What teams play in fiesta bowl?

They get the Big 12 champ, unless that team is in the BCS championship game. The other team is a selection process based on a rotation. When Texas played for the championship in the Rose Bowl that was under the old system, before there was a separate BCS championship game.

Which injury below of Willis McGahee was more frightening?

The Fiesta Bowl by far was one of the most gruesome knee injuries Ive seen. He tore every major ligament in his knee that play, which is not something most people can ever come back from. As far as last night, he took a big big hit, but if you watch, his head never got touched. We knew he wasn't paralyzed fairly quickly. It was a whiplash injury probably sprained his neck and suffered a concussion, both of which he can recover from. We haven't heard of a specific diagnosis yet so if I hear differerent I will re-evaluate my answer. [EDIT: Correct. I know why he had a concussion. Im actually a med student. The whiplash actually protects the brain having the neck disperse the energy as opposed to the shock rippling through the brain causing even worse damage. I'll put it this way, if you see the hits in the NFL that end careers or paralyze players they tend to be straight on or collisions with the ground (because the ground doesnt move). Michael Irvin was driven into the ground, Kevin Everett was hit head on not allowing his head or neck to respond/ absorb the blow. ]

Who do you think would win these bowl games?

First of all I hate these bowl games with these sponsors added to them. I mean let's call the Rose Bowl the Rose Bowl for goodness sake! Here are my picks: OSU beats USC in the rematch Texas beats pitt Ga Tech outscores Boise St Florida outlasts TCU.

What would a playoff system in college football look like?

There are a lot of different ways the NCAA could implement a playoff system for D1 schools. So at this point it's anybody's guess as to how it would work. Whichever method is used, you can bet it will be controversial. There are 11 D1 conferences so one way would be to have those conference champions plus 5 at large teams participate in a 16 team playoff. Another way would be to give 5 conference winners a first round bye and the other 6 play. Then the remaining 8 teams would continue the playoffs the next week. Or, a selection process similar to how NCAA basketball is done could be used to name the 8 or 16 teams. I'd be against using media based opinion polls for the selection but I'm thinking that could be what happens. Depending on when the playoffs begin, the 1st and maybe the 2nd round losers could still be eligible for some of the marquee bowl games. Using the 4 major bowl games as quarter final playoff games has also been discussed. As I said, there are a lot of ways it could be done. If the NCAA ever does a D1 playoff, the focus will be on a system that will maximize revenue and not so much on being fair to the various conferences and schools. But whichever method was chosen, it would be better than the current BCS system that selects only 2 teams. And, for me.. the big benefit would be the awesome college football games played by great teams that we don't get to see now.

How were the 4 BCS bowls (plus the championship bowl) selected to be BCS bowls?

They kinda decided themselves. I personall prefer the Alamo Bowl: http://www.bofads.com/stories/monkeytexas.htm

Why don't they do the Heisman voting AFTER all the bowl games are finished?

I agree. To Clay G - If the award is for the regular season then they should qualify all their hype in that the Heisman trophy is for the best college player during the regular season and not the best college player for the year. Voters seem to place a great deal of weight on how the player performed on the big stage in a big game. What game can be bigger than the title game. Also, most good games are played within a conference and there is little head-to-head match-up of good teams among different conferences. Bowl games pit teams against one another from different conferences. Therefore, in the big bowl games you get a sense of just how good the conferences really were and if the media hype focused on that then the bowl games would be even more important. You make no sense trying to compare a MVP award because the person didn't play in the Superbowl. The NFL has a playoff system that winds down to two teams. Colleges do not and now that there are as many bowl games where two-thirds of Division 1 are invited then yes, those games should count when tabulating the best player in the game. It doesn't necessarily have to be the title game. All games should mean something especially when it is difficult to judge how good conferences are because of the watered-down schedules. Oh, the NFL doesn't have that problem as well. LOL! Okay Clay, with your last comments we have come to a meeting of the minds. I agree with you.

Who is the better team Boise or Ohio State? And why is Boise ranked higher but in a non BCS game?

