Where can I find the best priced faux fur fabric?


Does anyone have any good recommendations for faux finishing in the Austin area?

Yes! I know of a lady who does wonderful work and she is very professional! You should see the before and after photos, it's amazing. She can transform a whole house! I've seen her take the inside of an ugly house that was built in the early 70's, that still had all the original ugly stuff and she made it look beautifully modern. She redid the floors and the walls, and even decorated the place, set it all up, put some of her art around and it is now a beautiful home. She's an awesome artist and an awesome person, very dedicated, very honest and has excellent work ethic! Her name is Treva Williamson and her website is http://www.fauxnart.com/

How to remove water stains from faux leather boots?

Wipe the boots with a little white vinegar on a paper towel. Allow to dry. This will get rid of water marks and also salt marks once Winter sets in. -

Where can I find a brown faux leather jacket?

try this : http://www.shopyop.com http://www.bluefly.com for USA buyers, you will receive free shipping of purchase more than $160 at shopyop.

How to replace a slat for faux wood blinds?

Fixing faux wood blinds is pretty much limited to only fixing the cords, rather than also being able to replace a whole piece. You can fix vertical blinds, but not the horizontal ones. Go to www.fixaslat.com.

I have stucco type walls and want to do faux finishes on them?

Go to Sherwin Williams with some pics of your walls. They'll guide you on color washing & glazing. The look is amazing, & their products are as well. They are well trained & professional.

How to get wrinkles out of faux leather?

What should I use to dye faux leather shoes?

take the shoes to a shoe maker and ask. else just paint them if you're not going to use them again. another possible place is a wedding dress store. people dye their shoes to match their bridesmaid outfits.

Is there such thing as faux wood veneer to cover a house?

There are several products on the market... from plastic, to wood to cement. You can get wood planking that is shaped like a log, on the face, and once it is up, your home looks like a log home. Naturally, since it is wood, it needs to be treated, and there is some maintenance with it. Ive seen plastic 'panels', or siding, that can also be used, and they come in a wide variety of styles, looking like anything from brick to limestone, etc. Wood shingles can also be bought....you can even get them already nailed to a strip of plywood... making installation a lot faster. "Hardiboard" is becoming quite popular these days too... it is actually a cement product, but has a texture on it... you can get it in a woodgrain texture... so, you end up with a 'painted wood plank' look, with almost no maintenance. You'll need some good carbide tipped cutting tools to work with this stuff, and pre drilling the nail holes is necessary... so, overall, it takes longer to install than anything else... and its a bit higher in price... but you have almost no maintenance costs, and the stuff lasts a very very long time. (I would suggest that if you decide to use this product, buy an extra box... and store it... for replacement later, like if a lawn mower throws a rock at it, heheheh) Talk to the folks at your nearest home supply store, to see the variety of siding options they have... or you can look them up online. (I like to use Lowes website myself) Have Fun!

I am looking for a faux stuffed animal head and skin rug?

Maybe try e-bay? I don't think $69 for that is unreasonable. If you are decent with a sewing machine (or needle and thread), you could buy a stuffed animal at where ever, take the head, paws, and tail off and find some fabric at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc and sew them to make your own.

How do I keep my faux fur jacket like new?

I highly suggest having it dry cleaned. Faux fur is very tedious...

How can i apply a faux wood graintechnique to my wall?

The rocker because of it's diameter will not remove the glaze at the wall / ceiling joint. There are two ways to get the grain lines all the way to the ceiling joint. 1. Start with the rocker a couple of inches down from the ceiling and grain as usual from that point down. Then, using an "artist" liner brush add the grain lines in a positive application of the graining glaze from your starting point up to the ceiling joint. 2 Apply the glaze all the way up to the ceiling and grain with the rocker in the usual manner. Then back track by using a pencil eraser as a negative removal tool and remove the glaze in the inaccessible area above to produce the grain in that area. The two above methods are the most common methods of dealing with the issue you are confronted with. If the above methods do not appeal to you, there is a third method which would be to hang a wallpaper border at the top of the wall to conceal the starting point and the graining void there. You could also put up a crown molding at the ceiling. More information on wood graining can be found here: http://www.paintinganddecoratingconcourse.com/Faux-Painting.html Hope that helps.

How hard is it to faux paint?

Venetian plaster is a kind of texture paint so it normally wouldn't be consider faux as the texture is real. Faux painting is easy but it is also easy to have it look trashy. The most important thing is consistancy. Practice someplace and only after you really know what you want go for it. Make sure you have the patience to complete the job using the same technique you start with. You will need really good ladders or schaffolding if you are going to paint a 20 foot wall.

How do I make a faux head board?

I just did this forr my daughter's room. We cut MDF (fiber baord available at any lumber or home center) two inches wider than the bed, we then settled on a height of 33" since we wanted it to be rather tall. We glued batting (3") to the MDF using spray adhesive wrapping the sides around to the back to take off any sharp corners and left 1" of open MDF along the top and bottom borders for screwing it to the wall. We then glued and stapled the fabric to the back side making sure to fold the fabric several times prior to stapling for added strength. Once it was done we fastened it to the wall using wall anchors and a pegboard kit from Menard's so that it was a 1/2" out from the wall. This allows us to run electrical cords from the shelf above it to the outlet below. I then glueed and finished nailed a trim piece (ivy leaved border from any home store) which was painted to match to the top and bottom border. Behind that trim pience we added LED rope lights to the top and bottom to add some subdued lighting to the room. Additionally, we added two more boards to either side made with bulletin board material (again at Mendard's) mounting the same way and covered with contrasting faric for hanging posters and artwork to avoid damaging the walls. The final wall is MDF covered with dry erase wall paper (available online or via specialty wall paper stores) so that she can track home work, draw or just express her feelings. All boards are cut tot he same height and all are trimmed with the same 1 1/2 trim pieces. They all have the rope lights mounted behind the trim as well. Top has blue and the bottom has white lights to match wall colors. The rope light is plugged into a wall plug that works from the wall switch. Have fun we had a ball with this one. BTW, the headboard can be changed easily by removing the board, stripping the fabric and glueing new fabric in it's stead. We matched the fabric ont he headboard to the comforter and the other bulletin boards are covered with a tie-dyed material.

How to wash my Skechers faux fur lined slipper shoes?

Use carpet cleaner and wash them in the sink or tub and let them air dry

How can I remove the musty smell from my brand-new faux suede bathing suit?

thats the great smell of plastic

How to clean a grease stain from an overstuffed microfiber (mocha faux suede) lounge chair?

A product called Goo Be Gone,it takes out ANYTHING!

how can i find faux fur to replace on a coat?

Try a fabric store like Joann's, Hancock, or even Wal-mart has a fabric dept. If u can't find any that matches/he likes there, the fabric stores have websites where they sell other colors and patterns for the same price (sometimes cheaper) or u can have the store special order something he does like. Or there's always other fabrics like leather or something that he might like even better than he liked the faux fur that u can use to replace it instead!

What would be the best kind of glue to attach faux fur to a rubber mask?

E6000 - it will bond most things to anything. it remains slightly flexible after it dries so it should work for what you want. You can find it at most craft storesand many hardware stores. At craft stores check the jewelry section for it.

What is the best faux paint effect to use with a strong base color?

We had painted one room with a blue paint which turned out too dark. After about 6 months, I couldn't stand the look. I used a white paint and a small rag and just crumpled up the rag and pressed it onto the wall in different directions. It came out wonderful. Everyone who sees it loves it. And it really didn't take too long to do the entire room. I "practiced" on a large piece of cardboard before I actually did the room. That way I achieve the look I wanted. Good luck. The key is to practice to make sure you are going to like it.

How to get a faux finish on cabinets?

If the cabinets are nice like you say, then just update the handles. But give them a good cleaning. Why ruin them with paint? Some people might not like the look of painted cabinets so you'll have a hard time selling the house. They'll be thinking they have to replace the cabinets.

How can I get rid of the chemical smell in faux-leather?

Take them back where you bought it. That is not normal.

How to clean a faux suede sofa.?

I use resolve spray on cleaner, and a fabric brush. I also steam clean using my bissell every 6 months or so.

Was the French word Faux originally used in America to scam consumers?

The word"faux" was not introduced to fool consumers. Most folks know whAt the word means. If you don't know what the word means you are uneducated. Don't blame others for your own inadequacies.

How do you clean faux wood blinds?

Mild soap and water with a sponge or rag. You may have to re-wipe them if they streak. Tobacco stains? I'd try mild warm (not Hot) water and a small amount of ammonia. Real small amount or it will gas you.

