Fantasy Baseball Trade Offer.... Should I Accept it?

Considering that Pedroia was taken out of the game due to a jammed thumb I would be wary of him going on the DL. If it turns out he is totally healthy I would most likely make the deal, but you seem to have an extremely strong offense anyway.

Fantasy Baseball Trade Offer.... Should I Accept it?

Zobrist is killing me.......I wish I could get this deal. Just watch Pedroia's health, he left the game early yesterday. If it's minor jump on the deal. Pedroia is elite and 2B is hard to fill.

Fantasy Baseball Trade Offer.... Should I Accept it?

Yes, unless you want to be patient with Hosmer. I would assume this person is hoping that Hosmer has a great second half, which is possible, but I can't see his numbers being better than Jay Bruce at the end of the year. Bruce is a 5 tool guy, and Hosmer is good, but he's on the Royals, so he gets little opportunities for RBI's and runs. The only thing stopping me from saying accept 100% is that you have stud outfielders, I don't know if you need more. Hosmer will give you flexibility, while Bruce will give you better numbers. If you're confident in Konerko and Morales (both studs btw), then I say go for this deal, it'll be worth it.

Rate this fantasy teams 1-10 league starts 1 at every pos 3of and 1 uti and 5sp and 2rp?

I'm sorry, but no one is going to read through all of that.

rate my baseball team 1-10 and why its a 16 team league?

I like your starting 9. Bay is going to bust out

More 2009 Free Agents!! Position players

As a Brewer fan I'd like to see us land Broussard or Helms. No need for overkill, we need to save money for CC. Would be good to see Helms back in Brew City. Grudzielanek would be nice to back up Weeks. Podsednik would be cool if Yost still doesn't believe in Gwynn Jr. Imagine that. 2 former Brewers reuniting, and another who was born and raised in Milwaukee. GM Melvin has been pretty keen on hometown guys (Counsell), so it's entirely possible. That would set this team for '09 for cheap. Go Crew!

Rat2 My Team, 1-10?

very good team leave alou alone next time hes old and i predict him to not have a good season you have enough power get one more base stealer besides pierre. i would give you 9 out of ten nice draft

My MLB 2K8 Fantasy Draft Franchise:How Good?

Clayton Kershaw is a young stud but other then him and Chris Carpenter your starting rotation is pretty weak. K-Rod lets too many runners on base and Mota isn't much of a set up man. Utley and Morneau are good but other then that, that isnt much of a line up either. my favorite player is Griffey but he isnt who he used to be even in 2008 or 07 whenever the game was made. I think you need to make some trades.

How is my fantasy baseball team?

Mitchell I'm not sure what your talking about. Montero, Butler, Borbon and Span are all young rising players. You probly draft just off name/team recognition. Do some research son! I saw Eric Gagne just signed add him!

Free Agency 2010: MLB: Players who have contracts expired after 09 season?

I am just going to pick one player from each position. I'm going to try and be reasonable too, as if a team could actually afford it. C: Bengie Molina - 2 year/$11 million 1B: Adam LaRoche - 3 year/$13 million 2B: Orlando Hudson - 4 year/$18 million 3B: Chone Figgins - 3 year/$15.5 million SS: Marco Scutaro - 4 year/$10 million LF: Matt Holliday - 6 year/$80 million CF: Rocco Baldelli - 4 year/$4 million RF: Jermaine Dye - 2 year/$24 million DH: Ken Griffey Jr. - 1 year/$1.5 million SP: Rich Harden - 5 year/$26 million RP: Rafael Soriano - 4 year/$30 million EDIT: CT Sox Fan: Are you talking about the contracts I said, and if so how are they ridiculous?

What free agents and trades do you see the Tigers making in the 2010-11 Offseason?

I don't think the Tigers make that many transactions.I see them getting Crawford,Lilly,and maybe De La Rosa. Starting Lineup: Jackson CF Crawford LF Boesch RF Cabrera 1B Peralta SS Guillen 2B Inge 3B Damon DH Laird C Starting Rotation: Verlander Lillly Scherzer Gallarraga Porcello If they do what you say, they will be a contending team no doubt and win their division,

help me with my team!!?

Dump TURNBOW...Go for another closer...congrats on Julio trade...Florida is the Fountain of Youth for old closers...Keep onm eye out for Dustin Hermansen (will close for Reds) when they add him to players available pool

recent prospects who are busts?

you said Devil Rays that is $1 to the Tampa Bay Rays charities but yea that is a big list

would this be a good trade?

dodgers because the players going to the cards are garbage, at least felipe lopez is hitting good

do u think the guy and my league will accept my trade(fantasy baseball)?

First off, not a chance. Gordon is the top reliever and Lopez is stealing bags and hitting homers. Tejada is good but Thompson is a nobody having a decent season for a club that is barely better than the Marlins right now. You seem to have a lot of good pitchers but a horrid outfield. Look at trading for Gordon and an OF. Maybe offer Turnbow, any OF and a good starter such as Beckett, Sabathia or Glavine for Gordon and a power hitting OF (Hawpe will be good if you can get him from whoever has him in your league).

