Your husband /wifes name and childrens names! Game?

Husband would be Scott Douglas. Son would be Devin Luke. Daughter would be Annabella Hayley. I was gonna name my future daughter Annabel or Hailey anyway, so this is kinda creepy O.O I like the name Luke or Devin for a guy...maybe I'll have a future son and name him either one :D

Which baby names do you prefer? Boys and Girls (ULTAMITE This or That?)?

Boys: Benjamin or Ethan- like them both, but Benjamin's a tiny bit better- good nicknames, like Ben or Jamie. Allan or Aaron- Aaron, but not a huge fan of either. Nick or James- James! Second favorite boys' name! Steven or Ryan- Ryan Carter or Caleb- Caleb! My number 1 boys' name! Richard or Ricky- Richard. Maybe Ricky for short, though. George or Fred =] - gah! This one's so hard! I suppose Fred, in honor of the dead twin :D David or Noah- David Douglas or Russell- Douglas Jake or Eddy- Jake Timmy or Jimmy- Timmy Paul or John- Paul Bentley or Jackson- ugh, neither. Maybe Jackson by a tiny bit. Greg or Zachary- Greg(ory) Girls: Amanda or Bailey- Amanda Gabby or Leanne- neither, but Gabby's better. Rachel or Hannah- Hannah Dannielle or Jessica- Danielle Heather or Sabrina- Heather Michelle or Kaitlyn- Michelle, but not a fan of either. Ally or Jenny- Ally Ella or Alyssa- Ella Georgie or Jillian- Jillian Aryana or Lexis- neither! Maybe Lexis by a little percentage, but I honestly hate them both. Bess or Tina- Tina Keira or Jamie- Keira Nicole or Joycie- Nicole Kennedy or Mercedes- neither. Mercedes, maybe.

How many people need dog names?

What, no Oprah or Barack?

Sibling names, pick one per each?

Carrington Penelope Carrington Meredith Carrington Preston Carrington Joanna Carrington Nathan Carrington Stafford Marie Stafford Amelia Stafford Brenton Stafford Kingsley Finnigan Kingsley Shane Kingsley Kennedy Kingsley Isobel Kingsley Stanley Kingsley Pemberly Dominic Kingsley (what was the other option?) Gabriella Kingsley Sullivan Kingsley (again, where is the other option?)

WDYT of these names that I like?

Cooper Mitchell - Nice. Nic Mitchell - Okay, but I prefer Nicholas Mitchell. Tanner Douglas - I don't like it, sorry. Riley Mitchell - Nice. Steven Mitchell - Nice. Scott Mitchell - Nice. Claire Madelynn - Pretty, but I prefer Claire Madeline. Hadley Jordan - Okay, but a bit too unisex. Gabrielle Carrie - I don't like Carrie, but Gabrielle is nice. Scotia Sadie - I don't like either name. ~ {A} ~

Who do you think will do the best in London in men's and womans gymnastics?