in NHL 12, why are the Florida Panthers jerseys so messed up?

This could be the site problem... I recommend you to restart the game or get the new one... Good luck!

What are the "Florida panthers"(the animal) predator or enemies?

No natural predators. While alligators may snap one up here and there, they aren't on the reptile's regular menu. Humans are the greatest threat to the Florida panther population. Habitat encroachment, feline leukemia from feral domesticated cats, road kill, and accidental shootings from hunters have caused this animal population to become critically endangered.

Do you think Luongo is having Florida Panthers deja vu now starting on an Olympic team that can't score?

I think Luongo was given the nod to appease the Canucks fans, and to settle the indigestion of those who think the goalie has to make up for all the skaters who can't put more pucks into the other teams net. Less sane, eh? A user on his first account being called insane by someone on their fifth account. At least you're qualified....

why are the florida panthers interested in niemi?

Niemi won $2.75 mm in arbitration which is a lot of money for a goalie to whom you are paying more for the name than his actual talent. I believe it was Bob who posted a statement earlier on a question I asked about Niemi and he said that there are to many goalies for to little of teams. The only teams that in the article that I think are somewhat interested in Niemi is Washington (if Neuvirth isn't ready) but he wouldn't even be a full-time starter their because Washington want's to put their trust in Simeon Varlamov but Washington is suited for a Stanley Cup run now and Antti Niemi has the title of Stanley Cup Winning Goalie next to his name so that might draw some attention to him considering the fact that Varlamov seemingly can't get it done against the number seven seeded Habs nor could he help the Caps succumb the Pens the year prior. As for the Panthers being interested makes no sense to me, they have the top goalie prospect in Jacob Markstrom who is NHL ready and they have Thomas Vokoun who some can make the argument that he is a top ten goalie. I see nothing in Niemi that would attract the Cats into signing him especially with a hefty contract for getting so little production out of him when you would have Vokoun. The Carter for Vokoun trade will never happen, the Flyers have already declined that trade once, I see no reason to why they would accept it this time. Maybe if the Cats were generous and traded Markstrom instead of Vokoun I would 100% guarantee that Carter would be halfway to Florida and searching online for a new home in Sunrise.

Is the Florida Panthers stadium far away from Miami, I mean downtown?

The Bank Atlantic Center is in Sunrise (right next to the Sawgrass Mills mall-if u know where that is) so I'd say its pretty far, about 45 min or maybe an hour if ur coming from downtown. I go to a ton of panther games and i perfer sitting in the upper deck, as it has a FANTASTIC view for an inexpensive price. Generally the games aren't crowded (since we have a weak fan base =(, so u can get blue line upper deck seats at the last minute, some times even center ice.

Can the Florida Panthers make the playoffs next year?

Yes, Go CATS!!!

When will the Florida Panthers organization hire a commentator who speaks Spanish so they can sellin out games?

Panthers were the first team to have a game broadcast in spanish. This happened in their inagural game. It was broadcasted by Arley Londono and Manolo Alvarez. ps Meerkat: does the name Al Montoya ring a bell ?

What hotel do the visiting teams stay at when they play the florida panthers?

i can only geuss on this one kay? the bankatlantic center is at the edge of sunrise were it turns into the everglades, idk if u have ever been there but right across the street from it are these 2 huge sky scraper hotels and some apartments, i assume a couple fla players live in the appartments while the visiting team may want to stay in one of those fancy twin hotels...i sure do they look VERY nice

How will the might Sergei Samsonov do with the Florida Panthers?

Sergei Samsonov is a good pick up for the Panthers. His agility and quick decision making skills will work well with the otherwise bigger Panther squad. Florida has been underachieving for years now. In my opinion, they have the skill, they just need the heart. Hopefully Sergei can help bring that.

How many Florida panthers are left now?

The number of living Florida panthers in the wild is estimated to be roughly 80. I'm not sure about captivity. Quote FWS: "Today, the Florida panther presently occupies less than 5 percent of its historic range. The only breeding population today is located in south Florida, where roughly 80 panthers remain in the wild." The two highest causes of mortality for the Florida panthers are automobile deaths/injuries and aggression between panthers for territory.

Who is the best fit for the Florida Panthers vacant head coach position?