How much do faux finishers charge?

costs vary from state to state,but how simple is the technique? without knowing the technique all i can say is ,anywhere from 3 to 25 dollars a square foot,I do the trowled on coatings as In the various types of plasters and powdered marbles and I usually 8 to 15 dollars a square foot,depanding on the technique,murals and tromp o lei work is usually 20 per square foot at a minimum, to marbleize some columns is anywhere from 300 to 700 per column, this is the stuff i do,so i hope it helps...painting/faux painting contractor.

Is it a faux pas to ask my manager's boss for a letter of recommendation?

How do you wash a faux fur jacket?

most likely you will need to dry clean it. Didn't it come with a care and cleaning tag?

What's the best way to clean faux wood blinds?

Soak them in the bathtub with warm soapy water. Do not put the top of them in the water. It will rust the pullies. If need be, wipe them down also and rinse them with the shower.

What color for my bathroom with forest green faux marble countertop?

warm and creamy beige or taupe

How do you make a faux wall using homemade products?

google" wall paper paste used in faux painting", i'v done it a few times look as good or better than the kits they sell and a fraction of the price

How do I get scratches out of faux wood?

If you have the type of desk with the paper fake wood look, you will be unable to sand it down and repair it. Your best bet is to use something like Minwax Blend-Fil Pencil. The pencil is perfect for touch-up and repair of shallow scratches in furniture because the colors can be blended to match your color perfectly and they are really cheap! Good luck!

What kind of little bugs live on faux wood blinds?

It sounds like collembola. Collembola are an order of insect that are harmless to people and there things. I wouldn't bother spraying. They won't damage anything. I would just take the blinds outside and wipe them with a damp cloth.

What would happen to Faux news' ratings if a Republican was elected in 2012?

They would sky rocket as we began a war in Iran.

How to restore the faux fur on a winter coat?

fill your sink with water, then wet the faux fur, then use your normal daily conditioner on it, rinse it out reeaaalllyy good, then comb it and wait for it to dry, combing it every so often.

What kind of duvet to use with faux finished walls-solid or patterns?

I think toile is beautiful and as long as the rag finish is pretty subdued, I think a toile pattern would look wonderful. When in doubt though, the best thing to do is go to a fabric store, buy a fabric sample of the toile that you like, and bring it home to see how it looks with your furnishings and walls...

does anyone know how to put a faux finish on stainless steel appliances?

Certainly it must be possible. Here is one product I have used on smaller items like doorknobs etc. It is beautiful. Also chemically smell before it dries, easy to work with. I am not sure how it will hold up or how long, but I hope this gives you hope!! http://www.amaco.com/prod-rub-n-buff-metallic-finishes-437.html

How to acheive a burnish chesnut faux finish color on a ceiling fan or a lamp base?

I would use a good quality glaze compound. Woodcraft sells several different colors for 7.99 a quart. You could probably combine Van Dyke brown and Burnt Sienna to create a "chestnut" look. I use a rag and wipe on the glaze just like you would stain on wood. You would then let it sit for a few minutes to flash off. After that its a combination of patience and artistic flair. You have to wipe off the glaze evenly with several different rags. The trick is leaving just enough to create that burnished look. I wouldn't worry though, because you can always wipe off all the glaze and start over if it goes bad. Usually glazing requires a clear sealer over it like polyurethane or lacquer. I would check the glaze for compatible products.

How durable is faux leather as a sofa upholstery?

I've have one for 41/2 years and once treated right it is as durable as steel(a bit of exageration) but you get the meaning it can last long once treated right and the dog keeps away from it

What color green should I paint a kitchen with faux brick?

You can make ANY color green work with that. From a bright lime to a more subdued apple to a sage or an olive. The trick here is choosing your patterned accents first and working off them...Such as window treatments or dishware. Pick those out and you can come back to the wall color. They will make the statement of "style"... For instance if you went tuscan and choose this for your window http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1vZ1xr5/R-100087884/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053 You can pull a green from it. Or if you decide to go with http://www.pfaltzgraff.com/Aurora/ARORA,default,sc.html Dishes then pull the green from that.

How do you fix a damaged faux wood finish?

just sand it down and repaint it . . . you cant refinish fake wood . . . just doesn't work.

How/Where should I get my Faux Hawk done?

Go for a Salon. you don't need to ask for anymore ideas just pick that yo think is best for you the one that will make you feel good and confident about yourself. GO GO GO!

What products should I use for a durable faux finish on a bathroom counter?

