How much would it cost to get a full body Red Fox mount?

I am a long time Alaskan hunter and trapper. First - do NOT skin it. Do not gut it. Put it in a plastic bag, push all the air out, and freeze it solid. Unless you have the knowledge and skills to case skin this fox, turn the lips, ears, footie pads and leave an extra 2" of colon at the rectum - it might not be able to be mounted. If you skin the animal yourself and have it tanned - expect to pay $475 to $600 for a mount. If you do not skin it and present it to the taxidermist as a frozen solid fresh kill - he/she will skin it, tan it, and mount it for $375 to $450. Because the taxidermist won't have to waste a day to fix your skinning mistakes - you should get a $150 discount. Are you sure you want it mounted? I say this because it is hard to find a place in the house where it can stand, look natural, not get in the way or gather dust. You are much much better off having it just tanned and turned into a wall hanger, or, if it is truly a good sized fox - have it rugged out. This way it is one the wall, out of the way, look nice - and your wife or mom won't be bitching at you every month about how much trouble it is to dust and keep clean. You also won't have to worry about your dog or cat sneaking up and chewing it. When my friend and I took a 8 1/2 foot grizzly bear at Sitka right at sunset we knew it was an awesome bear. Huge head, beautiful fur........ but we were at the high tide mark in the dark and didn't want to ruin it skinning by the one little flashlight we had. We decided to bring it back whole! Took us a full hour to get it in my 16 foot Boston Whaler, then wait another hour for the tide to come up enough so the boat would float off with the 1,000 lbs of extra weight. It was a very overloaded boat and slow trip back to the dock. With the boat and bear on the trailer, we used boards and slid the whole bear from the boat into my friends pick up. A few cups of coffee and a quick shower - it was now 9am and we brought the whole bear to the local taxidermist......... the old guy was so thrilled to see an entire bear that had not been cut or ruined by a hunter - I thought he was going to rug it for free! LOL. He gave us allot of pointers and told us exactly what he did, and did not, want us messing with. On the way home we decided to swing by where we worked. Many of our buddies had been out bear hunting for weeks, mostly living in primitive conditions, eating out of tin cans , being eaten by mosquitoes. Told 'em we had just popped it on the way into work......... and there it was whole in the pick up. Man, talk about some honked off hunters. LOL Because we were able to skin that bear in my garage and the slice down the stomach was 100% true - nothing had to be trimmed from the left or right when it was rugged. This 8 1/2 foot bear rugged out the same size as a 9 foot and 9 1/2 foot bear. Hope this helps

Is fox news an accomplice for this failing republican administration?

well, all U.S. media is biased, but yeah Fox definitely loves the reps.

Are apartments suitable for owning a fennec fox?

foxes are extremly hyper think hamster on speed only bigger.yeh that crazy. if you do decided to get one it will need to be walked at LEAST 3hours a day. a fox is a big responsabilty. they will need tons of toys to play with and chew and never EVER allow it to go outside without being on a harness. not a colar as they can much more easily slip out of them. they are not like catsor dogs really but more like ferrets as they get into alot of trouble and are harderto house break. expect to have the carpeting destroyed by them digging and wires and other things chewed to bits.though they are great fun and make wonderful pets they need alot of time and supervision. you also cannot leave them alone in a create for long hours like a dog. make sure your prepared becuase even when they get to be old they never really slow down

How much longer should I expect to see Fox off the air on Cablevision?

Look at the uneducated people on here who think that Fox is only a News network. They also cover other networks-networks that these same people probably watch themselves.

What do think should be done to stop Fox from further raping dragonball and other classic animes?

i am a huge anime fan. I think you shouldn't watch the movie, and tell those who are fans to hate it. Everyone in my school things its retarded and a waste of good money and time. Fox will get the idea soon that people will hate it, and maybe stop making them movies. If they don't get enough money, the movie will not be worth it. Speaking of DragonBall Evolution, did you see how stupid the game is. Ugh...gross.

Explain how oxygen is cycled between the tree and the fox nest to each other?