I'd like to see them go after someone that can seperate themselves from Martin. If Carolina dumps Laviolette, if SJ dumps Wilson, or Dallas Tippett etc. As it is with Martin as GM, he will probably hire someone he can control. Probably someone like Cunneyworth from the Panthers AHL affiliate or one of the current assistants. Two darkhorses that have ties to Martin are Hartley and Muckler. Cohen, the owner, should hire one of the older players to come back in a role that Nieuewendyk just had. But in a bigger capacity, that's why Nieuwy left actually. He was expecting a bigger role.

What is your opinion on the Florida Panthers & there playoffs chance?

I equate the Panthers to the Bruins of last year, a team that was written off at the beggining but is managing to hang around the playoff brackets, They are young, have some solid blueliners (jay and McCabe, Boyton and Ballard) Horton, Booth, Frolick, Stewart etc are good young talent, and guys like Zednik help provide leadership and consitancy. Their goaltendding has been great, Thomas has been great lately and when he was slumping Anderson was there to pick up the slack. They are red hot right now and show no sings of slowing up, I dont think they trade Jay and I think they go into the playoffs at the 7 spot facing the caps/devils in the first round. They are capable of causing fits for teams and if they keep there play up I see them making a run in the first round, not neccesarily wining the round but pushing 6 to 7 games in the seris, which could help wear out the caps/devils similiar to the bruins pushing game 7 against the Habs last year, wearing them out for the flyers to come in and knock them out. FLA is on the rise, I really like the team and see a good future for that team, its sad there isn't a bigger market down there, I really wish people down there would pay attention and realize how great hockey is.

Are the Florida Panthers really running away with the division?

They haven't run away with it yet. The fact that they have done this well is surprising, but they are not Cup contenders yet, not even close. If they clinch a playoff spot, that will certainly be an accomplishment for them.

Why aren't the Florida Panthers going to the '08-'09 playoffs?

NHL Tie Breakers If two teams are tied at the end of the regular season, the NHL tie-breaker system goes as follows: 1) Greater number of games won during the entire season 2) Greater number points earned in the season series between the tied clubs 3) The greater differential between goals for and goals against for the entire regular season.

Do Florida Panthers fans exist or are they just a myth?

I agree. They are an endangered species... and because of it I can't take the panthers seriously. (that and their lack of star-caliber players, randomly colored jerseys and almost never making it to the playoffs)

What are the chances of the florida panthers making the playoffs?

Not good if teams like the Flyers and Bruins keep playing in these 3 point games.

How long will it take Columbus Blue Jackets and Florida Panthers to have a good winning season?

You have to build your team up with drafting and trades, so it usually takes a while. I would guess that they'll be successful when they're about a dozen years old or so, at the youngest. FLA is nearly there though... CBJ not so much.

Can the Florida Panthers and other "surprise" teams make the playoffs this year?

Florida Panthers - They can make it if they win the Southeast, but I think the competition in the Atlantic will claim 4 of 8 spots. Two more go to Division Winners in the Atlantic and the Southeast. That's 6 of 8 spots. They might sneak in as the 8 seed, but their best chance is to get past an inconsistent Washington team. Ottawa Senators - I'm selling on the Senators. They've played the most games in the NHL, so every team below them has 2 or 3 extra games to close in. Ottawa will need some help, but I'm not convinced they can hold off the teams below them. New Jersey Devils - The Devils will make it. While I don't think they're real contenders to win the East, the duo of Parise and Kovalchuk will get New Jersey in the playoffs. They didn't have to make a ridiculous comeback run this year, so the team is well positioned to make it this year. Toronto Maple Leafs - I think their offense will get them in. The Kessel and Lupul pairing is dynamic this year, and their getting good enough goaltending. I think Toronto gets the 8th seed in the East. Winnipeg Jets - I have Winnipeg finishing at 10. Like Ottawa, they give up games in hand, so teams ahead of them can put some distance between themselves and the Jets. St. Louis Blues - They will make the playoffs. They are still challenging for the Central Division crown. The Blues have 3 games in hand against Detroit, so the division is still wide open. Minnesota Wild - They'll miss the playoffs. The hot start has kept the Wild in the picture, but the inconsistent play and lack of offense will doom the Wild. I can't see the 3rd worst offense supporting the Wild enough to get in.