Boise is better. Ohio State always gets better than they deserve because they are the largest college in America, and they are one of the 4 media darling teams along with USC, Notre Dame, and Michigan.

Why are two players on Oklahoma's football team both allowed to wear the same number?

It's becoming a lot more common for players on opposing sides of the ball on the same team to wear the same number. Colleges don't want to tell a player that he can't have the number he wants because athletes are very superstitious, and as long as two players with the same number aren't on the field at the same time for the same team there's no confusion.

which bowl does the big east winner go to?

They don't have any bowl ties. The Pac 10 and Big 10 are tied to the Rose Bowl. The Big 12 is tied to the Fiesta Bowl. The SEC is tied to the Sugar Bowl. The ACC is Tied to the Orange Bowl.

Don't you find it funny how everybody now claims the Oklahoma Sooners are overrated?

Not really I always thought they were overrated. They were too young to be considered "great" they have a FR. QB , They were asking too much of him. They might be real "contenders" in 08 and beyound I never thought they had a chance. I also think people underestimated and underrated WVA from the start. Pat WHite was injured in their 2 loses had he been healthy... who knows?? they are an excellent team and the DEF has been impressive bout time they get some credit.

What is the Greatest Sports Event in History?

USA vs. USSR in the 1980 Olympics is by far the greatest event. No none of your other choices was that much of an underdog against such an overwhelming favorite. With the others you mentioned, they were at least peers (all in college or all pros). You have to remember that back then the Americans were amateurs, just out of college. The USSR were amateurs in name only, they all were officially in the army but their job was to play hockey. The American team was together for a few months, the Soviet team trained together for years. The only one even close was one you didn't mention: The Miracle on the Mat in Sydney 2000. Rulan Gardner (USA) beat Alexander Karelin (RUS) 1-0 for the gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling. Karelin hadn't lost in 200 matches and hadn't given only allowed one point to be scored on him in 10 years. He was more dominant than the Soviet hockey team.

Who is the Second Best College Football Fans?

PSU fans. What could be a better weekend, tailgating, tackle football with your friends and watching a PSU game with over 100,000 fans going crazy. Hands down Penn State University.

What is that hand gesture all the TCU fans are making?

It looks like "The Shocker"

Where to stay for Fiesta Bowl 2010?

At my uncle's house in Tucson- it's worth the drive. He is Sr. Asst. Athletic director at Arizona and has a very nice place on the outskirts of Tucon. My aunt makes the best Mexican food of all-time.

A clear explanation of the Bowl Championship Series?

The Bowl Championship Series is essentially a college football poll (or ranking system) that uses a number of human and computer rankings and weighs them together to come up with an "average." The average is then used to rank teams, and the two highest ranked teams play each other in the BCS National Championship game. The other bowls you mentioned, the Rose, Orange, Sugar and Fiesta, are the other "BCS" bowls in that they are part of the BCS formula and pay much higher payouts to the participating teams. They are setup primarily as games with traditional teams taking part, i.e. the Rose Bowl is the match up of the Pac-12 and Big Ten Champions, unless one (or both) were to be invited to the National Championship. Then the next highest team in the pegging order would be invited instead. The Orange Bowl traditionally hosts the ACC Champion, the Fiesta Bowl traditionally hosts the Big 12 Champion, and the Sugar Bowl traditionally hosts the SEC champion (again, with the next team in line taking their place if the actual champ goes to the National Championship). So while all the teams are playing for bragging rights and for a little bit bigger piece of the money payout, the only game that's really being "played" for something meaningful (no offense to the trophies in the other bowl games) is the BCS National Championship game. So to your last question, yes, the BCS National Championship is just for the two highest ranked teams. The other bowls are filled by the other power conference champions (certain leagues have automatic qualifying status), non-power conference automatic qualifiers (i.e. Northern Illinois, because they ranked in the top 16, got in automatically this year from a smaller conference), and then at-larges from the highest ranked remaining teams play in the other BCS Bowls (Rose, Orange, Sugar, Fiesta). The only extra rule of note is that a conference can only get 2 teams in a year in the current format, so several SEC teams ranked higher than other teams are left out. Brace yourself though, just as you start to figure it out this year, it's all changing after next season! They are going to a four-team playoff and the rest of the details are really yet to be ironed out since so many teams are changing conferences and other conferences seem to be eroding.

