What do employees wear at a Family Dollar?

You should dress nicely, nice pants, top and clean nice shoes. Then when you get there, if you get the job, they'll tell you what to wear for your permanent position. Always dress nicely for interviews, no matter what job it's for. :)

Is water soluble personal lubricating gel from family dollar good?

Compare the ingredients / labels back to back.

How do i find an applications to fill out at Family Dollar?

I will send you one for a dollar. I accept PAYPAL

does any one know how to start a family dollar store?

I will go with 0976's answer. Think it over again.

How do I order multiples of a shirt found at Family Dollar, uder the name of Zoeybeth?

Indeed you can. Go into the store and go up to the cashier and you can order them...and they will even ship them to you...there is a big sign right by the cash register that says you can!!! I saw one there today!!! Peace, Love & Happiness

How much do store managers at Family Dollar make?

Goto linkedin.com Sign up Type in "Family Dollar" (past or present is cool) write down all the names you get on a separate sheet(are you doing this?) I will wait ..... Then take the names and plug them into pipl.com or zoominfo.com Learn about these people. Learn about their contacts on linkedin. Then tell these people the same thing you just told me. Network with people in your industry. Be your own head hunter. You know how much I would get to place a fellow like you? 7-10k... Do it yourself - to heck with me. Network, Network, Network. Spoke.com is a good place to get names too. Network more. Try salary info.com(I think is the site) if not google salary info. Goto indeed.com and simplyhired.com type "family dollar". Any manager jobs there? You know the industry look for othery key words. Any salary info there? It is people science not rocket science. Do it yourself or pay someone smart to do it for ya(I suggest my first suggestion there, k?) Edit: Hey even if someone here answers you. Verify what they said. Talk to as many people as you can this is important, right?

How long does it take to get employed at Family Dollar?

About a week

Would Family dollar petroleum Jelly work for male masturbation?

yeah its safe but kinda gross vaseline is too thick to really be a good lube for jerking off--and it smells weird and is hell to wash off try some handcream or lotion---just use one with low scent---you can buy lots of different lubes--ky is the most popular---spit is free and always handy---hellz even cooking oil is better than vaseline

How far back does family dollar go on background checks?

i worked at family dollar and that place is filled with people that should be under a jail cell so i don't think you should worry.

family dollar?

Just ignorance...I know a few myself. They just call it the Dollar Store. Even Dollar General gets the same thing. When I was out on a semi, we picked up loads in Canada of various items. For instance, packaged socks...Half of the trailer was packaged with Family Dollar packaging, the other half was for Sears. That happened many times. Same product, different destination and price.