What happen to the florida panthers offense?

They have too many Blackhawks cast aways.

Where to meet Florida Panthers players before/after a game?

Go down to ice level during warm-ups about 30-45 minutes before the game. The best spot is the tunnel where the players come out. Not sure about the panthers, but I know many players from the flames give autographs at that time so you can try.

what are the current Florida Panthers lines since the trade deadline?

i THINK this is it probably slightly off expect these lines to switch up a bit due to the amount of players called up and unknowing chemistry matchups btw i didnt care for getting the wings on the right side, so the lefts and rights are all messed up lol booth-weiss-frolik stillman-reinprecht-bitz olesz-kreps-dvorak tarnasky-matthias-campbell ballard-allen mccabe-kulikov? garrison-ellerby

Should the Florida Panthers be happy their not in the Atlantic East division?

Why are the Florida Panthers Hockey team loosing all the time?

I will tell you why: It is because they deliberately "tank" each year in hopes of getting a top pick and expecting that draft pick to turn into a franchise player. That is the problem with going that route, it is a very dangerous game to play, because there is no guarantee that draft pick will turn out. They are not going about fixing their team the right way, which is a) smart rdrafting b) free agency c) making trades that benefit their team. Until they get over this notion of top first round picks, they will forever be in a losing spiral. No, they do not have any "good" players, there only "good" player is Weiss, who really is nothing more then a 2nd line centre, and Vokoun who while is a great goalie, will likely leave come July 1st.

Do you think Erik Gudbranson will play for the Florida Panthers, or the Kingston Frontenacs this year?

Kingston, they really dont want to rush him and this will be a crucial year of development you have to remember that jonathon toews (also 3rd overrall) was selected by Dale Tallon (now in florida) and he spent extra (2 years i believe) developement time Take it from a panthers fan, it would probably be a bad idea

Do the Florida Panthers legitimately have a shot in the playoffs?

I certainly think they have a shot but I think no matter who they play, they are the underdog. Even if they hold on to the division and end up 3rd it is likely they would play Philadelphia, Ottawa, NJ, or Washington. These teams will be tough opponents for them.

How good will the Florida Panthers be next season?

As a panther fan I hope they are alot better hopefully 40-50 wins and sneak into the playoffs. Upshall = B Proven 20+ goal scorer and on a team such as Columbus Kopecky = B- a tad high in salary in my opinion Fleischmann = B+ Very good pick up 23 goals 2 seasons ago going into his prime Goc = C haven't really seen him play I would pefer Reasoner Berginheim = B A good playoff series hopefully can continue that into next season Jovnaovski = B Good leadership for Gudbranson (ect) and a cap hit of 4.125 mil a season for 4 years. Jose Theodore = B Probably the going to be the No 1 goalie for us hopefully recapture his MVP form.

What is the papa johns pizza package for the florida panthers?

i got this, it was a great deal really, last year though, we just chose the game idk what your problem is, kinda vague so idk what you mean explain more please and im sure i can help

Your opinions on the Florida Panthers and their future with Olli Jokinen?

OK fellow Panthers fan here. All you all that are saying Olli deserves better. The Panthers have been in contention for the post season the past three years all right into the last weeks of the season. And Olli is a lazy player for the most part. He plays in spurts. He can produce his numbers tell that. But if he played consistently like that all game, every game, His numbers would be through the roof. He will be gone on Draft day and Will command a good price. But he does have issues with his play and the new team will have to deal with that.I wish him well, but his welcome here is in Florida is for the most part over.We need draft picks and new blood on the team. It is time for change

Do you agree with the Florida Panthers firing head coach Peter Deboer?

yes i do and you do have a great GM in Tallon he does know talent and i could see one of the BlackHawks assistants go and take the Head coach job in Florida and give him some time and they will be in the playoffs again and Florida will take another of our BlackHawk coaches and even a player or 2 from the minors

When do single game tickets for the Florida Panthers go on sale?

NHL Florida Panthers official website:

Do you think Florida Panthers will change the name to Miami?

They are in Sunrise, FL, not Miami. I am very doubtful that they'd ever change the name.

Who is the best player on the Florida panthers?

