Fantasy football - Flex position start: Frank Gore or Chris Chambers?

keep an ear out and make sure that gore plays in not then you play chambers. but if gore plays then it is always good to play a rb at the flex position becuase of th number of looks and touches they get compared to a wr.

Frank Gore for Chris Johnson and Greg Jennings?

It is worth it if you are strugling at WR because Jennings may be the 2nd best in the league, and he will score enough points to make up for the gap between gore and johnson

Who should I start at RB: Frank Gore vs IND, Shonne Greene vs MIA, or Beanie Wells vs CAR?

I'd always start talent over match ups... I'd start Gore if your lookin at matchups go with Wells

Why is frank gore so underrated?

its because his team isnt that good when they get better he will rise in popularity it shouldnt be that way but it is :(

Miles Austin and Jason Witten for Frank Gore and Jake Ballard?

What's your line up? If you're weak at RB take it, just make sure you also pick up Kendall Hunter because Gore is questionable.

Would you trade frank gore and micheal crabtree for ray rice?

No. I don't think the upgrade at RB is enough to justify Crabtree.

should i start frank gore or james starks in week 3 fantasy football?

Frank Gore is the core. San Fransisco focuses their offense. James Stark is in a running back by comittee in a pass first offense.

What should I do with Frank Gore's injury?

Westbrook is the best option because he has a great schedule, and gore is a big part of their offence, so Westbrook will be involved.

Should I trade Frank Gore for Wes Welker or Randy Moss?

you may want to try to get a top tier TE

frank gore and tony gonzales for chris johnson trade?

Whoever is getting Chris Johnson is winning this deal. He is better then Gore and at this point if the person getting Gonzalez doesn't have a decent TE start every week then Gonzalez isn't going to help. In 2 for 1 deals, unless you are replacing a huge hole due to injury, you want to get the best player.

Fantasy Football, how many points do you think Frank Gore and Vernon Davis will score?

vernon 4 or 5 and im not crazy to say gore 25-35

Should I start Steven Jackson over Frank Gore or Derren Sproles?

Its either Derren Sproles or Frank Gore. I don't believe that Steve Jackson is going to do something big this week. I would have to say Frank Gore. He's a total stud, and a bowling ball he'll knock down any DEF as I can see.

Which 2 Runningbacks should i start this week? RAY RICE, FRANK GORE, PEYTON HILLIS, or CEDRIC BENSON?

Hillis is a must start for people who don't have Gore, Rice and Benson. Start Gore and Rice, and trade Hillis for another position that you undoubtedly need help in since you likely spent your first three picks on RBs.

Which RB do I start: Frank Gore or Steve Slaton?

Franklin Gore

49ers player frank gore and hockey player jamal mayers?


should i start frank gore or reggie bush for tomorrows game in my fantasy league?

frank gore no question. The saints aren't amazing against stopping the run. Peterson ran through em in week one. Gore is a top 5 rb with a poor qb while reggie bush is the backup for the pass oriented saints

would you trade Frank Gore for Shonne Greene and Calvin Johnson?

Im a 9ers fan and I say yes. The Jets are still a run-first team and Greene will get the bulk of the carries, and CJ is gonna get 1200yds and 12 TDs. This will no-doubt make your WRs better and isnt much of a drop at RB... No question... as much as this hurts me to say....GIVE UP GORE....

Should I trade Ray Rice for Peyton Hillis and Frank Gore in Fantasy Football?

ehh....peyton is gonna have a bad year based off his poor ending last year. and frank gore is probably just gonna get injured. Ray rice is a beast. If you need another rb, then yeah, do it

Who is better overall for my fanatasy football team, Adrian Peterson or Frank Gore?

Im gonna say Gore since Alex Smith is hurt and Vernon Davis is out another week so Trent Dilfer is going to have to step in...I wonder what the game plan will be? Pound the ball with Gore

How will the 49ers do in the upcoming season and will Frank Gore be able to reach 2200 yards?