1> the fox breathes in oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide the tree takes in carbon dioxide and light and outputs oxygen photosynthesis metabolism 2> see 1 3> The fox eats other animals and plants to get carbon and carbohydrates and drinks water the tree combines water (hydrogen hydroxide) with carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce carbohydrates

Is 20th Century Fox financing of the movie Avatar proof that Fox News is just a front for a liberal conspira?

Fox News is really Rupert Murdoch's political perspectives disguised as news and Rupert hates all Democrats. He has lots of money and this is how he spends it. His media network in Asia also must agree with his opinions.

What do you think of fox news right now promoting getting rid of electoral vote?

The issue brought forth by FOX was NOT about "getting rid of the electoral vote" but it was about how the electoral vote has been question by BOTH parties in the past. But just as your President has done for the past four years....deceived the American public with can also do the same with your half baked nonsense!

Can we take FOX News seriously after they refused to broadcast the president's news conference?

First make no mistake, I am a huge Obama fan. However I have been complaining for years that the networks should take turns with these press conferences, no real reason to have the same thing on all the stations. I mean CBS, NBC, ABC, and the other little networks. Admittedly it was because I could not stand watching or listening to Bush, but the principle is valid and I think applies to all presidents. Cable News is another story however. One would think that Cable News should cover all of these. To be clear, was it the Fox tv channel that didn't cover or the Fox Cable News channel? Fox tv I could care less but Fox Cable News should be covering it.

How can I stop a fox from eating my ducks?

Unless you keep them caged in a safe enclosure...the fox will continue to kill them. You cannot offer a free meal to wildlife and not expect them to take it. Can you build a larger enclosure to keep them in permanently..and only let them roam when you are there to supervise?

How to get a fox and how much everything like license/fox cost in Pennsilvania?

No, you don't need to buy it from a fur farm, you can buy it from a breeder, there are plenty of breeders...but not too many in PA, because there are really strict on laws there - I don't think you need to worry about the price of the permit, I think you need to worry about how hard it is to get one. The law itself basically states that you need 2 years experience to acquire a permit..but it's not even that simple - because who ever is in charge of issuing the permits, can be as difficult as they'd like to be, and could not approve your written out experience in where you got it (you need it to be written out, because they won't just believe you- and it has to be from where you got the experience from, and it has to say on how it perfectly applies), and even if they decide they may approve, it'll still have to go through many things, and will take many months for you to be able to ever get it... And I'm not quite sure how much it costs, but I assume about $50-100 each year...but don't quote me on that, because I don't know for sure. To ask about the license, call your local DNR or Dept. of Agriculture, either of them should at least be able to point you in the right direction. And a fox will initially cost between $150-$400, and that's red foxes, including all the color phases (silver, marble, cross, cinnamon...) (Arctics cost between $350-$600, and fennecs cost between $1000-$1500) But that's just the initial cost - cost of supplies will run high, because you'll need an outdoor enclosure, which should be at least 10x10, preferably about 10x20, where the cost can run high- but if you look right, you could get it for $200...but then you also need to cover the top and bottom, because they can dig out, or climb right over the top. Then you'll also need to buy a large cage, and a lot of rather expensive high-quality dog food, then you'll also need back-up money for any property damage, and you'll need to have money for a vet- you should have money for basic things such as vaccines, and probably for spaying or nuetering, and then you'll need $500 back-up in case anything happens to your fox... So, you're looking at over $1000 dollars... I strongly advise you do extensive research on a fox, or any exotic pet, before you get one. (Not saying you haven't, but if you haven't...), because if you don't, it can and will lead to unhappiness for you and your fox - do you need to do plenty of research (and I don't mean like, an hour on the internet...I mean like, at least 60 hours or something...Ok, I don't have an exact amount, but I've personally done at least 900 hours on it, and I'm still researching, but I don't think I'm ready, so I'm not going to get one yet, but I suppose it's not exceptionally necessary, you just need to do research before getting a fox.) Good luck! (With a fox and getting into the laws with officials...) And sorry...I just finished reading the other posts, and most of them covered what this said...

How does a Movie Distribution Company like 20th Century Fox, Paramount, or Universal start up?

These companies have been around since the 1920s, and they don't just distribute movies, they make the movies. They are movie studios, though I don't know how much actual real estate and physical works they own anymore...they used to own huge "lots" where the movies were made. As far as starting your own you really think that you can compete with a company like FOX, which is now owned by ruthless billionaire Rupert Murdoch? He'd have you murdered before he'd compete with you.

why did fox news wait until a republican was attacked to report heavily on the violence?

