Why does the Tea Party refuse to cooperate with John Boehner to reach a deal?

Do you agree with my predictions regarding Obama and Fiscal Cliff and Sequestor?

It should be simpler. "Mr. President, put the spending cuts on the table, or don't bother calling me, you moron" - Boehner

When will Boehner start crying over the stress?

It is their fault anyways. I can't for 2014 to get them the fuck out of the senate Edit: Corrine darling, I'm only speaking to the neo-c@n idiots who think they're the GOP of Lincoln...does the shoe fit? LOL

How can the US aviod the fiscal cliff?

First of all, it is a "fiscal cliff" only to those who have been cheating the system. We need to return to tax rates like we had under Eisenhower. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

Apparently expectations from Obama will "pale" re: the cliff. How can they get any lower when you?

If it isn't stopped soon it will be unstoppable.

Anyone else hoping we go off the fiscal cliff?

What has Obama actually given up in the Senate fiscal cliff deal?

What's your response to the Republican reversal on the "Fiscal Cliff"?

I say go over the cliff!!

What do you predict will be the outcome of the fiscal cliff debate? Deal or no deal?

obama doesn't want a deal. boehner offered the same tax increases that Nancy Pelosi suggested, not good enough for obama. he wants to go over the cliff.

Did President Obama Clearly Reveal the TRUE issue with Fiscal Cliff?

It's the truth but not the whole truth. One major objective of the Republicans is the concentration of wealth, which means (partly) shifting the burden of taxation off the rich and onto the middle class. But another major objective is to destroy Obama, to take back the White House. And consequently they can't be seen as cooperating with Obama. They've gotten to the point where -any- bipartisan cooperation, any deal, any agreement will look to their voters as total capitulation. When Obama was first inaugurated the Republican leaders of both houses of Congress--John Boehner in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate--both said right out loud that the party's first objective was to limit Obama to a single term. In other words, getting back into power was more important to them than the job they were elected to do, running the country. But Obama can't say this, because it sounds like he's whining that everything is THEIR fault. So he says the other thing, which is also true, that the Republicans only want to use the tax code to concentrate wealth, just as every Republican president since Reagan has done. He could also point out that every Republican president in 30 years has run as a strict budget hawk, but once in office decided that debt simply didn't matter. That they only care about debt when they're OUT of power.

How come what a republican thinks is a deal with the fiscal cliff means that they have to get?

Is there a deal to be made that both Democrats and Republicans think is better than the fiscal cliff?

There will be no deal.Folks at Washington proved us 2 years ago that they can't work together. They will let the taxes go up for EVERYONE then after a week both parties will RUSH to introduce a bill that will lower taxes on poor or middle class.That bill will pass of course. What's the end result ? Rich will pay more and poor/middle will pay less. Who wins ? I report, you decide...

Why would Democrats pass a Tea Party fiscal cliff deal if they have the presidency and the Senate?

Because democrats are restarted communists, I for one am fascist, and believe if you are to control a country you need a fascist gov. And u should keep prisoners alive they all deserve to be shot dead, they take up space and money to feed and clothes those monsters.

Why is it since Obama became president everything is dealt with in crisis mode?

For leaders without leadership skills, everything is dealt with in a crisis mode.

What is there to negotiote about the fiscal cliff decision to be made?The Bush tax cuts will auto expire,right?

The problem lies in that the tax cheats have hurt the country badly, just returning to more normal tax rates can't fix it now. We need to return to tax rates like we had during the Eisenhower Administration. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

How does the fiscal cliff get created?

It goes back a year or so to the argument between congressional Republicans and president Obama over raising the debt limit. The Republicans decided to refuse to raise the debt limit, as a political strategy to 'embarrass' Obama, to make him look like a big spender. The argument was resolved (for the time) by an agreement to raise the debt limit for now, but to agree on a balanced budget, or one closer to being balanced, after the 2012 election. Which is now. The agreement both parties agreed to was that they would agree later to cut deficits by some pre-agreed amount or else there would be tax increases for all and cuts to every program. Now that the election is over and Obama won handily, the balance of power has changed. Most Democrats now think Obama should just stand his ground. If the Republicans continue to refuse to deal in good faith, they will take another huge hit in 2014.

