How many votes will this cost Coakley?

Coakley is the mouth with no brain attached... remember, she also said there are "no terrorists in Afghanistan"... dems are GOING DOWN

Have Liverpool FC let down Luis Suarez?

Personally, I think the apologies and acceptance thereof were a more of an agreement to stop this unpleasant episode becoming a major crisis - with perhaps Liverpool/Dalgleish also facing charges by the FA. Ferguson is no shining example of knightly or even gentlemanly behaviour and I'm sure he was gleeful to see one of Liverpool's key players sidelined for 8 games. It was mischievous, downright disgraceful, that he suggested Suarez be transferred from Liverpool - and that the hand-shake shenanigans might have caused a riot. There was a distinct danger the situation could get out of hand. Americans tend to be much more PC than we are - so I can understand both owners trying to resolve the problem asap.

what is this parry design of new stadium of LFC ?? O.o and has the standley park been constructed somewhat?

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How much did new england sports ventures buy the red sox for in 2002?

No exact figure was ever released. But You can bet that the going price was steep. However, the BoSox are worth even more now.

Fenway Sports Group are bad for Liverpool FC?

no i think this case is different. Fenway and J Henry may want to have some financial profits but that doesnt mean they wont help the team as much as they can. they're nothing like the previous owners, dalglish said that too. they way the current owners deal with some matters of major importance (ex when they signed dalglish, when they found warrior sports to replace adidas or the way they back the players) is exceptional and they are willing to pay for transfers. its just that dalglish prefers to buy young and inexperienced lads.