What is the difference between a boy band and a normal all male band?

Boy bands consist of conventionally very attractive young men who sing pop tunes in tight, predictable harmonies and dance at the same time, usually synchronized. Boy bands can also wear costumes that accentuate the dancing, but that's not absolutely necessary. They usually never play instruments and don't venture out of the pop genre. Nickelback all play their own instruments and the songs are usually just lead singer with backup, though the choruses may be sung in full harmony. Boy bands usually trade off solo lines, even if there's an obvious lead. Fall Out Boy is just a rock band.

Who is support acts for the Fall Out Boy NZ/AUS tour Feb 09? And Kings Of Leon Support Act NZ March 09?

Hey I'm not 100% sure but I think for Fall Out Boy its "The Rocket Summer" and "The Friday Night Boys" hope thats helped

What should I get signed by Fall Out Boy?

wow, your so luucky, i'd love to meet them, :) maybe a FOB poster ? a shirt ? idk, something like that. have fuun at the concert and meeting them! thats so awesome.

What does the song "Thanks for the Memories" by Fall Out Boy about?

It's sort of a long story, but it's most of the song is about the end of Pete's friendship with childhood friend Chris Gutierrez. (HeyChris) There was a big fiasco about Chris' girlfriend cheating on him with Pete. Chris decided to blog about it in his livejournal, attacking Pete. Hence the, "If that's the worst you got, better put you fingers back to the keys" line. Also the, "who does he think he is?" line. "He tastes like you, only sweeter" is based off a line from the movie Closer with Julia Roberts in which she says, "It tastes like you but sweeter." (In the movie, Roberts cheats on her husband and she says that to him as they talk about it.) The one night stand line, basically just goes with the Pete slept with Chris' girl. Pretty much, Pete's kind of rubbing it in Chris' face.

How to come up with Fall Out Boy-like Metaphors?

if you wanna know, you should check out how pete comes up with the lyrics, most of his inspiration comes from the break ups in his relationships and also that one time when he almost OD'd or sumthing (it was a near death experience). What i'm trying to say is, you get it from experience

If you wanted your guitar to sound like relient k or fall out boy then what type of pedals would you get?

Umm.... you can't get it with a Marshall amp? Boost the gain, cut the mids slightly, boost the bass a little bit, crank the treble way up. Should be pretty easy. You can get a distortion pedal... even a DS-1 should help you get there. Boss is a great brand of guitar pedals... the link below goes to their distortion pedal page, which has sound clips! Go for the one that most closely matches the sound you have in your head. I've used the Metal Zone for years (when I didn't have an amp that had great built in distortion, or when I wanted that scooped metal tone at low volumes), and recently have picked up a Metalcore. I really like both - the Metal Zone has a more scooped sound like 80's metal (think early Metallica, or most of the death/thrash/black metal bands of that time period) but you should know that it doesn't have the low-end chunk that the Metalcore does (think modern metal distortion, more like Zakk Wylde or Lamb of God, that kind of thing). The Boss sound clips are pretty accurate, I think, so you can base your selection pretty reliably off of those. There are some cheaper but still decent pedals out there... I like some of the Danelectro pedals like the Fab Tone for instance. More fuzz than distortion per se, but with some EQ you can get a pretty decent array of distortion tones out of it. Saul

When is the next fall out boy concert in england?

Fall Out Boy just finished their tour of England last week. They will be playing small gigs in the US and then returning to New Zealand and Australia next February to promote Folie A Deux, their next album, released December 15 & 16 worldwide. Other tour dates are yet to be announced and confirmed

Help? what are the poetic devices from the song dance dance by fall out boy?

Hmm i don't really know this song well, but i'm good at english so i'll see what i can do...Might be handy to look the lyrics up... All i can really find is in the chorus and towards the end of the song. All the "Dance, dance". Repetition is used to Emphasize. In this case, fall out boy uses repetition to get the song stuck in everyones head. sorry i can't be off more help...I poinxt about thr most obvious one lol... hope this helps none the less...