BEST FORWARD: Nathan Horton BEST DEFENCEMEN: Bryan McCabe However, the best player on the Panthers is the goaltender, Tomas Vokoun. He's had a ton of stuff to deal like the stick to the head by his own teammate, but, he's remained very consistent.

If the Florida Panther goes extinct, do you think the Florida Panthers will change their name?

Extinct or not they will stay in South Florida and stay the Panthers.

How come the New York Rangers made the playoffs over the Florida Panthers?

You mean the Montreal Canadiens. It's because of the second tie breaker, the season series... Oct 20 -- Montreal 3 Florida 1 Dec 29 -- Montreal 5 Florida 2 Jan 4 -- Montreal 6 Florida 5 (SO) Jan 29 -- Florida 5 Montreal 1 * Montreal wins tie break by earning 6 points to 3 points in season series

Who are the Florida Panthers going to choose as their next captain?

As a Panther fan I have heard that Nathan Horton and Steven Weiss are both in line to wear the C . I think they are waiting for a few games under the season to have the players vote on the captain . Right now they are staying with the three A's

A conservation organization releases 25 Florida panthers into a game preserve. After 2 years, there are 39?

How are the Florida Panthers gonna do this year?

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on following your hometown team. It's so easy for people to jump on bandwagons of the "good" teams even if they're from different states....Growing up I remember quite a few bandwagoners... Florida is looking like they're trying to build up a team, but they need the support of you the fans, because the more fans they bring in, the more money they have, the more money the better players they can afford, better players means a better shot at winning the championship. I think Florida has the possibility to be a pretty solid team in a few years, keep cheering.

Who is the best Florida panthers player?

The Florida Panthers do not have a great goal scorer like Ovechkin. Their best player is their goaltender, Tomas Vokoun. In the last 2 seasons, he's had a save percentage of .925 and .926 on a non-Stanley Cup team. Seeing as you don't seem to be a hugely knowledgable hockey fan, those are really good save percentages. His .925 save percentage was 3rd in the league this year, while his team finished in 2nd to last place in the Eastern Conference. With the 3rd pick in this year's draft, they should pick up either Gudbranson or Fowler, two good defensemen, and so they should get some better defense in front of Vokoun, and maybe some more goals.

Do you think the Florida panthers ice hockey team should be relocated, because of little fans?

Dude you are a moron. The team hasn't made the playoffs in 12 years, in a non-trad hockey market and still are 20-21st in attendance in the last 3years. That means 1/3 of the league draws worse than the team with the longest playoff drought. And they have a beautiful building only 10 years old. Get out of here! Go Cats!

How many more Florida panthers are there - in the wild & captivity?

"How many panthers are left in the wild? The current estimated population of Florida Panthers in the wild is 50 to 70. These numbers are up (from 30 to 50 in 1995) due to the success of the Genetic Restoration Program in south Florida. This population increase is good news, however the panthers still face an uncertain future because of habitat loss. Reintroduction into appropriate portions of their historic range of the southeastern United States remains an important part of the recovery process and is essential to prevent the extinction of the species. " "As an endangered subspecies the only Puma concolor coryi (Florida Panther) kept in captivity are those in rehabilitation or in breeding programs as authorized by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. There are a number of family lines that are purported to be of the sub-species stock and “owned” by private breeders. The most noted of these are Piper stock cats, the one hundred plus animals that have been bred off of the seven that were purchased from a roadside exhibit in Immokalee, FL, in 1941." I got to pet a captive one once and get my picture taken with it. Beautiful animal!!

Do you think Dale Tallon will make Florida Panthers a hot shot cup contender?

It looks like he's trying to. He has now acquired Brian Campbell and Tomas Kopecky. With all of the available cap space, Dale Tallon can sign ANYONE he wants.

florida panthers?

They are a big tough team that can skate. If they can get goaltending then they will be tough.

Will the Florida Panthers or Tampa Bay Lightning ever play in an NHL Winter Classic?

Your question is not dumb at all. It's obvious that neither team could host a Winter Classic, given weather conditions in Florida, but I could see a Tampa/Washington matchup. Or even a Tampa/Boston matchup. If the team management is willing, there's no reason they couldn't particpate--but of course as a visiting team. The Pens and Flyers have already played in more than one WC, so I'd like to see other teams get a chance first. It would be neat to have more Western Conference teams participate.

