Im looking into buying an adult fox racing v1 undertow pink and black helmet. ?

My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question not even 5 days ago, but I couldn't find the answer. If it's possible, try getting help from someone with more knowledge/experience/expertise, like a professional if it's possible. This can be pretty important. I saw a forum with this online, but I didn't have time to read it all. Try checking it out. I want to help out more, but I'm not 100% sure about the answer. Sorry I'm not much help. I hope you found your answer! Good luck! W.

Where can I find stores with Fox Racing clothes and products in Dublin?

any pacsun store

What is the deal with all of the "fox racing" posers?

I really don't see the problem with other people who can go out just like everyone else and purchase a set of fox gear, doing so. Wearing the gear does not mean in any way that you can ride a motorbike or race successfully. It just means that you can afford to purchase it. This year my son has to wear fox as part of his sponsorship and I really couldn't care if others who cannot ride wear it or not. The test of being able to ride is when you actually throw your leg over the bike and do so. You will always have people who may even own a dirt bike and have no understanding of what is needed to be able to race at a high level, telling you that they are just as good. My son cops that at school quite often as those who have a clapped out dirt bike think that they could line up against him and win in a race. He could tell them that he was just 2nd in a National championship but why bother. Let them have their little fantasies. Everyone likes to think they are something they are not and the same goes with the bike gear. So just don't let it bother you what others choose to wear. The companies that make the brand gear for racing are in business to make money and I am sure they would rather sell their product to non racing people and make a good profit than not sell it. Joe Blow could go out tomorrow and purchase a complete top of the range racing bike just because he could afford it, but that doesn't mean he could actually ride it. You are only ever as good as your last race.

Where can I buy fox racing clothing for girls besides PacSun? Hope this helps Good luck!

Does anyone know the e-mail address of the Marketing Director or CEO of Fox racing or Kona Europe/UK?

they don't give that out contact by mail only..

Why in the world has Fox Racing become a Fashion? ?

What Is The Name Of This Game On Playstation? (A Fox Racing Simuler To Mario Racing)?

Sounds like Crash Team Racing. Like Mario Cart but it uses characters from Crash Bandicoot

where can i get a fox racing pillow? you can just about get anything on there mate

Is there a difference in the Fox shocks/racing logo for mountain bikes and motor sports?

You don't see the tail as much in cycling, usually just on the Fox name, but both logos are ubiquitous.

where can i find infant and toddler fox racing clothes?

Do a search on Google!

Anyone know where I can find the Fox Racing logo with a bow? It's what me and all my fellow designer's use when in need of a trademarked logo... Careful with it though, they're big on NOT allowing infringement...but they're also FREE!!!...

Is it ok to wear nike shorts fox racing shirt 2 nike rubber bracelets to get job applications at local stores?

if you're filling out applications it's likely that the manager you hand it into will remember you during the interview. so try to be presentable, at all stages of the application process. you dont have to be dressed up to fill out applications, just wear things like clean and neat jeans and shirts. wear slacks/nice shirt for the interview, unless you're applying to a clothing store, in which case you need to be able to showcase your personal style and you may not need to dress up as much.

Where to buy a Fox Racing graphic kit for a 2009 Honda crf 250r? ?

you can go to any website that sells graphics and make your own custom ones

Where can I get a cute Fox racing tote bag for school?


Where could I find a picture of a Fox racing head sticker that has flames coming of the sides of the head?

You can upload images and mix and match with the art at If you don't like their flames you can just grab some off the internet and upload them, arrange it how you like it.

What store can I buy Fox Racing sunglasses?

Pac Sun might have them.. they sell Fox Racing clothes, so you could try there!

Is the Fox Racing emblem strangely similar to the Hartford Whalers emblem?

No. I see a clear difference between the Fox Racing logo and the logo of that team that Kevin Smith called "a bunch of fuckin' faggots" in one of his movies.

What kind of resume do you have to have when wanting to be sponsored by Fox Racing?

A Race Resume. They want to see that you can win before they give you their money.

Does anyone know where I can find a specific Fox Racing hoodie?


Where can I find fox racing clothing for infants? This is not exactly what you asked for but still at least new. This is a ebay seller in the uk and they have many different items for racing babies and at present have a monster energy suit which looks great. Worth a look anyway.

what is the best fox racing gear?

360 definitely

Does anyone know where i can find Fox Racing t-shirts for my 2 year old?

you can find these shirts from over here The Mountain Men's Breakthrough Wolf Short Sleeve Tee cotton 100% Cotton Exceptional artwork on a tee shirt Comfortable, and durable

Anywone know where to find Fox Racing baby bag, bedding, etc?

asking here is not going to help you

Can someone create me a fox racing wifi logo for my ipod?

who'd do that for free?

Do the Fox Racing hoodies still have a cell phone pocket inside main pocket?

How much it cost?a new fox racing 40 fork and a new fox racing dhx 5.0 rear shock?

40 fork is usually $1200+, dhx 5.0 $400

I need to find a Fox Racing belly ring?

like these?

fox racing key chain where are they sold?