I'm trying to find free guitar sheet music for fall out boy that contains notes? Can anyone help?

nothing is free in this world buddy. but i use http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ i noticed how u said u only know how to read notes and chords. well, on this site they uses tabs, which is a lot easer to read than notes and u can pick up pretty easily. but if u inisit on reading notes, they also have guitar pro files which (you must use guitar pro to open, and it cost money. but i got it off torrent) there are notes and tabs side by side and its a lot easier to play cuz if u dont get the rhythem n stuff they can play it for u and u know how it sounds.

Does Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy get more credit than he deserves?

Personally, I think everyone in that band is ugly as sin, but they were cool for a while so I didn't mind at first. I really had no problem with the group until Pete Wentz suddenly became the main attraction.

What is the song playing in the background at the beginning of the song Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy?

a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me by fallout boy

How do you kill manpower on Fall Ouy Boy trail?

you're meant to shoot it in the middle bit iwth the heart quite a few times i'm not sure though cuz i shot it a lot and still died lol awesome game - i used to play the original years ago!

Isnt Fall Out Boy supposed to have a Celebrity Playlist out?

it isnt out yet. i think they delayed it like they did america's sweethearts.

Did Fall out boy wrote a song about liking someone who doesnt like you back ?

....like thanks for the memories?, do you know whats really creepy is that im actually half way through the song when i saw your question

What are good lyrics to put on a shirt from Fall Out Boy's album Folie A Deux?

Im not a cry baby, im THE cry baby (tiffany blews) i dont care as long as its about me (i dont care) Head like a steel trap (headfirst slide into copperstone) what makes you so special (W.A.M.S) i wanna scream i love you from the top of my lungs ( the shipped gold stnadard) have you ever wanted to disappear ( 20 dollar nose bleed) i dont want anything inbetween (shes my winona) lol those were random ones. goodluck!

How many albums did Fall Out Boy produce?

Studio albums * Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend (2003) * Take This to Your Grave (2003) * From Under the Cork Tree (2005) * Infinity on High (2007) * Folie à Deux (2008) EPs * Fall Out Boy / Project Rocket Split (2002) * My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue (2004)

Can a twelve year old buy fall out boy tickets?

If you go to the place and stand in line to buy them, then yes they will sell them to you providing the venue is not in a bar or has age restrictions. If you order them over the net or by phone you will have to use your parents credit card.

What are some bands that are very close to Paramore and Fall Out Boy?

I know what u mean by the whole "not popular" but the truth is most good bands are already signed...FOB is my favorite band...im not so sure if these sound much like them but i also like these... Cobra Starship nevershoutnever! Forever The Sickest Kids All Time Low Cute Is What We Aim For The Cab A Rocket to The Moon The Postal Service "Immune" is a really good band especially their song "3 feet deep" but they aren't signes and only have like 3 songs..their songs are on iTunes...so they aren't popular at all.... here are their songs - 3 feet deep - In your place - I'd rather die

What Fall out Boy song could a stripper dance to?

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Thanks For The Memories)

What should I wear to a Fall Out Boy concert?

OMG!!! i just went to the fall out boy concert in Phoenix!!!! all i can say is prepare for the best concert of your life!!!!!! definitely bring a camera if you can....but ok...as far as what to wear...i would just wear a plain black tank top, or t-shirt if you dont already have a fall out boy shirt or if you plan on buying one at the show. if you already have a shirt, wear it for sure! just some plain jeans r great also. hairstyle... pull it up in a pony w/ straightened bangs(if you have bangs) on the side.i just wore some plain black heart earrings, or just some plain withe or black would look great. i would try to wear a glow bracelet... it will get you attention...and trust me...w/ some of the stuff they have planned at the show...you WANT them to notice you. i would wear some skater shoes or some plain black tennis(or other shoes). if you want any more ideas or have any questions feel free to check my profile and email me^_^. hope this helped and have fun!!!! i know i did!!!!fall out boy 4ever!

place to find finished panic at the disco and fall out boy fanfiction?

I go to buzznet.com and just search Panic at the Disco or any one of the band members under journals. there are some good ones there. There are some that may not be finished, but those stories usually have like 50+ chapters (so by the time you finish reading the 50 or more chapters previous chapters ,chances sre the person would have posted a new chapter) you don't need to have a buzznet to read them. Just search Fall Out boy (or a person from FOB)under journals hope this helps!

