Where the Hell is Flight 93 and the plane that crashed into the Pentagon?

The official story regarding the plane that crashed into the Pentagon is that it was totally consumed by burning fuel and left no wreckage. One of the many things that happened 9/11/2001 that had never happened before or since. What really mystifies me though is how many dismiss the notion that their was some government involvement in what transpired on 9/11 without even considering an alternative scenario other than the one the government has given.

How many of you know the names of the Heroes of Flight 93? How can I donate to an official memorial?

National Park Service (NPS dot-gov) maintains a website with informative data -- If you are interested in helping to support the development of the Flight 93 National Memorial visit www.honorflight93.org or write to: The Flight 93 National Memorial Capital Campaign c/o The National Park Foundation 1201 Eye Street NW, Suite 550B Washington, DC 20005 or call: 202.354.6488 and ask for the Flight 93 Capital Campaign Manager

Many of my friends are saying that wreckage from flight 93 were never found?

Your friends are incorrect. Here are a whole bunch of pictures: http://images.google.ca/images?hl=en&source=hp&biw=1120&bih=521&q=flight+93+debris&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=g2&aql=&oq= And, no, it was 19 Muslims that hijacked the planes.

What is a good summarization video of flight 93?


What is the model of the plane that was used by "flight 93" at 9/11 day?

The plane was a Boeing 757-222

Where can I go to hear the passenger tapes from flight 93?

Black box recordings are usually not released to the public. They are meant for investigation, and not for entertainment.

How were people on Flight 93 on 9/11 able to use their cell phones?

Airlines at the time had air-phones for calling and you have to keep in mind an airplane doesn't block cell phone signals. cell phones will look for the nearest available cell tower for a signal so they do work on planes technically but when u are 35,000 feet up traveling at 500 miles per hour it can be a little difficult to find a tower. Flight 93 was nowhere near 35,000 feet up and was flying only about 200 miles an hour so cell phones would be able to pick up a signal

What is the difference between the movies Flight 93 and United 93?

One sucked and one was pretty good. The made for tv one was horrible, IMO. The one that was released in theaters was pretty good. As a former airline pilot, I was impressed with how it was done. You could actually believe that the flight attendants and pilots were really airline crew. I didn't get that same feeling from the TV movie. I don't remember which one is which though.

Watching Flight 93 and am wondering if a cell phone can be used at a planes altitude?

OK people, if you don't know anything about a subject, please don't answer. Cell phones only work in jetliners if they are low to the ground, below about 8,000 feet. Just because you are up at 37,000 feet and within sight of 1000 cell towers, you will never get a signal. The metal of the plane will block the signal. As for flight 11 being scheduled, there doesn't seem to be any debate whether it slammed into the WTC.

flight 93?

Yes they found it immediately after the crash. Actually there were people who witnessed the crash. I have gone there twice to the Flight 93 Memorial. It is located in southwest Pennsylvania, near Somerset. HEre are a couple of web sites about it: