Where can I lead others to my Flickr photos?

Why not join the several Flickr groups for rating and critiquing? Also, if you haven't, link to your Flickr in your profile here.

What are the best photography groups on flickr for feedback?

I've found that truly useful feedback on Flickr is moderately rare in groups. It's best to find a photographer whose work you admire, and send him or her a message mentioning that you appreciate his or her images. Be specific with you comments, and if the person you contact is nice (most people are) they'll do the same for you. I've forged a few friendships of a sort where we simply offer words of encouragement or critique on each other's photostreams and new uploads. As for groups. . .well, I'm going to be a bit cynical here. You can always try the Rate My Shot type groups, although I've had bad luck with those; I carefully critique several shots yet receive no critiques of my work. Joining the mandatory award groups, such as Nice Shot, 1001 Night, Flickr Hearts, etc. is a way to whore out your work, which, shamefully, I'm addicted to. Unfortunately, it won't give you any particularly useful feedback. I've decided to use these groups as a way to find out which of my shots are marketable, or would be popular with the general public. The results are disappointing. I have several shots with many pages of comments, but they are often the shots that don't deserve it. I have submitted some of my best images to these groups, but if your image is not of a particular type it will get almost no attention, no matter how technically proficient it is. It can't be a stunning shot of interest to a small group, but it can be a mediocre shot of a pretty sunset and it will be staggeringly popular. I've seen beautifully composed, interesting macros posted next to thoughtless shots of fields of poppies about three times every day, and in this situation the beautiful macro gets few comments while the generic field shot with poor lighting gets dozens. And yes, I am generalizing, but the groups are usually nothing but a self-esteem boost and a way to test the waters in terms of public opinion. They do little to nothing to give you advice about how to improve you photography, although they do let you know how to make it more marketable. Which could be seen as improvement, I suppose. So, in summary, just try to forge friendships with other users. If you ask for feedback, most people will gladly give it! Like I said, sorry about the insane cynicism. I'm a bit cranky tonight :p

How do you change the camera that flickr says your pictures were taken with?

In You> Your Account> , Yahoo Flickr ~ privacy > http://www.flickr.com/account/?doneuploadsourcesprivacy=1&tab=privacy in privacy options you can hide exif data, that may be a temporary fix, until you can change exif data before uploading next images, and then instead add tags for type of camera, there may not be exif data in file, and could be Flickr default for that brand check your camera for settings to edit data, , check software to edit data, there may not be exif data in file image, but some of the code may be the same as digital equal IrfanView http://www.irfanview.com/ Photostudio viewer http://www.stuffware.co.uk/photostudio/ Opanda PowerExif ~trial http://www.opanda.com/en/pe/index.html ..

How do you know if your flickr photo is explored?

i always use big hug labs' scout feature. if you click on 'include dropped' when you're in there, it also shows you any photos that have been in explore, but may have dropped out em X

How can I make images I import from flickr larger in my outgoign gmail?

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How do you change flickr password when email account on file is closed?

Go to this help page - http://www.flickr.com/help/with/login/ Run through the help options there, and if none of them work just scroll down and select "Help by email". Give as much detail as you can, including the address of your old account, dates, payment methods, names etc. Also if you are not logged in then make sure to include a valid email address for staff to reply to. Staff replies are normally within 3-5 working days (excluding weekends). Once staff are sure that they have the right account they can simply give you new log in details for it.

How do I change flickr password when email account on file is closed?

A Flickr account IS NOT deleted when you delete a Yahoo account. Go to the Flickr Help page - http://www.flickr.com/help/ - you don't need to be signed in for this. Select "Help with logging in" from the dropdown menu. Use the options there to see if any can help you. If not, then scroll down to "Help by email" Give as much details as you can, including dates, payment methods, account names, URLs - anything you can think of. Also give full details of what you have tried already. Make sure you also give a valid email address for staff to reply. You should get a confirmation email quickly - please do not reply to that. It merely confirms that your help request have been received and assigns a case number. If you need to contact Flickr in the meantime please use the case number. Staff should get back to you within 3-5 working days. It may take a little bit of work but this is a common problem and staff are quite used to helping out with it. Good luck

How to make flickr pictures not an active picture for forums?

Your best option is to simply paste a link to your image, and anyone that wishes to view it can copy and paste the link -- or if the forum automatically hotlinks links, they can simply click on it.


I think you're just going to have to re-upload the pictures..


Just go read the FAQ. You already have a flickr account, log in is your Yahoo info.