I think you might be talking about Eric Cantor from Virginia, who reported a bullet fired through his office window. And the thing about that is, the Richmond police said that it was a stray bullet. So fox news thinks they have an instance of violence against a republican, but it's really just an accident. But to answer your question, fox news has a problem with calling many of these people what they are. Domestic Terrorists. These people are using threats of violence to get their way, but fox news insists on calling them "patriots". Just another reason they are fake news and not fox news.

Why was Mexico so safe during the Fox Administration but so dangerous now under Calderon?

Calderon decided to abandon a "go along, get along" attitude about the drug cartels. During Fox's administration, several of the drug cartel kingpins were arrested or killed. This created a vacuum at their leadership, which many underlings decided to take advantage of. So the internal strife began. Most of the violence has actually been between the drug cartels themselves... fighting for power, they are killing off each other. Calderon decided that it was time to intervene. This necesitated stepping up enforcement... which meant federal forces had to be involved since the cartels had infested many local government law enforcement agencies. In the battle between the cartel's infighting, one cartel would try to kill off cops and officials loyal to the other cartel. It demanded government attention, and Calderon obliged. It has not been easy. If Calderon had turned a blind eye and let the cartels run their business, there would be less violence. But since their internal warfare exploded into the public eye, it was time to do something. In many ways, Calderon's actions were extraordinarily brave. It is getting better. Most of the violence is in a few areas, particularly Cuidad Juarez, where no amount of attention seems to be helping since this is a main highway for drug trafficers to send their merchandise to the US. The bulk of Mexico lives in relative peace.

How much does Jeanne Zelasko make for her gig in the studio during Fox's MLB game of the week?

This won't help you much, but the answer probably is ... it depends. She probably gets paid by the appearance by Fox. Say she does 26 shows on the pregame shows, she might get six figures (or at least close to it) for that. Then she'd get extra money for other appearances. There's usually some sort of scale, with a certain number of shows needed to fulfill contractural obligations, with a clause written in for overtime. So I'd bet she's doing quite well.

What type of animal did the swift brown fox jump over?

It's a sentence that uses all the letters of the English alphabet and used to test key boards.

Is Fox so threatened by OWS that they have to constantly use disparaging language in reporting about it?

Fox News is owned by News Corporation. They would lose money if OWS accomplishes anything. That's why they try to discredit OWS every chance they get.

How much does it cost to board a horse at Fox Meadow Farms in Naperville IL?

Email Fox Meadow Farms: Email us at with your questions, suggestions, and concerns.

Where can i find a cheap necklace with a fox and a heart on it? and get this take the heart and put it on the fox necklace i highly doubt you will get both on one necklace to buy off the shelf

What anime show has a main character that is a fox spirit and loves a normal boy?

I think its Kanokon Kanokon's story revolves around Oyamada Kouta, a young first-year high school student who moves from the country to the city and thus transfers to Kunpō High School. On his first day at his new school, a second-year female student named Minamoto Chizuru asks him to meet her alone in the music room. When he arrives, she tries to seduce him - and reveals along the way that she's a fox deity. When Kouta decides to keep it a secret, she decides that he is her destined partner. From that day on, she never leaves him alone, nor will she skip a chance to practice anything ecchi with him - whether he likes it or not. But then a first year female student by the name of Nozomu arrives at Kouta's school, who, incidentally, also falls in love with Kouta. Kouta becomes much more involved in the world of deities, especially after Nozomu reveals that she is also a deity ...

How to care for a western fox snake?

I really don't mean to shovel you off to another site, but I highly suggest visiting and heading on into the forum section. They have a whole forum on fox snakes with regular experts visiting daily. More than likely you same question has been asked there a hundred times already, so you probably don't even have to ask it and just go ahead and look it up in the past questions.

How to go about buying the Star Fox franchise from Nintendo?

i agree that nintendo's direction of star fox is as down as a hill but this is riducluous how you want to but that at the very least a franchise would cost $200,000 at least unless your an rich class than don't do this and there going to make a game for 3ds of starfix so le that entertain you

What study has actually proved watching fox news makes you dumb?

