how come a female on welfare doesn't get put in prison for not paying for her kids?

what can be done for kids who are raised to rely on the system?

Yes. Real world classes that teaches where all that "free" stuff comes from. Also, we need to inform teens that having babies does not mean they deserve a free ride.

How come Indonesia has the Dealth Penalty for marijuana possession, yet kids can smoke cigarettes over there?

Why do Republicans not have Hearts for the planet and there kids and their future?

Republicans tend to be very concerned about individual and state rights. So, if a law were to ban oil rigging, for example, because it is so bad for the environment, Republicans would say that the law infringes on the right of oil companies to have and manage their business. I completely agree with you that that point of view has many negative impacts on society as a whole. But that is their point of view.

Now that Halloween is over, was it a lesson for the kids in begging or getting something for nothing?

Is the Youth in Government club good for kids trying to get into a Military Academy?

What are some good portable game devices for kids 6 years or older?

my nice needs a chat room for kids.under the age of 9 and 12.?

why do you need to? go outside. play. don't be cooped up inside besides you aren't old enough to understand if someone is who they say you are. and for all of us who are answering this question, you could be a 43 year old over weight paedophile looking for some kids sorry darling, but i think you should go play soccer or play with barbie for a few more years.

What candy (or other miscellaneous items) do you give the kids for Halloween?

what are those people called when there outside watching out for the kids playing outside?

The Neighborhood Block Watch. Or, do you mean a Safety Patrol?