Why Does a Prominent Republican understand Obama will win on taxes but rest of GOP does not?

Not all of them are immature and incompetent.

If we get an actual fiscal cliff deal will it be like the previous ones were the deal has to be redone in?

Of course it will be a patch job. Everyone will hope there is another change in Congress in two years, so they do not have to negotiate and DO THEIR JOB, so they can have a party imbalance that lets them have their way. They are professional criminals, and more than half of them would be fired if they did this job, this poorly, in a REAL job.

Is a fiscal cliff deal worth $4 Trillion, what the CBO says it would add to the debt?

Would it be prudent for Republican leadership to call a press conference to discuss the fiscal cliff?

They could issue a short statement that the Fiscal Cliff has been caused by Obama's disappointment at his shellacking in 2010, the House being retaken by Republicans and, the lack of the spirit of bipartisanship from Democrats since Obama won in 2008. Other than that, no further explanation is necessary. Obama wants to win all the marbles or we all take a dive. The British judge will probably offer a 5.3 score for commitment.

Why not accept the fiscal cliff and just let it happen?

Let it happen. Responsible employers will take care of the workers who take a hit. The spending cuts will help stop the waste and get lazy people motivated to work when their free money gets cut. Any bill that passes would have tricky things in it that will absolutely take more from us than we'll ever realize in a "tax breaks" . I travel to Europe once in a while. The next American generation won't even know what freedom is. You all have no idea the path we are on. Boehner must use the authority the house has. The founding fathers set it up like that for a good reason. We have four entities that believe they know what is best for us. "Religion", government, business and ourselves. Let us live our lives without organized religion, government and tricky businesses that insist on doing what they think is best TO us!!

What is going on with Fiscal Cliff this week?

The boner congress has done nothing. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

Did you believe that Obama wants a balanced budget?

Is it proof that Tea Party GOP Reps really are extremist when they turn on their Senate GOP colleagues?

it is the nature of the beast Fox Propaganda and others in teh GOP establishment have been throwing fellow Republicans under the bus for every conceivable offense they are tearing the heart out of the Republican Party and hopefully the purges will eventually tear the GOP apart effectively kkilling it


Why do they need a fiscal cliff deal when the plans will only save 50 billion over 10 years?

dont try this at home http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/members-only-a-visit-to-beijing-s-exclusive-p***s-restaurant-a-549788.html

Will both sides make an deal on the fiscal cliff today?

Wouldn't going over the fiscal cliff provide certainty and save Medicare and Social Security?

Will the United States go over the fiscal cliff?

Hopefully we go over the fiscal cliff

How to design an experiment for fiscal cliff?

There are polls going all the time, check them. As of yesterday the majority of the people have not been fooled by the boner congress, and the President has an approval rating about 60% and climbing rapidly. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

Why does the Tea Party want the US to go over the fiscal cliff?

They're bad people. If lawmakers don't reach an agreement in time... Bush tax cuts expire. Payroll tax cuts expire. Doctors participating in Medicare see their payments cut by more than 25%. Good luck getting a doctor then. More than $1Trillion in spending cuts are triggered. Unemployment insurance expires. 30,000 Tennesseans will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 25,000 Nevadans will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 85,000 Michiganders will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 19,000 Floridians will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 43,000 in Connecticut will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 30,000 in Oregon will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. This continues in every state. Still, John Boehner will not bring it to a vote. His concern for his own job is more important to him than all those children who will go to bed hungry and lose their homes. ##

How does raising taxes boost the Economy? #Obama?

30% on defense, 30% on social security and benefits, 30% on healthcare(s). State prevails. Somehow, Americans vote republicans ... so soul of George Washington says " forgive them for they know not what they do ." Americans have not yet tasted "disaster by too much freedom " .... just see what stupid Indians ( populace in landmass in south Asia) made of themselves in 20 years as "disaster by too much freedom "

How will the fiscal cliff affect the average american citizen?