I did lots of research on exactly this project. But first, heres how I made a fuax-stone desktop Got a 6 foot white formica countertop from hardware store for $35. I used acrylic paint I had laying around, sponged on various colors in ong streaks, working fast while its all wet. Then used a fake plant with lots of end, dipped it in black paint, and ran it across the whole thing. Then varnished 3 coats (I used glossy). Its now absolutely gorgeous desk and everyone loves it. So I explored doing it to a kitchen, and here's what I found. First,the technique works fine, but you'd have to prime the shiny/smooth formicas. The problem is in finishing them. Regular varnish is toxic so you don't want it around food. There is a product called 'salad bowl varnish' ( or something like that), used to finish wooden kitchenware. Its non toxic and can get wet. This was the best choice I found. The guy I talked to said it is NOT impervious to staining, and you'd not want standing water on it. So you'd get away with it if your'e good about cleaining up. I think this would be the same in a bathroom. I think it would take some time to ruin it...my desk came out pretty sturdy! There is actually a wood crafting store (I'm in chicago) and they specialized in finishes like varnish. And there is a lady on ebay that makes stencils, who's picture library includes how to create a faux marble counter top. She gives you step by step instructions and its beautiful. Her shop on ebay is 'victorysprings' and she's really good about answering questions. Good luck!

How to clean a faux leather jacket made of polyurethane and rayon?

Cleaning leather jackets, you just cannot throw them in the washer and dryer. If you do that, you've just ruin your very nice, and probably expensive leather jacket. It requires a different technique when it comes to cleaning your leather jacket. It's pretty easy and simple. Step 1 Using fiebings all purpose leather cleaner. This will help prevent cracking, also it will prevent stains on your jacket. Just use a towel or rag and apply onto your leather jacket. It's pretty useful in cleaning your leather jacket. Step 2 Use a saddle soap for leather jacket. It's a very mild soap, that will give a soft, clean and smooth feel to your jacket. Use a damp sponge or towel, along with a bit of saddle soap and wipe down your jacket. Then polish the jacket off with a clean, dry towel. Step 3 Use a Lexol leather conditioner. Get Lexol Conditioner. It's a great product, that will prevent cracking on your jacket. Using a cloth, wipe it down real good. Lexol is also used for leather on car seats, along with furniture. It's okay to use it on jackets and works with great results. Step 4 Cleaning suede jackets. Using white vinegar, along with a tad of water water. Wipe the jacket down with a little white vinegar and a little water. To remove stains, try a white pencil eraser. It's pretty effective and helps. Might need the jacket to air out, with vinegar smell for a day before wearing it.

How do I paint faux wood cabinets and make a smooth serface?

If they are a just a little rough, you may be able to sand them smooth, then prime and paint. But if they are really bumpy, sanding is likely to damage the surface and make it even worse. In that case, the only way I can think of of getting them smooth would be very labor intensive. You could use auto body putty (fiberglass resin) to smooth the surface. It does bond to wood, but it can be a pain to work with. Spread it on with a wide putty knife, allow to dry, then sand really well. Prime, sand again lightly, then paint. Spray paint or enamel and a foam roller are your two best options for a smooth paint job. Good luck!

How do you make faux stone on houses including the mold?

These are very intricate processes. A family friend experimented with stone for several years until he mastered the coloring techniques. This is a patented process. Basically, you build knock down or re-useable forms. Mix the concrete mix. Fibercrete would be the one to use as the fiberglass strands would hold the mix together better. Coloring would be done in the mix. Adding the colors at the last of the mix, stirring them in to create the streaks found in real stone. I think that the process is not cost effective for even a large project. If you are going into the business of making them commercially, you need to work with making the product before attempting it on your own.

How do you make faux coffee or tea in a cup used for decorative display?

It's called "liquid acrylic" you can die it, and it hardens. You can buy it from wal-mart, michaels, any craft store.

What color of faux wood blinds should we use?

bring one home and try it (b-4 the cutting) sometimes the contrast can be nice or it can just make your trim look dirty but the only way to truly tell is in your home with your lighting.

What are the requirements for a faux hawk?

Party on with your faux hawk. Hair isn't gay.

Is a faux hawk an acceptable hairstyle for a 28 year old guy?

honestly, i don't think a faux hawk is acceptable for any age guy. in my opinion, it's either you go all the way with a mohawk or nothing at all.