What about the other 103 players who tested positive for steroids?

Derek Jeter never has and never will use steroids. He has too much common sense and seems very secure with who he is as a baseball player and a person. As far as the question....I think if the Commissioner is going to go after A-Rod, then you have to submit the rest of the 103 players to the same scrutiny and punishment. Curt Schilling is such a big mouth. I'd love to see him knocked off his high horse! hahahahha!!

What improvements should I make to my fantasy baseball team?

Without knowing how your league operates, size scoring, etc., it is hard to give any real answer to your question. To start with, you need to improve SS. Even in a standard 12 team league, it is hard to imagine that there is not somebody better in the free agent pool. I would at least be playing Lopez. Vizguel just came off the DL. Burriss is not to bad, decent BA and SB. Your pitching staff is decent if not exceptional. I assume that Volquez, Cueto and Scherzer are taken in your league. Watch for when Kershaw comes up. Check out the young pitchers at Baltimore and Oakland in place of Maddux and Pettite. Again without a lot more info, it is difficult to give real good advice. Read the yahoo roto columns and any other source that you can such as rotoworld. Just google fantasy baseball. Good luck. Have fun.

Yankees Fans: Are you tired of people saying the Yankees buy championships?

Yes, it has always bothered me because I know as well as they do that the so called "small market" franchises are by choice and choice only. All franchises have the money to enter the free agent market but most won't. They just don't want to spend he money. What they don't mention is that teams like the Yankees pay a large luxury tax which is distributed to all teams in the league to help them. That money can be used to enter the free agency market. The fans are the victims as the franchise only concerns themselves with the profit and loss margin of the business. At least teams like the Yankees and Red Sox understand that if they don't put a decent product on the field, eventually people won't come to the games. It's that simple. There is plenty of talent out there. It's just up to the individual franchises to do all they can to put the best team on the field.

Is this a good team?

I think yes because you have good defence and offence. But your choice if u want

Trade Offer.... Should I Accept it?

Of course not. This is a ridiculous trade particularly in a dynasty league. I would drop one of the final three pitchers on your list. Good luck.

Fantasy Baseball Trade Offer.... Should I Accept it?

It seems completely even. So for that reason I wouldn't do it. You're giving up the best player in the deal ( Cargo) and getting Longo ( who knows if he'll be back to full force this year). Hosmer has his better days coming up andd Greinke is nails at home (don't start him on the road), Jay Bruce will drive you insane with his streakiness. And Cliff Lee is great but there is a ton of good pitching this year. I wouldn't do it.

Fantasy Baseball Trade.... Should I make it? Need help?

I wouldn't have even taken the time to ask this question and would have already accepted it personally. Michael Young started off hot but has gotten ice cold then back to luke warm since the start of the season, CarGo is probably one of the top-5 fantasy outfielders so far this year but you're getting two 5-tool guys in Trout and McCutchen to more than fill that void and you're also getting Strasburg and Hanson, two very good young pitchers for a shaky rookie and an inconsistent pitcher entering his prime. That can be absolutely brilliant one night and can make you wanna throw him in the deep end of the free agency pool the next outing he has. You're not losing any stats by making that trade, you're gaining BA, SB, RBI, W, K, and probable even some ERA because you're off loading Smyly's shaky efforts.

Fantasy Baseball Trade offer.... I need some help!?

I'd say pass. I really like Hosmer and am trying to get him in my Fantasy League because of his slow start. Crawford is injured with his elbow and still recovering from wrist surgery, no timeline on his return. I like Jim Johnson, but like the other guy said, there are better guys you can get for what you are giving up. Why only 1 RP? You're league not value S's?

Help with my outfield?

I would drop Felix Pie and add Andre Ethier

anybody agree that NY point guards are the most overhyped players in the country?

NY Point Guards would make great "And 1" players but for whatever reason they struggle with the structure required to play the NBA game...that to say I agree these guys are talented but yes are overrated when you put them in the scheme of the NBA...they run neck and neck with the idea the University of Arizona is considered "Point Guard U"...even though they feature Damon Stoudamire Mike Bibby Gilbert Arenas Jason Terry These guys are good scorers but are not good play-making point guards...(check your stats you wont find any of these guys in the top ten in assists year in and year out)

should i pick up g. anderson or matthews jr.?

I would not pick up either player. You have a very strong team in some areas, but your F is week. Play Weeks at 2b and Upton in the OF Rowand will have a lesser year compared to last. Pierre is only goof for steals, but those help Instead of Anderson or Mathews, I would try to look at the waiver wires and find the gems. Chavez and Winn wont do much. Fields may lose out to Crede Suggestions: Jeremy Hermida Justin Upton Billy Butler ** Lastings Milledge Michael Bourn ** These will be starters who will put up better numbers Good luck