Assuming the BCS championship game is a blow-out, what was the most exciting college bowl game?

Michigan vs. Florida... This comming from a buckeye fan btw...and i hate michigan...but my god it was beautiful seeing michigan kick the gator chomp out their ass.

What was the last season Miami was ranked in the top 10?

03 fiesta bowl... I remember Mcgahee losing his career there..hes never been the same :(

If Boise State makes a BCS game, who could be their potential opponent? What bowl game would they play?

I think they will get their asses kicked all over the place like Hawaii did last year. Hope you lose a game first and don't get waxed and exposed as inferior!

Who thinks the cotton bowl should be a bcs bowl?

I agree but the old Cotton Bowl just isn't good enough. They poured millions into it but still it is not enough to step up with the BCS bowls. Now if they move it to the new Cowboy stadium then they could be the very best bowl.

How is water recycled on the International Space Station???

Look at the web site I gave your other question.

Do you think if texas wins next week they will go to a BCS bowl game?

damn straight

Is there any chance that OU can play USC in a BCS bowl game?

Yea! A boomer sooner fan! Me 2, Me 2!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~ i dont know who is give all the thumbs down.... but, you must be a USC fan... sore loser.

What college bowl do you think will be the best this year? My vote is Bama vs Utah. ?

Texas/USC was much better than that game. This year Oklahoma/Florida will be a great one.

How is the new college football championship going to work?

Every year two bowl games (on a rotating basis) will act as national semi final games. The winners of those two bowl games will play in the National Championship Game. The four teams will be determined by a committee.

Why are the big football games called bowls?

It's because of the stadiums. For instance, the Rose Bowl is held at Rose Bowl Stadium. They are all relatively bowl-shaped.

What are the most memorable games of college football played since the start of the 2004 season?

My memorable games list would include the following: Bowl Games 1) 2007 Fiesta Bowl (Boise St. vs. Oklahoma) 2) 2006 Rose Bowl (Texas vs. USC) 3) 2005 Rose Bowl (Texas vs. Michigan) 4) 2006 Sugar Bowl (West Virginia vs. Georgia) 5) 2006 Orange Bowl (Penn St. vs. Florida St.) Regular Season Games 1) USC vs. Notre Dame (2005) 2) Rutgers vs. Louisville (2006) 3) Auburn vs. LSU (2006) 4) Florida vs. South Carolina (2006) 5) Ohio State vs. Michigan (2006)

How long does it usually take for you to get over a devastating loss?

Good question. It is a bummer for us Buckeyes. I feel bad, but not nearly as bad as I feel for Laurenitis, Jenkins and the seniors who decided to stay. We all get over it but don't forget it. I think they deserved to win that game and with just a little luck on their side they would have - missed field goal, how many missed interceptions, bad call on roughing the passer, fumble bouncing out of bounds, one missed tackle. Overall they played good. Texas was totally one-dimensional; of course they're going to get yards but OSU pretty much contained them; just a bit more on the offense, or a bit of luck, and they would have had it. Tough loss.

How much do corporations pay to sponsor Bowl Games?

$250 million

How about them Utah Utes beating Air Force. I think the Utes are headed to a BCS bowl?

Heck yeah, they Utes beat everyone, especially since I got here, I think I brought the good luck or something. GO FRIKING UTES! They also beat the crap out of UNLV, Utah State, Michigan and will beat the crap out of Weber State University on Saturday. BYU is coming on November 22nd, even though I'm a traitor (50% BYU fan, 50% UofU fan) I still want my school to win, the Cougars lost their one and only exclusive chance to have a princess. Again: GO UTES!

