How do flight taxes work from USA to Europe and why do they change depending on location?

Some taxes are imposed by the airport operator-- and as such they will very from airport to airport.. Others however are national taxes and are the same regardless of where (within the same country) you depart. With international tickets you also have to remember that there are two sets of taxes: DEPARTURE as well as ARRIVAL taxes.. For example, on a UK-USA ticket, the UK government imposes departure taxes as well as taxes set by the UK airport operator. The US government also imposes taxes on all passengers arriving into the US to help offset the costs of Immigration, Agriculture and Customs handling.. Remember that ticket taxes are not set nor controlled by the airlines-- they are set by the government, local taxing authority and/or airport operator- and it falls to the airlines to collect them on behalf of the government and remit them accordingly... Only fees (such as fuel surcharges) and the like are airline controlled.

Does the Flight Management Computer provide autopilot inputs?

The FMC (also called FMS - Flight Management System in some installations) is generally a remotely mounted computer, located in the avionics bay along with the radio receiver/transmitter units, TCAS, EGPWS, etc. The MCDU is the actual display screen and keyboard that you see in the flight deck. It's just a "dumb" control panel for the FMC. The radios work the same way; controllers/displays in the flight deck, actual radios in the avionics bay. The FMC sends guidance commands to the flight director, which drives the autopilot. Pilots monitor progress by viewing information displayed on the multi-function display (MFD). It's usually set to display a moving map that can be configured to show flight plan waypoints, high or low navigation aids, airports, airways, etc.

What good flight stops are there on the way to Australia?

Singapore's great.I dont think there are other transit spots available.

What happens if you miss your flight and it is your fault?

you can get on the next available flight if there is room, if there isn't any room then you better hope and pray that someone doesn't make it to that flight and then you get there spot.. sort of a waiting list type a thing... its happen to me before

How to shave in flight? Is shaving kit (razors, blades etc) allowed in international flights?

Safety razors and less than 3 oz. cans of shaving foam are allowed and many airlines offer them in business and 1st class. Just go in the bathroom and shave, I usually bring along an electric razor on long flights, it's a lot easier than foam and razors in a cramped airplane bathroom. Electric and safety razors are not prohibited and are perfectly fine to bring onto an airplane, at least in the US and Asia where I fly to and from frequently.

What are the flight attendants doing in the bathroom before take off and landing?

I am a flight attendant and if I am in the rest room it usually means I am straightning it up after a passenger left it a pig stye.

My flight with United Airlines is Cancelled. How do I change it so i can get home?

Talk to the ticket agent. They should be able to get you on a different flight.

How do flight flight simulators compare with the real thing in terms of functionality.?

I doubt it. Flight simulators come mighty close to depicting the real thing, but they are developed to be operated by a keyboard, mouse and joystick with a single CRT/LCD display. The real thing is something different, it will take considerable time for you to familiarise yourself with the location and feel of the cockpit, realtime response of the aircraft and for the first time, adapting to the fact that you got just one chance to do it right. There is no reload option and the controlled collision with planet earth is the most difficult phase in flight. There is a chance, a remote chance, but then a competent flight attendent could probably have a better chance.

How much flight duty allowance does a flight steward/stewardess get in their pay package?

at most US airlines, it's referred to as 'per diem', and negotiated by the unions. It generally differs if flying within the US or internationally, and usually amounts to around $2. per hour for the entire length of the trip.


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