Do you know of any good rock bands similar to Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance?

I love those bands.... maybe you might like the same music as me, then??? These are the bands I listen to most frequently: Fall Out Boy Panic At The Disco Hey Monday My Chemical Romance All-American Rejects Cobra Starship The Academy Is... PARAMORE Metro Station Cute Is What We Aim For All Time Low Maine :D Hope I helped.... :)

what time should i leave to get to the front row at a fall out boy concert?

really early. at least an hour before doors open. You can't leave either that spot so stay hydrated but don't drink too much! be careful though, people get pretty pushy. If you're beginning to feel crush or it's hard to breathe get out! it's not worth staying there if you're going to pass out or get hurt before fall out boy even takes the stage.

Fall Out Boy Concert general admission...How long should I line up to get front row seats?

At noon or really early in the morning. I see no point in getting there that early. I'll tell you why because you can make your way to the way front once the bands start playing. The crowd starts moving like crazy and before you know you it your in the way front when you used to be in the way back. I've done that plenty of times at concerts and I got their an hour before the doors opened.

How many Hours Is an Average Fall Out Boy Concert?

I've been to three so far... and normally they last until about 11:30 or so... but trust me, it's worth losing sleep over! HAVE FUN! :D

What music should I try if I like fall out boy and Nickleback but want to find some good christian groups too?

Pillar, Skillet, Switchfoot, Reliet K, Kutless, Third Day are all great bands that have somewhat of the same sound. The closest thing to Fall Out Boy that you'll probably find that doesn't have an insanely-strong Christian sound and vibe to them is probably Relient K. I actually once called them "Fall Out Boy for Christians". The lyricism, vocal structure, and sound are very close. -btyler

What should I wear to the Fall Out Boy concert at the Tacoma Dome?

Wear the black shirt with the skirt. You should also hold up a sign that says 'I heart Pete' on it. lol I went to that concert!! It rocked! :D Have fun!

What bands are playing in the fall out boy concert on may 8th?

Cobra Starship, Hey Monday, All Time Low, and Metro Station are also going to be on the "Believers Never Die" tour. =D Im going may 17th. 83 days!!! Been counting down since 108 days. =D

How Long Does A Fall Out Boy Concert Usually Last?

it depends on how many bands play. like if it's just them probably one-ish hours, but they'll almost definitely have other acts, if it's like 4 or 5 acts total i could be up to 2 am before you leave... i went to a concert recently and there were 5 bands, it started at 7pm and we left at midnight...

Do the new fall out boy and new kanye west albums sound similar to you?

Yea , I like both emm !!!

How much are the tickets for the up-coming fall out boy concert?

i got mine this morning for ny they were 36 i think have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

What is being whispered in the Fall Out Boy song "Dance Dance"?

Were going into B-minor. It is a chord change in the song.

Whats the difference between fall out boy and my chemical romance?

fall out boy isnt as "gothic" as mcr, mcr has more death oriented lyrics and fall out boy doesnt and the main differnce is that fall out boy is better

What's a song by Fall Out Boy, that has a good, positive message behind it?

Honestly, I'd pick another band, especially for a religion class. Not only are there hardly any truly positive songs from FOB, but the lyrics are sometimes suggestive and really hard to decipher. I'm a fan of Fall Out Boy myself, but I'd pick something else.

Fall Out Boy concert in Utah- What were the names of the opening bands?

The bands that played were Hey Monday, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Metro Station and at some places 50 Cent was there too.

Is it true if you buy something at aeropostale you get a fall out boy t shirt?

i haven't gotten a fall out boy t-shirt since i started shopping there. i don't know where you friend got that at but unless they are having some kind of program thing no they are not giving out free fall out boy t-shirts

where to find fall out boy music without words?

go on youtube and type in fall out boy ________ (whatever your song is) instrumental and maybe it'll come up! Hope it does!

How much is merch at a fall out boy concert?

Shirts are usually $25, hoodies are $45-$55, CDs are about $15-$20, posters are about $15-$25. I'm going to this tour also, I'm not sure about the Blink stuff though, it might be a little more expensive because they've been gone for so long, but I doubt it.