Where can i find a fox racing logo background for my droid eris?

Here: You didn't specify your screen's resolution. Like any other desktop or screen background, there is a native pixel width and height. Anything wider that that resolution will be squashed into the screen space.

Do they make fox racing seat covers for a car?

Fox would be pretty expensive! The natives where I live make fox mittens and hats, which run a good $250 each. I can only imagine was a seat cover would cost!

Where can I get a huge FOX Racing decal?

take a sample online and carry it to a graphics shop and let them cut it out for you.

Where can I find Fox racing clothes?

Try XLR8 i know they sell Fox

What store to buy fox racing stuff?

Really, there is no other place better to buy fox clothing, go to and shop for fox clothing, because not only when you register with them, but you get clothes, there is always sales going on only at the website, you get more of a selection online than in the stores. I bought a pair of the Fox Overload Deluxe shoes, and they weren't even in the stores. Plus when you register to their site, you get all their catalogs of new clothing and occasionally you get their seasonal book which had over 200 pages full of gear and clothes. I would do the online way, plus they ship really fast too and it's quality shipping, perfect shipping labels, perfect wrapping, perfect condition, and you get perfect satisfaction.

Does anyone know where to find a size chart for Fox Racing Pee Wee gear?

I would go with the same size pant as your 2 1/2 year olds jeans size. usually they fit the same around the waist. the length of the leg will be shorter than his legs because the boot will cover that part. So try 4t/5t. tucking in the shirt as well as the protective gear under the pants should help fill out the pant. Good luck.

Where can I find some fox racing decor like the promo things racing stores and Pac Sun have?

Most people who produce stickers can make very large things like the fox head if you ask for them. I have just had some done about 1metre x 1 metre to go on the side of my sons van. I don't know just where in the world you are so you should look up companies in your country that produce stickers. One such company that we have in Australia is called stickerman, but whether that is only an Australian thing I don't know.

Where is the best online website to purchase Fox racing apparals?

According to Fox Racing, there are 3 stores in Singapore: Profile Asia No. 139 Jalan Besar #01-01, Singapore 208857 Singapore ph: (65) 6296-8639 fax: (65) 6296-9128 email: Motocross/Bike/Clothing Sportsbilt PTE. LTD 10, Ubi Crescent, #03-93 Ubi Techpark Singapore 408564 Singapore ph: 65-67495505 fax: 65-67495525 email: Bike Boon Bike Supply/ used to be Soon Watt 488 Changi Road Singapore 419898 Singapore ph: 65-6242-8488/65-6445-4755 fax: 65-6243-8488 email:

What Size Fox Racing Pants For My Son?

They then go to adult 28 but be careful purchasing as even the shops get it mucked up between the two. If you are purchasing online be very specific that you want the adult 28 as it is a stupid way to size them with two size 28's as it does cause confusion.

Does anyone know any good websites for Fox racing gear?

You're a f**king idiot. First, no one is going to answer you when you are a dick like that, unless they have no soul. Second, are you retarded? Is it that hard nowadays to type in two words or even one to get a site. You're pathetic.

I need help finding a fox racing cover for my blackberry curve!?

I don't know of any sites, but I did come across this one on eBay... Hope this helps!

Do they make a fox racing case for the iPhone 3g?

I looked and I couldnt find anything but why dont you get a case like this: and put some fox racing stickers on it: just get matching stickers and case and it will look cute!

Where can i find cheap fox racing shirts?

Where can i find skater and Fox Racing clothes for kids?

I always find this stuff at Ross and Marshalls.

Can you replace the stock spring/shock on a mountain bike to a Fox Racing shock?

as long as it is the same length they theoretically yes you can but if you have a dept store branded bike than i would NOT suggest it at all!

What are Brands are related to Fox Racing?

Well for everyday clothes... I don't know but, if you race, lets say dirt bikes, maybe, maybe not but, if you do another great brand is Thor although I don't think that they sell everyday clothes.

About how much would it cost to rebuild a set of Fox Racing shocks for a mountain bike?

A Fox anything should only be serviced by an authorized Fox dealer or by Fox themselves! You as the end consumer should not do it yourself or you run the risk of VOIDING any and all warranties!

is there any where i can buy fox racing clothes for infants?

Well i just googled it and had no luck :( They only sell things in kids sizes. At my baby shower my dad had bought my son a ATV Yamaha romper, he bought it at a local ATV/Dirtbike dealer. I have never seen anything like that sold in a regular children's store, you would have to find something online.

Where can I find a Fox Racing drawstring bag?

Loads of Fox bags on this site: Also, Fox has them reduced on there own site :

Where can i find a fox racing belly button ring?

i looked all over for a fox racing belly button ring and a nautical star belly button ring and i cant find them anywhere... even in the fox catalog!

Where can I buy a FOX Racing sweatshirt?

Pac Sun if you have a store in your town that makes them (like mine) you can get them there and they are extremley cheap in my town :)

fox racing!!!!?