You have to be dumb to start watching Fox news so no doesn't make you dumb it just makes you seem dumber.

How do people get past the fox blockade on Youtube?

Some of the Fox videos I see on there, Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama, are poorly made copies from video taping the actual TV screen. Maybe that will work??

What becomes of Fox McCloud and his team in the Star Fox series?

Well, if you've played the last game to come out, Star Fox Command, you'll know that there are multiple endings. *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* -The first one is Krystal leaves Star Fox to join with Star Wolf, leaving Fox an undeniable mess. -Another one is the team remains together and has Slippy's fiancee, Amanda, join the team. -One has Falco leaving the team to join up with Katt Monroe and Dash Bowman to start Star Falco. -One has Krystal joining with Star Wolf, only to be ridiculed, so she leaves and becomes a Bounty Hunter, changing her name to Kursed. -One has Fox disbanding the team to live a peaceful life with Krystal, raising a son named Marcus, who in turn starts up another Star Fox team with Slippy's son, Peppy's Granddaughter, and Falco, who is then acts as the new Peppy. -One has Andross' grandson, Dash Bowman, taking control of Planet Venom, only to have Venom and Corneria go into war with each other once again. -One has Fox moping about due to Star Wolf stealing his thunder, so he and Falco retire and become G-Zero pilots, a parody of the F-Zero games. (FALCON PAAAWNCH!!!! Show me ya moves! :D) -One has Slippy retiring from Star Fox to live with his new wife, Amanda, on Aquas. There he fathers a huge family, and grows old. He then reminisces about the good ol' days. -And the happiest ending (in my opinion) without the most changes has Team Star Fox (Fox, Slippy, and Falco) defeat the enemy, then goes back to Corneria to celebrate a huge party with their women, (Krystal, Katt, Amanda, and Lucy). Peppy goes off with his daughter, (Lucy) and together they reminisce about their wife and mother, Vivian Hare. Meanwhile, Fox apologizes to Krystal about being a tool, and she eventually agrees to rejoin the team. Easily the best ending, (in my opinion) because it is open ended, leaving the storyline open to more games, and it doesn't change the story. Team Star Fox is still together (Fox, Falco, Slippy, Krystal), nobody's dead, (yes, in the game, Fox's dad comes to help you and is a playable character) and you can keep going for more adventures, (Team Star Fox, we need your help! *Insert new bad guy name here* now threatens the Lylat System!) Hope this gave you closure. Enjoy.

How can I tell if my dog is a toy fox terrier or a rat terrier?

If you talk to the TFT club, they'd insist that these are two totally different breeds. Officially it's descended from the Smooth Coat Fox Terrier but if you look at that versus a Rattie, you can see which one it (TFT) more closely resembles in coloration, coat and appearance. In terms of appearances, the Ratties and TFT breeds look remarkably similar. And most rat terrier owners (who know dogs) would tell you that TFTs probably got their start from small versions of rat terriers. Here is what I can tell you from a discussion that just took place on a rat terrier list serv I belong to. A key contributor on this issue is a longtime breeder of both TFTs and rat terriers. 1. Rat Terriers have more of a "nose" meaning they're better trackers, better scent and field work ability. 2. Rat Terriers are thicker boned (and thus sturdier) than TFTs. As a result, a TFT will likely be 4-6 pounds while a toy rat terrier will usually not be that small. Maybe there are bigger TFTs but none of the ones I've seen have been the same size as a rattie. 3. TFTs tend to be a bit more likely to pick a fight with a larger dog--there's a bit of attitude there about "anything you can do, I can do better you big lug".

What is it like watching Fox News crush liberal propaganda outlets?

Nielsen September 2010 Nightly News Viewership averages (regardless of Network/Cable viewing – actual viewership audience): NBC's "Nightly News" topped the evening newscasts with 7.6 million viewers. ABC's "World News" was second with 6.9 million. "CBS Evening News" had 5.2 million. Fox News “Special Report” w/ Bret Baier – 2.05 million viewers. The Fox Report w/ Shep – 1.7 million viewers. According to a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, CNN has edged out Fox News as the nation's "most trusted" television news channel.