Can You Answer These Questions About The College Football Bowl Games?

Ok, the bcs poll is an average of the coaches poll, the harris poll, and computers that rank teams based on the teams win-loss as well as the strength of the teams they beat and lost to. Now, after the final week of the season, the teams that are ranked 1-2 in the bcs ranks are placed in the national championship game, which rotates between the fiesta, sugar, orange, and rose bowl stadiums in that order, so there will be the regular bowl game plus the NC a week after that. There are six conferences that automatically qualify their champion to play in a bcs game. The conferences are the SEC, ACC, Big 12, Big 10, Big East, and Pac 10. After the NC, there are certain conference tie ins. The Rose Bowl will always place the big 10 champion against the pac 10 champion, as long as neither of those teams are in the NC. If they are in the NC, the bowl can take the second best team from the conference or choose another at large. For example, in 2006 and 07, ohio state was the big 10 champion, so michigan played the rose one year and illinois the next. Also, when ohio state was big 10 champ in 02, they chose the big 12 champ (Oklahoma) to play the pac 10 champ. In 05, USC played Oklahoma in the NC so they chose big 12 runner up texas to play big 10 champ michigan, which caused a lot of controversy because many thought california was the better choice than texas. Okay, away from the rose bowl. The fiesta bowl matches the big 12 champion (if theyre not in the NC) against an at large team. An at large is a team that was the champion of a non bcs conference (like boise state from the WAC), or a team that did not win the conference championship of a bcs conference (texas in 08). Its also possible to have two at large teams play each other if the big 12 champ is in the NC and there is no worthy team behind them. (Last year TCU played Boise State, neither are from bcs auto conferences.) The sugar bowl matches the sec champ (or second sec team) against an at large. The orange bowl matches the acc champ versus an at large. Its kind of complicated so i tried to give as many examples to make it easier to understand. Hope this helped.

When was the last time 2 at large teams have played each other in a BCS bowl?

Its never happened intill this year with TCu and Boise this is first time ever.

Is the leftist open borders lobby irate that Arizona has THREE college football bowl games this year?

I hope it pisses them off so bad that their heads explode. Won't be much of a mess to clean up though.

What are the differences between the bowl games?

The bowls have agreements (aka "Tie-in") with football conferences to pick a school in a certain order. For example, the Rose Bowl has first choice and the Holiday Bowl has second choice for a Pac-10 school. Usually the choices are made based on where that team finished in conference play. For example, the Holiday Bowl in San Diego has an agreement to take the 2nd place Pac-10 team and the 3rd place Big-12 team (if each conference only sends one team to the BCS bowl- this season OK St who finished 4th went because Oklahoma and Texas are going to a BCS game). BUT bowl committees can choose a school that finished behind another team. It's unfair to the school that's picked over, but the bowl committee does not decide solely on football record. Bowl committees look at many factors like: How well does the school travel (i.e. Will students and alumni travel to the city and spend money on food and lodging)? How many people will watch the game on TV? How exciting will the game be? I know a lot of people complain when Notre Dame gets invited to the BCS bowl when they lose 2 games. It's usually undeserving, but the bowl committee knows Notre Dame fans travel well (= spend lots of money) and get good TV ratings. Same with big schools like Ohio State and Nebraska. Smaller schools and non-traditional football powers like Vanderbilt and Cal are left out. Of course the bowl with the biggest payout gets higher priority in choosing. The BCS bowls are the huge payout games so it precedes all other bowls.

What are your Fiesta Bowl predictions?

52 - 24 Longhorns, if Mack decides not to run up the score.

Looking for Aunthentic Nike NCAA footballs like the ones used in the Fiesta Bowl.?

You can go to hobby shops and sporting goods stores

What is the greatest college football game in history?

The 2007 Fiesta Bowl between Boise State & Oklahoma has to be the best game ever in College Football

How do you unlock bowl stadiums on NCAA Football 09 on Wii?

You can't.You have to play at the real teams stadium.

What are your thoughts of making the Cotton Bowl a BCS bowl?