Will the Florida Panthers make it to the playoffs this year?

there just barely hanging on. they gonna have to do better to advance cause theres quite some competition for the playoff spot from boston, philly, and ottawa. they need to up there points

How much is my Florida Panthers stock worth?

The Florida Panthers Holding, Inc. just changed their name to Boca Resorts, Inc. on 9/28/99 and were subsequently sold to the Blackstone Group on on 12/13/2004 for $24 cash per share. If your shares were not redeemed at that time, then they are worth $24 times the number of shares you own. As to the value of the old stock certificate itself, it is worth what a collector will pay for it. I found a dealer offering it for $250, but I do not believe they will get that much for it.

Should the Florida Panthers relocate like how the Atlanta Thrashers did?

Yes. A sad, but true fact is that there are teams that must rely on creating a bandwagon to fill the stands. If a team faces heavy losses year after year, then it's time to move if they can't turn things around.

Why do the florida panthers still have a playoff spot?

Winnipeg played 5 more games than Florida. Therefore, Florida is higher in the standings based on tiebreaker rules.

Florida panthers are they coming back in the wild?

With only 80 to 100 panthers still remain in Florida, they become one of the most rare and endangered mammals in the world. Many of the remaining panthers live in or near Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park. The National Park Service is cooperating with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Florida Department of Natural Resources, and other organizations to try to bring about recovery of the Florida panther. Efforts are centered on research, captive breeding, and public education. Radio-collaring of several panthers has shown what areas and habitat types they use. Other studies have identified the principal prey -- white-tailed deer. Publicity has made the public more aware of the panther's plight and alerted people to watch out for them on the highway. But with the numbers so low and suitable habitat in south Florida so restricted, captive breeding and reestablishment in other areas will be crucial for turning the population decline around. SAVE THE SPECIES, SAVE THE PLANET ^_^

Are the Florida Panthers the most boring franchise in the NHL?

Ok, the Panthers are located in Miami. the Lightning are located in the Tampa Bay. They are not the same city. I don't agree with states having more than one team, but Florida does have a large population. The Panthers are currently boring, but as LITY had pointed out not too long ago they are putting together a squad of young talent to prepare for the future. You can't move a team to Wisconsin. The Blackhawks have that area locked up. The NHL won't do it, and can't do it under the agreement that they have. Wisconsin does have minor league and college hockey. But I wouldn't call it a "hockey state". They really live for the Packers there. It's a massive football state. You mean to tell me you wouldn't play for a hockey team? Seriously? I don't care what team it is. I'd play for anyone any time. As long as you're getting paid and having a good time. Plus you'd be in Miami,,,surf, sun, fun, beach, bikinis,,,I'd play there in a heartbeat!!! Do they have fans? Yes, they do. Even the WHA wanted a team there back in 1972 (Miami Screaming Eagles). It just never got off the ground. they wanted them to play in shopping malls wearing short sleeved sweaters. Florida is one of the most (if not the most) traveled to states of them all. Everyone retires down there. It works. Just like what player/coach Reggie Dunlop said in Slapshot. They want their own team. The only thing I don't like about the Panthers is their name and uniform. I wish the name reflected a more Floridian name. And the colors should be more Floridian. It would work. Plus the logo sucks too. Give the panthers some time. They might be what they were in the mid 1990's when they went to the Stanley cup finals.

Florida Panthers?

They need to acquire a young goaltender to hand the reins over to when Eddie Belfour decides to call it a career; either that or sign/trade for someone that is in a less than desireable position. Maybe someone like J.S. Giguere, Chris Mason or Vesa Toskala(the latter two if their contracts are up for their current teams) would be perfect. Other than that, they could use a good forward or two to give them more punch up front...everybody's saying that Olli Jokinen can't do it all by himself(and I agree), but Nathan Horton had 31 goals and is starting to look promising. Another good forward or two, especially a winger, and the Panthers are set. One could argue that the Panthers have a good enough team as it is, and I would agree. They could've made the playoffs with the team they've got right now if they would've won half the games they lost in OT, and they lost 16. Eight points may not seem like that much...but for the Panthers, it was the difference between facing the Thrashers in the first round and packing it up for the summer.