how did they switch the vault full of money to the empty vault in fast five?

they used the empty vault that they had bought and then switched it when they the lady said that they have 10 seconds that's when they switched it look at the movie again and pay close attention.

How is the asian guy in Fast Five still alive if he died in part 3?

The movies are not in chronological order. Han does in fact die in tokyo but fast five takes place before tokyo drift. The order is: The Fast and the Furious 2 fast 2 furious fast and furious fast five fast and furious: tokyo drift Rumors on a sixth movie is going around too. It's highly likely because at the end of fast five when han (asian guy) is in the lexus lfa Gisele (girl who worked for braga) asks him if he wanted to go to tokyo. He said "we'll get to tokyo eventually" and they were heading to madrid I think.

What are all the names of all the songs played in fast five?

Have you never heard of Google. Youtube. or iTunes. Good God.

Who was the woman in the last scene of the Fast Five movie that approached Dwayne Johnson?

Monica Fuentes: An undercover customs agent from 2Fast 2Furious, the second movie. She worked with Roman and Brian to take down a drug dealer. She is portrayed by the actress Eva Mendes.

What is the difference between the Fast Five blu ray movies?

it's the packaging. No difference in content.

during the casino scene towards the end of fast five, did the two spanish guys lose their 10 million dollars?

It is unresolved. It kind of reminded me of the last scene of Inception. The one placed his bets on red, the other on black, but it looked at the last second as if it was about to land on green. Guess we won't know until the next movie... if they ever even tell us.

Whats the name of this one song in Fast Five?

"L Gelada-3 Da Madrugada" by MV Bill ? if that is not it, here are all the songs,

Is there going to be another Fast and the Furious movie after Fast Five?

Yeah it looks like they set Fast Five up for another sequel. According to wiki the makers are trying to get away from the car racing angle towards more of an action series like with Fast Five.

What is your order of the five fast and furious films from favorite to least favorite?

Fast five and tokyo drift and catch all at one place->

How is Letty alive in Fast Five when Vince refers to Letty as being dead earlier in the movie?

well in the 4th one it shows her getting in a car accident but she is somewhat crawling away, so i believe that she actually escaped or someone helped her before the car exploded.