How do I make a family tree with my grandparents as the root?

Most of us use genealogy programs, that can record hundreds of names and print out "Ancestors of" or "Descendants of" reports for any person in the data base. If you are embroidering a quilt or making a decorative poster, Put the grandparents on the trunk with their names and birth years. Draw or sew as many main branches as they have children. It would make sense to me to label them from left to right, starting with the oldest child. Put the names of the spouses in parenthesis under each child, if they are married. Repeat with smaller branches coming out of each child's branch, again left to right, again with spouse underneath, in parenthesis. Sketch it out first with the grandchildren in a wide arc so you know how wide you'll have to spread the "child" branches.

How do you adapt a family tree to show divorce/remarriage?

There are many visual ways to show more than one marriage, in a chart form. The problem with decorative "trees" (using the term loosely) is that they can be very time consuming. Most researchers who accumulate a lot of information wind up using a genealogy program, which is set up to deal with all those persons. The LDS church offers Personal Ancestral file for free, via website, It remains a standard... you can include pics, etc. Almost all the standard programs offer "gedcom" ability... that is, transfer the facts to a file that is interchangeable with other genealogy programs. thus, if you really got hooked and decided that you want/ need a fancier program (read, buy it), you just transfer what you have to the new one. Another standard is called a family group sheet... which lists husband, wife, and children, and includes a space for the parents of each spouse.. linking back to the prior generation. YOu would do a separate fgs for each marriage, but in the program, they would "link". These are just the basic facts... not so much as a biography type thing, which gives more of a personal touch. You may want to drop by, which has a huge collection of genealogical resources, including tutorials on starting research, myths and hoaxes to avoid, etc.

Where can I find an empty family tree for a project?

Try It has a free downloadable blank family tree program. The site also has several search engines.

How do I make our family tree and include illegitimate child?

If you are using a genealogy program, like PAF (free) or Family Tree Maker ($39 and up) or Roots Magic ($29) you can just add the lady in question and the child, without a marriage fact. If you are doing family group sheets with a pencil, you will have two, one for your brother and his wife and their children, one for your brother, the woman and their child. I'd reccomend PAF. It (and all other genealogy programs) are to genealogy what "Word" is to writing a novel; they beat paper and pencil handsd down. Go to for the download. It is the Mormon's site.

What is the best family tree or family tree site to use to create my own family tree?

Ancestry and genealogy has been around since LONG BEFORE computers or the internet. You do not need a site online, to "do" your research/ family history. I have seen information ripped off and misused, and privacy violated. PAF is a program (not website) that is free, and you can get from the LDS church website It stores your family information. It does not "make" the still have to find records to do that. You put in who you want. It belongs to you, and is stored on your computer at home. You can still share what you choose. If you choose.. you can have a database that has persons not related to you at all. Don't confuse records with a family tree, by the way. You NEED TO KNOW that a birth certificate is a record. A file online is a file online, and can be in error.

How can you add your family tree to other published family trees on

You can't change or add to someone else's family tree unless they add you as an editor to their tree. However, you could make your own family tree on Ancestry and import the info from your cousin's tree.

What is the best online family tree maker?

Try Family Echo:

family tree?

Hey YoYoDog, There are many. You will spend years getting it though. You put one branch at a time together. The tree is not just out there. Here are some sites, remember to search for your Surname in these sites.

Family tree?

I went to and They do have a fee, but I got lucky. I typed in my last name and found a message board with a relative looking for other relatives. I contacted him and he was able to put information together on what he already had and sent me a copy.

Family Tree?

Don't count on the FBI heehee! Count on your oldest living family members to get you started, to tell you all they can remember of their parents and grandparents as far back as they can. You will need full names, and dates and places of births, marriages and deaths. Enter the information onto genealogy software, bought or free online, for organization, so you'll know what you know and don't know yet, thus where and when to begin looking. You've now begun documenting your work, and will be needing documents as you can find them available. Cemeteries your elders directed you to, your library and nearest LDS Family History Center can help you get started. You will need some access to census images. From this point I don't know if you are US or not, so what I write is generalized. Poke around at, and Some others are,, and . OH! Don't take *anything* you find as fact, check it out for yourself, at very minimum on census images. Document document document!