What should I wear to a Fall Out Boy concert?

fall out boy band tee =] (ALWAYS GOOD) a dark denim skirt and either black tights/leggings with it. maybe some black flats? and like a cool hoody it's what i'd do good luck picking something :) x

What would be the easiest Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance song to learn on guitar?

What are on the Octodrives that fall out boy is giving out?

1. Fall Out Boy - America’s Suitehearts (Mark Hoppus remix) 2. Fall Out Boy - America’s Suitehearts (Mark Hoppus remix) music video 3. Mark Hoppus/Octopus photo shoot documentary 4. Mark Hoppus/Octopus photo shoot pictures 5. Text file saying “Email xxx@xxx.com your mailing address to receive something soon” These things have been rumored to have been found on the drives.

How do I get backstage passes from Fall Out Boy?

I've never been to a Fall Out Boy show, but I've been to other rock shows and backstage passes really aren't handed out that freely anymore because of increased security at venues. Sometimes there are local radio/magazine/other music industry contests that can get you meet and greets, but it's usually not through fan clubs, and fan clubs certainly don't offer backstage passes to all members. If you just want to meet the band you might have some luck by arriving early (before or immediately after the sound check) and waiting (politely) by the stage door or the tour bus. If you can't catch the band before the show, you can also try waiting in the same places after the gig and if it isn't a huge show and there aren't a ton of fans, the band might come out and sign autographs and take pictures.

What are all the really cool Pete screamo parts in fall out boy songs?

actually the guy who screams in I Slept With Someone in Fall Out Boy... isnt actually pete. its the dude for new found glory. pete screams in: the carpal tunnel of love, hand of god, calm before the storm, saturday, grenade jumper, do you know who i think i am?, sending postcards from a plane crash (wish you were here), bang the doldrums, and yeah. the list probably goes on. thats the only songs i know off the top of my head. but hey, if you really want to hear all the screamo parts that pete does, listen to Take This to Your Grave. that album is the best. im telling you, you wont regret listening to it :D hope i was helppp.

What is the song by fall out boy that is playing at the beginning of stick it when she is doing the jump?

I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me from the album From Under The Cork Tree

How do i upload a picture to friends or enemies for the Fall Out Boy toy works drawing contest?

Fall out boy rocks.They are my favorite band. In order to upload your drawing you need a scanner to put it on your computer. Then go to friendsorenemies.com and in the corner press edit account. Under the section post something click on upload photos.

How long ahead should I wait for Fall Out Boy?

i would get there at least 2 hours early, probably more depending on how much you like them because 500 people fills up quick and you wouldnt want to get there and not be able to get a ticket have fun!!

Is my thirteen year old too young for a Fall Out Boy concert?

I've been to a Fall Out Boy concert before...I'd have to say they're pretty appropriate. The band kept themselves pretty well behaved. I don't know about Blink-182 as far as stage behavior, but if I had to take a guess at it, I say they're pretty behaved as well.

What is the easiest fall out boy song to play on acoustic guitar?

:) I love Fall Out Boy, They are my favorite newage band, and I can play most of their songs on everything except the drums. I suck at percussion. But Good, Easy songs like; Golden,Grand Theft Autumn/Where is your boy tonight,Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner, Grenade Jumper, Gay Is Not A Synonym For Suckish, I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Me + You), and Hum Hallelujah. I hope this helps!

What is the setlist and line up for the fall out boy concert?

Fall Out Boy Mesa Amphitheatre, Mesa, AZ Setlist on April 3, 2009 1. Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes 2. Thriller 3. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me" 4. Sugar, We're Going Down 5. Lullabye 6. This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race 7. I Don't Care 8. Chicago Is So Two Years Ago 9. Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet 10. I Slept With Someone In And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me 11. Grand Theft Autumn 12. What a Catch, Donnie 13. (Coffee's for Closers) 14. Dead On Arrival 15. She's My Winona 16. Beat It 17. America's Suitehearts Encore: 18. Thanks For The Memories 19. Dance, Dance 20. Saturday

Where can I find Fall Out Boy orchestra music?

I highly doubt any music from Fall Out Boy has been transcribed for orchestra.