Should Obama be grateful to Foxnews and the Republicans for keeping him on the right track?

B.O. hates the truth. He's a dirty liar. Fox tells the truth. Fair and balanced. Something liberals hate.

Why does FoxNews continually get higher ratings than other news channels?

Because they speak for the silent majority. Most folks don't want to be told how to feel and don't want to be given a select few topics on what's going on in the world. Also Fox and the others have no problem with people who disagree with them, have people who disagree with them on their shows all the time and so people get to hear real debates and opinions from all sides. The other people are even regulars, if not work for Fox themselves.

What will the FoxNews minions get their knickers in a twist about this coming week?

I think they will be licking their chops at the idea that the Republicans will begin pointless investigations of nearly everything they didn't like, and since they didn't like anything that's going to keep them busy for a while. Then too, I expect a continuation of their hatred of the working people of the country and they will find a way to blame unions for everything and anything. Funny how nurses and teachers are now the bad guys. I wonder how they take to this turn of events? In the meantime do you think they will point out that while the sanitation guy, after thirty years gets a pension of twenty thousand a year, they will be getting pensions from every 'official' job they ever had, even if they remained in office only one term? Leading to them have some very hefty payouts for far less work.

Where was our favorite beloved unbiased news crew FOXNEWS to assasinate Bushs character during the 8 years?

Bill-O the Clown and Hannity were out back slurping the sausage. The rest were tap dancing in the airport men's room .

Why did FOXNews dump the President's speech before he was done and start attacking him before the GOP rebuttal?

Let's go over the obvious - MSNBC is politically liberal in its opinionated shows. CNN's approach is to stay away from the extremes and present balanced political discussions. Fox News is hard right - it's opinionated shows are very conservative. Not only that but its coverage of "hard news" is also biased to the right. For Fox News to play games with the coverage of Obama is nothing new, it's the norm at that cable outlet.

What has FoxNews reported specifically that was wrong about the democrats?

I guess they just don't like Juan Williams or Alan Combes. I really don't get why the left gets all fired up about FOX. I hardly watch FOX, but I do know that Williams and Combes are not conservative. I guess they want news that is slanted in their favor without a counter opinion voiced.

Why is Foxnews always so rude when Liberal Commentators or Politicians come on the show?

If someone was taking a big schit on your desk would let them finish?

Why is FoxNews conservative while other arms of Fox are not?

The short answer is that they're different divisions. The longer answer is that they're both after ratings. Fox Entertainment knows that smut sells so they run it. Fox News knows that they've got the market cornered on "rightish" news, so they run it.

Did Foxnews intentionally use file footage to deceive its viewers?

comrade, thats completely different. fox is purposely saying "this is footage from this date" when its not true. no other "news" station does that. infact faux news is the ONLY "news" station that continually lies on a day to day basis to trick their simple minded viewers into following along against the good of the country. they have tricked the elderly, those who depend so much on government run medicare, into holding up signs against government run healthcare. these "super americans" are actually anti-americans who hope for our president and all policies for bettering our country to fail just so they can say they are right. now thats a real FAIL.

How Many People Think foxnews Is no Different than the National Enquirer ?

I disagree. Fox News, the ACTUAL news part, is actually pretty fair and balanced for real. I watch Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC all day at my job. As a rule, the news itself will be about the same out of all three sources. It is in the opinion shows where they differ. In that, Fox News is clearly Republican, MSNBC clearly Democrat, and CNN hates everybody. Holy h*ll, I have never seen such hating like CNN shows for EVERYONE. But I digress. Point is, the actual news is actually pretty fair. The opinion shows is where the difference comes in. Their actual news is nothing like the National Enquirer.