What will I become after watching fox news straight for 2 weeks?

Why do people always talk in extremes when they talk about Fox news. Why not just watch a couple hours a week and do something else. You can't impress Liberals they will insult you if you watch it a lot or just a little. I don't watch TV at all and they periodically have to make up that I do so as to insult me. It's no use trying to reason with these people. Don't waste your time with experiments.

How can I get a pet fox in the future, and how much will a license cost?

The kind of fox or foxes you probably have in mind are not good house pets. Red, silver, and arctic foxes are favorites, but will not fair well in an apartment or any reasonably sized house. Once you are older, and get on your feet, if you would still like a fox as a pet, I recommend a Fennec Fox. They do not give off the strong scents that other foxes do, and they are smallest and easiest to tame. If you have your heart set on a red fox, as long as your state legally allows it, just keep in mind that they are destructive, needy, and wild. They, like most foxes, spray a substance that smells skunk-like and have fine, bite-happy teeth. I suggest a large yard, and large, separate cages if you plan on breeding, as foxes are territorial. Remember cages need to have a top, since foxes can climb, a bottom, or be far enough in the ground to prevent them from digging out. Also, breeders are harder to find, and experienced ones even fewer. You are not likely to get much more than a 5th generation tamed red fox without a tremendous amount of effort, and a long waiting list. However, all foxes are extremely trainable and usually pretty tamable. While actual, biologist-bred 'tame foxes' are more like dogs and less like foxes than a Corgi, a human-trained fox can work out well for some people. Finally, on licenses... I've heard of small fur-bearing mammal licenses being as cheap as ten dollars, but price, availability, and legality change from state to state. I do know that Northernmost states are more lenient, but you should research Florida to find out your situation. I hope this works out for you!

Will fox urine really work to get rid of rats and or mice?

I don't think fox urine will deter mice or rats. There is a family of foxes living near my home in the woods, and we still see field mice and rats regularly outdoors. We use D-con to kill the ones that come inside in the winter time. Could be rats, squirrels, raccoons, etc. Try putting some rat poison up there. If you're still hearing the scratching sounds in a couple weeks, it's time to call an exterminator.

How is Fox able to have the most Conservative News program, yet also have the Most Liberal Shows?

Fox News and Fox Broadcasting are different networks run by different people. Both are owned by the same company (News Corp.), but they operate completely separately. The people at Fox Broadcasting don't particularly like the people at Fox News, and vice versa. Rupert Murdoch (the head of News Corp.) doesn't care about the feud because they are both making money.

How often do republicans and conservatives use fox as a source of their arguments?

fox-so-called news IS the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL STATE SAME in EGYPT..ONE SIDED AND PROPAGANDA FOR REPUBLICANS rush is the spokesman..he says jump they all do...he say FAIL, they all repeat it ...Mc Connell-r..after Rush was at C-PAC in 2009..I WANT HIM TO FAIL...THAT IS NUMBER GOAL THEIRSERS

How deep should a fox barrier be on a chicken coop?

I have chickens. I have a building with a 8 x 12 foot coop inside, with a small door(a piece of plywood on a rope than slides up and down to open and close it) to an outdoor run. The run is made from an old dog kennel(chain link fence). We have fox and coyote around here, and have never had anything try to dig under the fence. If you really are concerned about it, I would say two feet deep would be more than enough. The other option is just to be sure they are closed up inside each night. I do let the hens free range sometimes, and last summer I forgot to close them in at night, and they went out early the next morning and six were eaten by the coyotes!! We had some pheasant netting so we did cover the outside coop with it, but I am not sure that was really necessary either. Most people dont put anything over the tops of their runs around here(Minnesota, USA). Good luck, chickens are fun!!

What is the best fabric and process to make fake fox fur?

Well, you can buy faux fur fabric that looks a little like fox.

Why does the camera lighting and clarity of msnbc and cnn look so much better than fox news?

To make up for the lack of attractive women that Fox has

Why Does Fox news say liberal actors not to voice their political opinions, but should just stick to acting?