I thought the Cotton Bowl should have been a BCS bowl orgininaly

How are the bowl games and who plays in them determined?

Almost, if not all, of the bowls are created with conference tie-ins, meaning that two conferences are, unless circumstances arise, going to send a representative to that bowl. The circumstances can range from a conference not having enough teams bowl-eligible to put one in there to one of their teams playing in the national championship game and losing one of their other bids. But the matchups are determined by how each conference's standings are at the end of the year. For example, before the BCS madness was created, the Rose Bowl always had the Pac-10 champion vs the Big 10 champion. If you go to espn.com, they have a bowl schedule there that, if I remember correctly, has the tie-ins on the page. It might help you out.

Is the BCS National Championship and the Fiesta Bowl the same game?

No they aren't the same and you had better make sure that you are getting what you paid for.

Does Texas have a chance to win the Fiesta Bowl?


Where can I get the spandex suit from the Fiesta Bowl Pregame?

That guy was awesome! Go to http://www.superfansuits.com I bought a split suit just like that from there except it was orange and blue. Go Gators!

Is the Fiesta Bowl the only bowl game that is named after a product and not a company?

Can you imagine what they would come up with for the Capital One Bowl? The 100% interest bowl?

If nebraska wins tonight Does that mean they will play in the fiesta bowl?

If the win tonight the world will start spinning the other way and the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause will be the president and the vice president of the United States.

What is that thumb/forefinger gesture fans are using in the Fiesta Bowl?

I think they are the "horns" for the TCU Horned Toads.

What seat is better for the Fiesta Bowl Section 407 row 5 or sec 141 row 61?

sec 141 row 61

How, Where, When can I get Fiesta Bowl tickets?

I went to the official Tostitios Fiesta Bowl site. Tickets are sold out! DON'T FORGET..........While the Fiesta Bowl (January 1, 2007) is at the new stadium in Glendale, AZ, it is NOT the BCS National Championship Game. That game is at the same stadium, but one week later (January 8, 2007). For tickets to either game, you will have to deal with either a scalper at the site or with a ticket broker ahead of time. The advantage of a reputable ticket broker is that you have recourse if your ticket is counterfeit. There are many ticket brokers. I cannot recommend one, but here is the first one I saw: http://www.tickco.com/sports_football_fiesta_bowl_tickets.htm

Is the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl the only bowl game named after a specific product and not just a company?

Well the Champs Sports Bowl is not the Foot Locker Inc Bowl. The Outback Bowl is not the OSI Restaurant Partners Bowl. Not exactly what you asked, but each of those bowls are named after brands/companies that are subsidiaries.

How much do after-market Fiesta Bowl tickets cost?

Fiesta Bowl (Boise State-TCU) http://www.stubhub.com/fiesta-bowl-tickets/ • Fans paid an average price of $163, and a range of $24 - $1500 • Arizona buyers made up 27% of buyers, followed by 19% from Idaho and 16% from Texas o Arizona buyers paid an average price of $119 o Idaho buyers paid an average price of $161 o Texas buyers paid an average price of $233 • Last season, fans paid an average price of $170 for the Fiesta Bowl (Texas-Ohio State) • StubHub gross sales for the 2010 Fiesta Bowl have surpassed every previous Fiesta Bowl

Why is Texas in the Fiesta Bowl and not Texas Tech or Missouri?

As another person pointed out, the Fiesta bowl gets to select it's replacement for OU since OU is going to the NT game, but that selection is not without limits. They have to select a team with at least 9 wins and in the top 14 of the BCS rankings. They also cannot select a team that is tied to another bowl (Can't select USC or Penn St for instance). Finally they can't select a team from the same conference as the other team in the NT game (i.e. couldn't select Alabama). So as you can see Missouri was not eligible for the Fiesta bowl because they were not in the top 14 BCS standings nor did they have 9 wins. As for Texas Tech, they could have taken Texas Tech, but Texas was ranked higher in the BCS and quite frankly is a much better TV and ticket sales draw.