What are the requirements to get into The WWE Hall of Fame? Are there certain requirements?

1 popular in fans 2 Talent 3 Good wrestler with title reigns

What is the difference between Madden 12 and Madden 12 Hall of Fame addition?

Madden 12, Hall of Fame Edition, comes with a complete bronze and foil embossed cover, an autographed Panini trading card (inedible) and a Madden Ultimate Team Platinum Pack -- in-game collectible cards for Madden NFL 12's supplementary mode, Madden NFL Ultimate Team. Autographed Panini Card: "Madden NFL" and Panini, the world leader in published collectables, have teamed up to create the ultimate "Madden NFL" trading card featuring 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Marshall Faulk. Each copy of the Hall of Fame Edition will include one of four exclusive Marshall Faulk trading cards, each hand-signed by Faulk. One solid, 18k gold autographed card will be randomly inserted into one Xbox 360 and one PlayStation 3 copy of the "Hall of Fame Edition." The lucky recipients of these two cards will have one of the most valuable cards in Panini history. Only 125,000 Hall of Fame Editions were made, making it a must have for any football fan. Yes to me it's worth it.. Its 4 the true nfl fans who love football and want the xtras.. st , the autographed marshall faulk cards go for at least $ 1,000 and then when you add in what the ultimate team pack will probably spend over $1,000 to get HOF players you want..its actually a pretty good. Normal Madden 12 Editions only has Peyton Hillis

Is a novel about being addicted to fame and having fame overrated?

Honestly, No. This is a good theme, but I would suggest making sure it's unique and doesn't connect to a past situation in REAL LIFE. (Ex. Girl who was a child TV star, who then grows up singing music, gets married, has kids, gets divorced, custody battle, and then shaves her head, Only to come out stronger and better from the experience. Been there. Seen That. Lmfao.) You know what I mean? It may not have happened a lot in books, but it happens a lot in real life, so make sure it's unique and unlike any situation! Lots of love, Happy writing! Nicole

How many Hall of Fame NBA players have never reached the 2nd round of the playoffs?

Great question! I did a quick search but didnt find anything. I believe the whole notion of the Hall of Fame is that its for winners and players that are battle tested that overcome adversity. Tmac still has a couple of good years left to accomplish that. With a healthy Yao, they can get to the 2nd round, but thats it. His best option might be to consider joining a contender during his last years like we have seen some other aging all stars do, grab a ring to help his cause. If not, then he will not make it.

How can I get a walk of fame star to install at my home?

Here's a place where you can order a replica, and comes with letters to personalize it: http://www.hollywoodmegastore.com

How long does it take for your crew fame to get to established in Puzzle Pirates?

you have to have 19 people and pillage 4 times a day and then your crew fame is established in 1 week

How much fame comes with being a Pro soccer player?

I'm guessing from your question that you're American. The truth is that no matter how good you are, the chances are that you're never gonna be huge in America. That's because the American public doesn't embrace football like the rest of the world does. However, the level of fame for players like Ronaldo, Messi, Gerrard, Ronaldinho (even now he's past his best) in Europe is phenomenal. I could guarantee that in a list of a the most famous and well known people in Europe, there would be a large amount of footballers. You've also gotta realise that some of these players are on £150,000 a week. Thats $250,000. It's a very good life, but you really do have to be the best of the best.

How much fame comes with being a Pro football player?

if you turn out to be one of the best football players in the world, there's plenty of fame that comes along with it.


Be confident for your audition. Smile and be really friendly. That is really important. (Next to nailing the acting/singing) Practice your stuff so you know what your doing and be prepared to do something random they ask you do do that maybe you haven't prepared (like idk sing a new song or act out a script they give u right then and there). and also another little thing that helps is, if you get a call back and you go audition again wear the same thing you did before so they remember you. and your outfit shout be fun and reflect you cuz before you even start to talk looks will be the first impression. good luck! What are you auditioning for?


A life where I had a normal childhood and adulthood. I don't want or need fame. It ruins too many lives... (ex. Britney / Jamie-Lynn Spears)