Please name the conservative ACTORS that are "regular paid contributors" (contributors, mind you, not correspondents!).. and also exactly which Fox News shows and hosts. It is best to PROVIDE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES when you make charges like this. But as a preliminary response regarding why libbie actors should shut up, I quote Abraham Lincoln, "Better to keep one's mouth SHUT and be THOUGHT a fool than to open one's mouth and REMOVE ALL DOUBT." 1. REPEAL the 16th Amendment!! 2. DISBAND The FED! 3. Republican since before she was born… and PROUD of it.

Why do people condemn Fox for being biased, do they think Fox is the only biased network?

Interesting conflict I would say; those that beat up on FOX as a conservative bastion of left wing haters while tuning in nightly to watch Olberman spew his brand of hate or watch Maddow reflect on the misgivings of George Bush. I have a tendency to believe there is good solid news reporting on some level at all network and cable channels. I personally don't mind the opinionated rantings as I see them mostly as entertainment, however I am me and only by listening to friends, family and co-workers does it hit home that these people really take it seriously when some one like Olberman or Hannity claim the Administration (which ever one they hate) is running capitalism into the ground, all the while most of us can go around the corner and get a Slurpee before the programs are even over. We are a stupid people at this time in our history. We listen and believe automatically. We deserve what we voted for along with our overinflated aspirations of being more than a social experiment. In fact if our system is put to the test much more we will no doubt have to change the rules of the game, if that happened we have no one to blame but ourselves

What is a fox with a pale pelt and acts very hyperactive?

Fennec (Desert Fox) search youtube for it, they are hyperactive lil guys

When is foxy the fox skelanimal going to be sold in plush form?

Timmay that is uncalled for. Idiot the skelanimals promote a good cause..."Don't kill animals for their skin." Your stereotyping just because they are sold mainly at Hot Topic. As for Foxy the Fox I'm not sure. I bet he will. Although there is a lot more they've added to the collection, I've noticed. My guess is they will make the more uncommon ones into a plush first. But..who knows! Let's just hope they make a fact let's protest that they do! Lol.

How long will it naturally take a mummified fox to decay and leave a skeleton?

My not-extensive experience is as follows. If it's mummified, then it's down to things that are now pretty resistant to decomposition. Basically, I'm guessing you have a skeleton held together by dried tendons, covered in some dried skin that may or may not have fur attached. My experience is that at this stage, just leaving it will work - if you don't mind taking a few more years! You could try a few things to speed that up. !) bury it, not too deep, in fairly dry soil. Having some aerobic soil bacteria speed up the work can be good. Don't bury in clayey soil, or water-saturated soil. The bones will dissolve! Not a great solution - bones can disappear, either through bacterial action or neighbor dogs finding a nasty-but-tasty chew-snack. Trust me, I've watched a neighbor's dog dig up and proudly carry off a rotting elk skull. And just try asking the owners for it back! You will NOT be invited to the neighborhood christmas party! 2) Purchase some dermestid beetles to finish cleaning the skeleton. A number of Companies sell them. They will chew the rest away. I haven't done this, but have considered it. One possible advantage (you should double check!) is that I think they often leave skeleton articulated, might make it easier for mounting. 3) I've had decent success throwing a pretty far along carcass (like what you have) into a tub of weak bleach solution and letting it sit for a week or so. You'll still have some bones to hand clean, and you better not be too averse to a somewhat grungy bucket o' decomposition. It's not too bad - nothing a person willing to pull mummified foxes out of a barn would mind, but you are forewarned. You end up with a pile of mostly cleaned bones at the bottom of the barrel. And note - as I learned the hard way, even a weak solution of bleach, when poured on your lawn, kills a big old patch of it dead for a long long time. So try to dispose of properly. Finally, you might get hands-on help or suggestions from teachers of vertebrate biology courses if you are near a college/university. Ask specific profs, esp ones that teach vertebrate biology - asking the front desk receptionist might get a freaked out response! Back when I did this sort of thing myself, several professors at both the local community college and the local university were pretty helpful and interested - especially when offered some of the skeletons to use in class! Although one was obviously disturbed. (Where did he think the skeletons he bought from the Biological Supply Company come from I wonder?)

Why is the White house trying to ban Fox from doing interviews ?

Like this is doing any harm to Fox News at all. In fact their ratings are going up. That Glenn Beck just slays me with his "Hot line to the White House" and last night to let it slip that someone was getting a new job??