It will be worse than the depression of the 30s and 40s I do believe. We are in bad financial shape. How much more can we borrow from other countries while trying to appease the enemies? It's a mess!!! http://www.moneynews.com/Headline/Wilbur-Ross-Economy-fiscal-cliff/2012/12/27/id/469223 By the way, I can't hear videos but have this one here for anyone who's interested. Thanks.

Republicans have lost the tax war report major media outlets?

Yes, of course. All of this just takes us back to the tax code of the 1992era anyway. Why are the republicans trying to protect the wealthy ? If I made a million dollars every year, I would be glad to pay the 30 or 40% income tax to help America to pay its bills. But the republicans think that every dime that they pay in income tax goes towards the welfare state, of lazy, beer drinking drug and sex addicts on food stamps in America America has the most wealthy citizens in the world. America is the most most Inventive and industrious people in the world; that's why we were able to ship all of our good stuff overseas in the first place, we are still inventing things. The great profits that our great wealthy business men made wasn't rolled over into more jobs here in America. They keep their money and invested the profits in oversea productions to make more money. Our great wealthy Americans made war time profits on two ten year wars and benefited greatly from the cost of fighting in two different countries. What I understand is that our wealthy citizens welcome the tax increase, so why does the republicans fight to keep the tax rates down and America in debt? Do our republican friends want to kill social security, medicare, food stamps and unemployment compensation, affordable health care, minimum wage, etc.......................

What options does Obama have in resolving the fiscal cliff/negotiating with Republican Congress?

Negotiating with the boner congress doesn't work, He really should do nothing. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

Which senators voted no on the fiscal cliff deal last night?

Is a fiscal cliff deal going to be reached in time or is America's working class going to go broke?

First, let me correct Chebrew2000 first - Bush gave Obama 12 trillion $ debt, not 900 billions....and rich accumulating gold does not mean gold standard is arriving - that accumulated gold does not belong to government . In fact, we have to forget God standard for ever like old man forgets muscles. That Cliff will hike taxes and thwart gov. spending. Both ways inflation will be low but unemployment will rise - i fear to the level and speed of that defined for depression. USA might post negative growth for 3 yrs. like Greece but will sustain. This is the war Americans have to fight on their soil, if they are willing to take on their own companies who have invaded the "premises" of the state.

What's the difference between a House Republican and a Senate Republican?

How long can you be on unemployment?

Can going over the fiscal cliff be good for the country?

I say it's time to go off the fiscal cliff just to show the "working poor" that the rich aren't the ones screwing them. They screw themselves at every turn by voting the way they do and believing a complicit news media that constantly tells them the Democrats are their only answer.

Did President Obama just sabotage the Fiscal Cliff Talks with his Joking behavior todayin the Press conference?

No..I think it was a brilliant move...putting it out to the American people that he has a deal almost done Now when the Tea Party kills it...they'll look bad and he'll look reasonable

Because of this fiscal cliff deal; will we see more growth in 2013?

What do you think Boehner's fiscal cliff "Plan B" is?

Do you agree that republicans are obstructing fiscal cliff negotiations?

Yes. They've obstructed this entire country over saving the riches tax cuts.

Do you agree that republicans are obstructing fiscal cliff negotiations, and should be voted out in 2014?

Sounds good to me... 30 years of the country being phuqued by these guys is probably enough now.

Why would the government avoid a fiscal cliff deal?

Do you think we will have a Fiscal Cliff Deal Before the New Year?

I really don't think so. I could be wrong. I have been wrong before. I hope I am wrong now. But I don't think so. At best they will punt (that might actually be a worst case scenario to be honest). Most likely taxes will return to Clinton era levels in January and government spending will be axed. We could survive that but it won't be fun for many of us. And, in a few months Republicans will take their revenge by refusing to raise the debt limit and we will default on our debts. Than things will get bad. Very bad. That is what I see as likely.

Are we better off with a poor economy and no fiscal cliff deal or a strong economy and a fiscal cliff deal?

Will the new Fiscal Cliff deal bring back the Florida Emergency Unemployment Compensation in 2013?

Are you surprised that the tea party is angry with the fiscal cliff deal?

Surprised that the Tea Party is having another hissy-fit? Not at all.