was shown, but i dont think its the fact that they werent that kept them form BCS title game, noone knew how good they were, they need to schedule more games against teams of wisconsin calaber. THe Big Ten they prepare so much for playing in the snow and in cold weather games, however no bowl games are played up north in cold weather. So they need to do a better job transisoning to play teams who are used to warm conditions, and they need to space out a lot more.

Why do Republicans want people to believe everything in "Game Changer" about Democratss but not Republicans?

Ha! She actually said that about 9-11? Freaking hilarious. There is your future leader conservatives, bow down and worship the best and brightest among you!! LOL. God it's sad that people would vote her. They believe what suits them at the moment, same as always.

Is tonight going to be the game changer for the Republican politics. Is someone going to take the fall?

My predictions: They all will spew venom at President Obama as usual without providing a detailed alternative solution to that which they complain about. Perry will screw up. Paul will be as usual. Should attack Romney most and Prick Santorum a bit too. Prick Santorum will be deflecting blows from Mitt and Paul. Gingrich will have daggers for Mitt. And it may backfire if he plays it wrong and Mitt plays it right. Mitt mostly will spew venom at President Obama. Huntsman is the wild card. He just may come out swinging at Mitt, Ron Paul, and Prick Santorum. ~

Do you agree with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates when he said that killing of Osama is a Game Changer?

I'm not voting for Odumbo just because a group of Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden. If Odumbo thinks this is his ticket to reelection, he is a child.

How long will cons drop that Winston Churchill line like it's a game changer?

Who will be the Game changer in the Champions League Final?

John Terry. Ah the miss was priceless.

who here thinks the Garcon drop in the first quarter of the superbowl was the game changer?

i think the colts coach was playing it too safe... really too damn safe!

How many People know how much of a game changer just transpired in Iran.?

Iran will never listen to the U.S., or to the U.N. for that matter. The sooner people come to accept that reality, the better off we will be.

How is Punks epic shoot on WWE not nominated for Game Changer of the year?

I know right! Also how did Edge not win? This is ridiculous!!!

What will be your candidate's game changer tonight?

Notice in the last debate that McCain rarely looked at Obama. When Obama spoke, he looked like he was off in another world. On the contrary, Obama was VERY attentive while John spoke and he gave John eye contact. When he was critiquing McCain's views, he looked directly at him. I think Obama looked more mature, stronger, and more serious about the debate. McCain looked like he was just kicking it at a buddy's house and randomly going off talking about some story about some past President or warlord... A McCain win would be rendering Obama speechless, which will not happen. Obama WILL have comebacks to everything, especially the whole Ayers topic of discussion. He is prepared and there is no way that McCain can be victorious. If anything, he'll come in even with Obama. But Obama is a better speaker. There will be no McCain victory tonight...

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Shale gas is going to be a definite game changer?

Absolutely. Shale gas has the potential to change the entire world's energy dynamic, and in turn allow industrialization of many third-world countries and developing countries. It certainly has the potential to render OPEC irrelevant. It also has the potential to make large-scale adaptation of alternative energy uneconomic, as most of that technology relies on artificial price supports to make it feasible. Adaptation of natural gas as a transportation fuel is extremely easy, and is already common in many countries in the world. There is resistance to this change in many industrialized countries, such as the US, but the cost differences are significant and the carbon dioxide output of natural gas is lower than using diesel or gasoline. The reason for this is that methane has a higher ratio of hydrogen to carbon than any other hydrocarbon, and the hydrogen burns to create water. Fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and especially coal have much more carbon in them and will emit much larger quantities of carbon dioxide per unit of energy generated. Add to that the current policy of natural gas fuel being untaxed, while gasoline and diesel are heavily taxed and the switch is likely to happen (of course the taxes will eventually be forced onto natural gas to support the government). Another major factor pushing natural gas consumption is ironically the installation of solar and wind power. For every megawatt of solar and wind energy installed, another megawatt of natural gas power generation has to be installed. Most utilities are being forced to build natural gas power plants to supplant the grid when solar and wind stop producing, which they do every day. Coal plants cannot replace that power because they cannot change their production levels quickly (they run continuously) , while natural gas fired power plants can be turned on and off as needed. The other effect that shale gas has already has is to impact dramatically the world market for Liquified Natural Gas. Because the US no longer needs any imports of natural gas, those tankers are being diverted to other countries such as Japan, and prices have dropped world wide for natural gas. That could keep oil prices in check for many years. Balance of trade in the world is strongly affected by import and export of oil and as natural gas replaces oil this will dramatically change world balance of trade and world politics. Basically shale gas represents an entire paradigm shift in geology as well. The commonly accepted idea was that as source rocks matured (a process known as catagenesis) and generated oil and gas, that the oil and gas migrated out of the source rock and was trapped by reservoir rocks and structural and stratigraphic seals. Shale gas has proven that these source rocks did not always expel the majority of the oil and gas generated inside these rocks. This means that the estimates made by the USGS and other official groups that have for years told us that "peak oil" was near, are totally wrong. In fact, there may be several trillion barrels equivalent in the world above and beyond what has been estimated using the current concepts. The idea that we have used a third of the existing oil and gas resource in the world is probably completely wrong, and is much lower than that. An example of how the USGS got this wrong, and still gets it wrong, is the North Dakota Bakken Shale. A USGS scientist named Leigh Price determined that the Bakken Shale had billions of barrels of oil in it as far back as the 1990's. His ideas were not well supported in the USGS and his work was never published. He passed away a few years ago and the only way you can get a copy of his unpublished work is to go here: The USGS finally revised its estimates upward for the Bakken (after Price was gone), but USGS is still at the low end of the range of recoverable oil suggested by Price and others who have worked on this. Shale gas will eventually change the oil supply of the world as well. The same technology is being applied to shales that are not mature enough to have generated gas, and in formations like the Eagle Ford shale there are now estimates of many billions of barrels of recoverable oil from formations that only five years ago were considered to be unproductive. There will be examples of this in almost every sedimentary basin in the world. There will likely be places in the world producing gas and oil from shales that have never produced oil and gas in the past. Countries that have the ability to fuel industry with newly discovered natural gas will change from developing countries to developed countries, and standards of living will likely be improved dramatically where this technology and science can be adapted by political systems.

Did John McCain got the game changer he was hoping for?

No! It was a better debate for him but he needed a MAJOR win/game changer. He didn't get that. Be ready January 20, 2009. "I Barack solemnly swear to uphold....."

Where can I find Nick Saban Game Changer DVD?

I was looking for it too and was given this page in google. Hope this helps.

What kinda girl do guys consider a "game changer"?

It's simple the moment he knows u're a ame changer its because you're cute and not a slut, cute smile, both can talk for hours about anything (also sex) without making it awkward. A girl which shes difficult to get, men need to be in love first so they can try even more, and we love a challenge too.

Do Republicans understand that threat to force the tax increase to happen is a game changer for November?

They are hoping the democrats will cave. personally I hope they do not and allow the republicans to show their true colors... willing to sacrifice the poor and middle class for the sake of the rich. To the uninformed Beck fans above me. The TEMPORARY tax cuts that Bush set in place are going to end all on their own. What we are talking about is extending the timeline on the TEMPORARY tax cuts for those making less than 250k. The republicans don't like that plan and want the TEMPORARY tax cuts to also cover the wealthier folks and are willing to fillibuster the extension ... thats right folks the democrats DO NOT have enough votes to do anything they want even though they have a solid majority because the republicans have a hissy fit like spoiled children if they don't get everything their way. I guess the democrats are going to do the same thing until the system is fixed.