Can I get football scores sent to my phone?

You only think that is what you want. My son fixed my phone a few years back to get updates on Saints and LSU games. That got old real quick.

How do you get football scores sent to your phone for free

It is always better to follow the espn site........

What were the football scores for the past ten years between Purdue University and Notre Dame?

1997: Purdue 28 ND 17 1998: ND 31 Purdue 30 1999: Purdue 28 ND 23 2000: ND 23 Purdue 21 2001: ND 24 Purdue 18 2002: ND 24 Purdue 17 2003: Purdue 23 ND 10 2004: Purdue 41 ND 16 2005: ND 49 Purdue 28 2006: ND 35 Purdue 21 ND leads 6-4 over that timespan

is there any websites to check high school football scores?

You should check out the website for your LOCAL news channel. Scores are usually located there (in the sports tab).

where can i download a football score centre to my desktop so il get scores from every game instantly?

if you have windows vista you should be to do this with no problem, but if you havnt go onto google and type in score centres for my desktop or just watch skysports live online tht always works cuz i always do it

Need an application for live football scores for java mobile?

Download Snaptu it is the best app for scores,social network and many more.

Best place to watch the football scores in London?

The Partridge in Bromley High Street is a great place with large plasma screens and a great atmosphere. A Fullers pub and a nice place with a good choice of beers-London Pride is the best. They also sell nice sandwiches, bangers & mash, chips etc to enjoy while listening for football scores.

Best place to find latest football scores on a mobile phone via the net?

bbc news on great for mobile phones!!

What are some of the least likely or impossible football scores?

2-0, 2-2

Football scores????????

34 to 23.