How to make an artic fox out of recycleable materials, got ideas?

If you the newspaper and wire idea, you might use paper mache' can do homemade paper mache with flour and mix a bit of flour with water and it should be pretty runny but still have some substance to it. And then you rip the newspaper into strips and lay it over the top of the wire frame (which is like the skeleton of the fox)...something else that might help is blown up balloons for the structure...that would make it easier to lay the strips of soaked newspaper on. Once the paper mache has dried, you pop the balloons and pull them out, so the finished product would be pretty much all recycled. Another idea might be to use milk jugs...maybe use an empty milk jug that you cut with scissors to make a face and body and then you could affix the plastic with wire. I don't know how detailed the fox needs to be since she's only in 4th grade, but it seems like drawing an outline of a fox head on the milk jug and cutting it out, and then maybe adding 3d ears out of more of the milk jug might be plausible. Good luck! :)

Conservatives, why was it important for Fox news to establish the right to lie?

I hate FOX noise! I mean FOX lies.

What kind of fence should I get for my toy fox terrier?

You have come to the right place with this question!!! As a breeder of Toy Fox Terriers, I can attest to the fact that they can be quite industrious when it comes to 4 things: 1. digging, 2. climbing 3. chewing 4. getting into trouble!! Because I have so many TFTs (they plan their attacks better in groups) I have a well prepared prevention plan againt all of these problems, but I will only try to advise you on numbers 1 & 2...For my purposes, I have installed a 6' fence in my backyard which leads to their kennel area.price wise, it cost just as much to install a 6 footer as it did to install a 4 footer, so I figured, why not! (4 or 5 foot would do it, however) THE TRICK IS, to have the installers DIG A 1/2 TO A 1 FOOT TRENCH below the ground , all around where the fence is going to be placed & then replace the dirt back up over the bottom after the fencing & posts are in!! I anticipated ahead of time, that my guys would dig under the fence & before it was installed, I made sure the trenching part was in the written contract! As for's just too high & they don't even try! I do not advise an invisible fence, not for these guys, anyway; it can be just as expensive as chain link, maybe more, & not as effective ( I couldn't sleep at night with one of these in place but...) Forget about a wooden or cedar fence...they're chewers, remember!! Also, some of the wood is treated with certain poisons to protect the wood, but would be lethal to a dog... Please don't underestimate this breed & what they can be capable must use your best judgment when deciding about their safety & security...good luck & enjoy your lovely TFT!

How do we stop Fox News from dividing America with their fear mongering hate?

The only real way to stop Fox, is by bringing legal action and having their broadcast license suspended or revoked for Hate speech. I am sure some well paid lawyers could succeed. Beyond that........I stop them by not watching their filth and garbage. They sell false info and lies. Not interesting in buying, thanks. But I hear they do booming business among the teabagger crowds. what can ya do? Fools will be fools.

How do I prevent a fox from hunting my chickens?

If you have a proper wildlife proof pen foxes will not be a problem. Sounds like you need to make adjustments to your coop. If you don't..expect more chickens to be killed, as long as you are offering a free meal..wildlife will take it.

How do you feel about some at fox news suggestion that we should lower the minimum wage?

I did not see this opinion of Fox news, as I do not watch Fox, and it is because of the simplistically stupid opinions offered by them.

What is your opinions about your local fox station, why do you like fox and not the others?

I like my local Fox station. It does a good job. However, my opinion is that you should watch more than one station to get a balanced view and a good variety. So I would not recommend switching completely.

How can I prevent a fox from coming to my garden?

God forbid it damage the precious grass! Personally I would be quite happy to see a fox visiting my garden, it's natural wildlife. Most people get cats and dogs pooping in the borders or problems with rats and pigeons, why worry about a fox? It's more interesting to watch than a patch of grass.

How can conservatives claim Fox has integrity or presents a balance view?

Very easily thank you. The rest of your comments are little more than distortions and outright lies insofar as your claims against Fox go. Fox is biased, but they are also willing to present the views of the opposite side of the political aisle, something most of the others, especially MSNBC would never consider. In any event, thanks for the two points and the opportunity to respond to your immature accusations.