What do denialists gain from denying Truth?Like HAARP-caused earthquakes, GMO's/mass killings of birds/fish?

Identity. Once a person has defined themselves and argued to defend their veiw of themselves it becomes a vested interest ti ignore and deny any facts that conflict with their identity.

What do denialists gain from denying Truth?Like HAARP-caused earthquakes, GMO's/mass killings of birds/fish?

Im hoping GMO is on the way out.

What do denialists gain by denying Truth? Like HAARP-caused earthquakes, GMO's/mass killings of birds/fish?

You are preachin' to the choir here.....they call them "Sheeple".... people who do not think for themselves... they just follow blindly believing that the FDA, doctors in white coats, and our government has our best interest at heart. They do not educate themselves, but are happy to be fed the sugar of Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan, Teen Moms on MTV, and Jersey Shore. They do not understand that they are being lied to at every turn, and that it is all for greedy gain.... the pharmaceutical industry, the Monsanto, Corporate America, the Banking System.... and they call anyone who does not believe them a "quack" and they bury them in litigation with their "laws" that are here to "protect" us, when in fact if they knew that fluoride will kill you, that radiation from mammograms will kill you, that chemotherapy only works 3 - 5% of the time and that it is a poison.... the list is SO long on covered up atrocities..... but.... when it is too late, and the freedom that they "think" they had is gone, they will all come and say " Guess you were right.... I shoulda listened when I had the chance...."

Should I propose this Independence Day?

As far as if that is the right place to do it, that is up to you. If it is special enough to you it's great. I love the beach and plan on getting married their when I get older. It's romantic and lovely. There are pros and cons to both the sunrise and fireworks. The sunrise is romantic, quiet.and peaceful, but the fireworks are so exciting but it probably will be really loud. It is all about personal preference. If she loves big exciting events, and that is her favorite do fireworks. If she loves peace and serenity, do sunrise. It is all personal preference, but congratulations!! I hope your proposal, wedding, and marriage turn out to be all you hoped for!! :) God bless.

HELP ME! I am driving myself crazy!! READ ALL OF DESCRIPTION!!?

It does take time( i know you said not say that). I have few questions...... 1) is he truly worth the fight? 2) do you deserve better? 3) have you tried dating? 4) you may love him but was he selfish? 5) have you tried a serious sit down talk with him instead of texting? All i have to say in my opinion is he is not worth your time. he is selfish if he is going to treat you like that or toss you aside so quickly. he honestly needs help and I'm not saying it to be mean, but he does. it seems to me he is lost and does not know what to do with his feelings. I think if possible meet up with him and try to figure it out. you need to confront him about your feelings and he needs to be open with his. if he was with you a year it is obvious he cares about you. maybe there is a specific reason he is being this way. me and my guy have made it 5 years just by the way we communicate. when he go in moods/ acted like that all it took was pulling him aside and prying and figuring out what is bothering him, men are too proud to cave or gush about their feelings. good luck hope i helped if you wanna talk more im up for it.

what is a good boat for cruising and fishing.?

A small fish and ski boat sounds like it will be your best bet. Yes, there are a ton of brands out there, but nowadays, nearly all companies make fine boats. Nitro seems to make some damn good quality boats for the money. Nitro is more about fishing boats than anything else, but they have gotten into the fish and ski boats more through the years. You just need to do some more looking and researching. If it's me in your situation, I'm going with an 18 foot or so fish in ski boat. I actually have a 20 foot fish and ski boat now, but this thing is HEAVY. A heavy boat has an unbelievably smooth ride, even in rougher water, but it can be a pain to haul around and launch/load when by yourself. It also takes a fairly hefty trolling motor to maneuver.

moon visible in daytime? is this normal?

I fear that you are dangerously ignorant of basic astronomy concepts. The Moon is visible in the daytime for over three weeks each month! Also, you didn't see the Moon rising in the west on the 4th of July. You saw it SETTING. While the Moon always sets in the west, the time at which it sets varies. Being just after New Moon, it set shortly after dusk.

i cant wait 4 summer 2012! who else?

MEEEE!!! except its already starting

Im trying to figure out how many mortar tubes i should get for fireworks?

Actually, there's not a lot of difference between 80 and 100, but I often do somewhat the same thing as you suggest. I have many 1.75" tubes, and have assembled them into several groups ranging from about 20 to 50 tubes each. I fire them intermixed with cakes and generally fuse the smaller groups with slow fuse to fire one shell every five seconds or so, sometimes doubling up toward the end of the group. As part of my finale, I fire the 50-tube rack (two rows) parallel-fused with faster fuse to fill the sky. This is accompanied by some larger cakes and makes a good end to the show. There's a lot that can be done with small fireworks. Not only are there some very good small shells available these days, but there are also some nice mines in the same sizes. Have fun!

What kinds of fireworks are the local department stores and grocery stores going to sell with the new law?

Even in states where all types of consumer fireworks are legal they usually only sell novelties and small fountains in grocery stores. That's because of the legalities of storing fireworks. Larger fireworks have stricter storage laws that fireworks stores are set up to handle but grocery stores are not.

What fireworks are legal in Utah 2012?

everything not on this list. Things that are still not allowed are fire crackers, M-80's, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, roman candles, single or reloadable mortars, and ground salutes. . they did legalize all aerial cake fireworks. some aerial spinners and such

What time do the fireworks at Statue of Liberty start?

will july 4th 2012 be crowed at six flags in Valencia,ca?

Six Flags Magic Mountain is almost consistently busy. It is a big park, but it does attract many people due to the fact that it has some of the most world-class roller coasters in the world. The Fourth of July is usually the busiest day for every theme park in the country, so it is one of the worst days to plan a trip. Try planning on a weekday before or after the Fourth of July, as weekday non-holidays are the least busiest. Hope this helps!

are fireworks forbidden for 4th of july 2012?

Carlyle lake firework schedule 4th of July 2012?

There's nothing on the 4th of July, it's on the 30th of June so don't miss it! "Jun 30 Fourth of July Carlyle Lake Fireworks Spectacular (Clinton Co). On the Saturday before the Fourth of July, all day event will have live music, a sandcastle building contest, volleyball tournament and fireworks show that can be viewed by boat, at the Dam West or Dam East Recreation Areas. 618-594-2484" Later in July there is this: Jul 14 Great Kaskaskia River Duck Race (Clinton Co). Noon at dam spillway on lower Carlyle Lake at Dam West Recreation Area. $5 adoption fee for ducks; fund-raiser for the Healthcare Foundation. Free admission. 618-346-7529 Carlyle I would call the number, and ask for details.

What time will the 2012 Macy's 4th of July Fireworks above the Hudson river start?

On the 4th of July.

Can you watch fireworks from your seats at Busch Stadium on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012?