I think Gore is a great back and has a chance to put up some real numbers next year. However, be careful what you wish for. Look back at some historical data on RB that carried the ball more than 380 times in a season. Almost all of them ended up missing games the following year due to injuries. And almost all of them showed a huge decrease in yards per attempt for the rest of their career. The human body just isn't made to take that much punishment. Just hope they keep him under 340 carries. If he keeps his same average per carry this will put him over 1800 yards and allow him to have several more productive years for the rebuilding niners. And I do think they will be better next year and have a shot at going 10-6 and making the playoffs. Examples Jamal Lewis 2003 - 387 carries 2066 yards - 5.3 avg 2004 only played in 12 games 2005 only played in 15 games 2006 finally played an entire season 1132 yards 3.6 avg Here for the top 3 seasons for total carries 1998 Jamal Anderson 410 carries - Atlanta 1999 played in only 2 games for a total of 59 yards 1984 James Wilder - Tampa Bay - 407 carries 1985 played in 16 games 365 carries (small exception to the rule) 1986 - 1990 - averaged 12.4 games per season and only 92.6 carries per season Even the great Eric Dickerson 1986 404 carries 1987 - played in only 12 games

Which 2 RB's should I start week 8: Steve Slaton , Frank Gore, Maurice Jones-Drew, or Chris Johnson?

That's a tough decision. I would start Chris Johnson and Steve Slaton myself, with Gore 3rd and MJD not worth the play. The Cincinnati team is just a joke, and Slaton will run all over one of the NFL's worst defenses. Indianapolis can't stop the run, which makes Chris Johnson a good play and he certainly is a top-tier running back. Stay away from MJD, I get the feeling Cleveland is going to play a tight game defensively.

Which 2 RBs should I start in Week 1: Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, or Steve Slaton?

Does your league have a W/R position? If so than u can play all three. But if not than id play Jackson and Gore. Jets have a decent defense, adleast better than Seattle and Arizona

Who should i start for fantasy football, Frank Gore or Ricky Williams? (week 12)?

Ricky Williams. Henne manages the game so he doesn't throw for many scores. Almost all scores come via the run. The Fins hung 38 on the bills in week 4. I'd expect Ricky to get another 2 TDs this week. he will start to tire before long though.

fantasy football start or sit frank gore vs eagles or jaamal charles vs browns?

Browns rush defense is number 29, and Philadelphia is number 10. From a matchup standpoint, Charles wins. Also consider that Charles has four 20 point games in his last five (and two of those were against Pitt and SD). He's killing it lately, so I'd say you could definitely count on at least 20 points against Cleveland. Gore was great last week, but got shut down by Seattle (and comparatively by Jacksonville), and Philadelphia has a better rush defense than both of them. Start Charles. He'll do well for you.

Which two RBs should I start out of Travis Henry, Clinton Portis, or Frank Gore?

Gore and Portis

do you see rashard mendenhall the less injury prone version of frank gore?


Should I start Frank Gore or Marion Barber for my fantasy team?

dude these are easy. Gore for sure. Turner is expected to play really well this yr, that's probably the hardest question cause Stewart is a hell of a back. Marshall by far over TO, T.O is good, dont get me wrong, but Brandon "the BEAST" Marshall is not a player you don't want to start.

will frank gore put up good fantasy numbers this year?

I think you will see a few more 7 point games here. The 49ers are not the best team and Gore is not the most consistent. He is injury prone. He will have breakout games and be a solid back but no where near the quality of AP/CJ2K/MJD. Don't give up on him in week 1. Let it roll a bit and if he is still not performing by week 4, consider possible trade options.

I am having trouble on who to start this week MJD or Frank Gore ?

Gore. Don't expect much from MJD and SF is starting to get it together.

I have a flex position at running back. Who should I start for week 1 Warrick Dunn or Frank Gore?

frank gore. im suprised not everyone has said this. dunn is obviously playing one of the top defenses and arizona's D is pretty weak. plus gore is a young back with fresh legs while dunn is completely the opposite

Is Frank Gore just having a bad year?

It's not that he's having a horrible year, I was also expecting a breakout year, but things haven't gone too well for him. His mothers death, an injury, and most importantly, he's pretty much their offense so teams are putting 8 men in the box with the purpose of stopping him. If (or I should say IF) the 49'ers expect him to do any better, they need to improve their passing to take the pressure off the running game. Alex Smith needs to start performing like the first round pick he was and Vernon Davis needs to stop whining and start catching the ball when it's thrown to him. That will help Frank Gore improve.

Should I trade Frank Gore and Lee Evans for Willis McGahee and Wes Welker?

I think you should do this trade. It's good for you. Gore's not that good.

Should I start frank Gore or Ronnie Brown?

I would go Frank Gore

Who do I start this week, Frank Gore, or Marshawn Lynch?

personally i would take Lynch as he is starting to get comfortable in Buffalo's offence. The jets are terrible again this year and their defence is like butter. Gore is in a bad sequence and NO are finally starting to do things right. Therefore Lynch is my bet. Good Luck

Who do I start week 7? Frank Gore, Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson, or Matt Forte?

If you gotta start 2, I'd do Slaton and Forte. If you gotta start 3 I'd do Slaton, Forte, and Gore.

Who should i start in week 13 fantasy football, Frank Gore or Leon Washington?

um start frank gore leon is good and quick but he doesn't always have a good game

Should I start Earnest Graham or Frank Gore?

sounds like it is time to pull out that lucky quarter and give it a flip. they both have their good side and bad side coming into this weekend, but i'd have to give the edge to graham. houston's d isnt bad but minnesota has shut down everyone but ryan grant, and that is because they didnt think green bay had a running game.

Why is frank gore so good at football?

I'm not sure. He didn't look that great when he ran for 27 on 13 carries against Tampa. But yeah, he's good. And if he had a decent offensive line and if his team actually had a passing game he would be even better.

Who do I start between Warrick Dunn, Mewelde Moore, Frank Gore and Deangelo Williams.?

Frank Gore is a beast and is against an average defense. start him D Williams is playing against a bad run defense in GB and has been playing amazing lately. start him W. Dunn is gonna have a good game too against an alright new orleans defense but they've been playing well so I gotta give the edge to the other two. Moore isn't even an option this week compared to the other three.

Who is the better runningback, Frank Gore or Marion Barber?

Frank Gore. He's stronger, gives a slight bit of speed up but has a knack for finding holes, and he can also play the role of a WR much better than Barber. Did you see just how "good" Barber was against a very tough defense in the New York Giants that likes to send heat? He did just awful. He wouldn't have put up 1700 yards playing for San Francisco two years ago with the 49ers line.

Week 2, Fantasy Football Who should I start Frank Gore, Arian Foster, or Ahmad Bradshaw?

I think Foster is a lock until he gets shut down consistently. You don't get 200+ and 3tds if you suck. I like Gore. Even though the O for Minnesota was shaky, Peterson still got 100+ total yards against New Orleans. Gore will get his touches and yards. I think he has more upside.

How does frank gore do next year?

he'll do good if he gets an offensive line. if not, expect same #'s as this year.

Who should I start hthis week at rB, Joeseph Addai, Frank Gore, or Marshawn Lynch?

The other two have easier match-ups, but I think Addai is going to be a key part of what the Colts are going to try to do on Sunday - they'll try to run the ball a lot to keep the Patriots offense off the field. And he's the most talented of the three. So it'd be hard to bench him.

Fantasy football trade!Should i trade frank gore for darren mcfadden and the balimore ravens defense?

The Ravens wont be the same this year as previous years and Darren McFadden has no fantasy value. His turf toe injury won't go away, it needs complete rest for a long period of time so an off-season won't fully heal it. Expect him to play 5-8 games this season before being sidelined. In them 5-8 weeks the raiders offense don't have the penetration to get him many yards either. Stay well away from this trade.

Do I start Frank Gore or Kendall Hunter?

From what I know Gore is supposed to play today. I agree that he is an injury risk. I think that it depends upon where you are in the standings and how much risk you can afford. Gore may well be fine but Hunter is the safer pick. Good luck.

Which running back should i start for fantasy football in week 3? Frank Gore or Pierre Thomas?

You have to go with Thomas. As you have pointed out Bush is out hurt. Thomas is going to have many more touches this week and has potential to score big points!!

Should I start Frank Gore or Maurice Jones Drew?

Maurice Jones Drew :)

Should I start Chris Johnson and Lendale White against Cleveland, over Frank Gore against the Jets?

Yes. Johnson and White are a great tandem and have a decent matchup against the browns. Gore, although a featured back, hasn't been stellar recently and you're right in saying the Jets have a good D. Also you know the Jets will take an early lead and SF will have to throw.

If Frank Gore does not play Sunday who should I start?

Dominic without question. He is going against a defense that has allowed 23 touchdowns to running backs. Also addai will not play so much cause he is a little bruised and the colts wouldnt risk just that close to playoffs. So start dominic

Frank Gore?

Frank Gore is a game time decision this week. Unless you have Hicks, Robinson, or Morris to substitute in if he doesn't play Monday, you're better off sitting him this week.