Can I get sued for slander if I talk about someone on my Facebook without using names?

Actually, yeah, if you reference specific events particular to that person, especially if other people were there or witnessed what happened. Just because you don't name names doesn't mean you can't get into trouble.

If you sued facebook...?

Facebook is immune from lawsuit for defamation posted by others, according to the Communications Decency Act (the part that wasn't struck down). If they're violating copyright, i.e., using the video without permission of the author, then they can be sued for copyright infringement, along with the person who posted the video illegally, if they do not properly respond to the copyright complaint.

Doesn't it make you feel better that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are getting sued for ripping off investors?

when some one posts a lie about another on facebook, can they be sued?

Grow up.

Can Facebook sue you for violating their terms of use?

No, and no. A violation of their terms is a violation of contract, and the most they can do is delete your account. And since there is no legal requirement that you provide proper information, it is not fraud unless you are purporting to be someone who you are not and impersonating them / using their information to harm, etc.

could a person or persons get sued for hacking another persons youtube, yahoo, or facebook account?

Anybody can be sued for anything. ~ But they have to prove loss to get any money.

Should I greet this girl a happy birthday on my Facebook even if she didn't greet me on mine?

You should and be a good friend, show her you still care even if your apart. Just because she didn't post a happy birthday, could mean she forgot or couldn't get on that day. Just because one little thing, shouldn't change the way you act toward others.

Are you going to quit playing Scrabulous on Facebook now that it is being sued by Hasbro?

It's the only ethical thing to do. I know I would be peeved if I rightfully bought the rights to something, or invented something, and somebody comes along with a cheap knockoff. People want everything for free online; music, games, programs, etc... wtf is wrong with society?

Can you get sued for cursing someone out on facebook?

I doubt it. If you persistently curse her out on facebook, then she could have you charged with harassment. But since this was just the one time, No. Don't believe her! She cannot sue you! Most likely, she can't even afford a lawyer.

How do you sue facebook?

Have fun getting laughed at in your face and right out of the office if you try to sue a bunch of billionaires are going to take that seriously? No way.

Can I get sued for accessing someone's facebook, yahoo, myyearbook accounts?

Probably not, but you can get for probably anything! Your defense argument would be pretty strong, though :p

Getting Sued Over Facebook For "Defamation Of Character":?

And exactly where is everyone going to get the thousands of dollars in legal fees and expenses necessary to establish a defamation case? No one is going to do anything because of the tremendous financial cost and anyone who is wanting and able to move forward with litigation in the face of the substantial costs is "bat sh*t crazy" in which case truth is an absolute winning defense in actions for defamation..... Good Luck!

Can i cancel competition on facebook page without worries, that i'll be sued?

The question is simple, the answer is not. So I'll just throw out this scenario. "Take my survey and be entered to win a free iPad!" make bank off of surveys close facebook page everyone that knows you hates you.

My cousin is suing Facebook for 5 million dollars because someone tried to steal his identity?

He won't win? His information is his personal responsibility, not Facebook. And Facebook tries hard to make sure people don't have their privacy violated. I don't use facebook often or at all really because I don't like it, but this lawsuit is ridiculous and he won't win. This is what i hate, everybody is so eager to call a lawyer and try to sue someone for something that was their fault to begin with. It's just like the old lady from mcdonalds who spilled coffee so she sued. If law suits like this keep winning I will lose my faith in humanity. That being said, some companies do deserve to be sued because they are doing something wrong, but facebook hasn't done anything wrong yet. You don't have to use it, tell your cousin to stop being a stupid baby and take responsibility for his own actions instead of trying to get some "Easy Cash".

Could I get sued for using a copyrighted image on my facebook profile?

You could get sued, but it is most likely that facebook will just suspend your profile !

Can I sue facebook for a fake profile of me?

Facebook doesn't know who 'you' are, how are they supposed to know it's not YOU who have the fake profile? In short, Facebook provides the site, users provide the information, and Facebook takes (nor should they) no responsibility for the identity of their users.

Can Facebook get sued for this?

yes yes yes, obviously a breach of privacy. you should contact Gloria Allred; she will appear on TV and win you millions $$$!!!!

Can i sue Facebook if someone posted a picture with me semi-nude on his profile ?

You can sue a ham sandwich if you want to. However, lawsuits are designed to compensate you for your losses. Frankly, a semi-nude photo that someone first took of you (unless it was in a place where you had an expectation of privacy) and then posted on the internet is not actionable, because you did not suffer any loss because of it. I'm going to recommend that you get over it. - Stuart

Can You get someone Arrested,Sued or Fined for putting your picture on there facebook profile?

No, but if he is trying to make people think that is your profile he can have his account deleted on Facebook. That is about all you can do. He isn't committing a crime or doing anything that could get him sued.

Can a person sue Facebook for unauthorized distribution of personal information after deleting the account?

Am I able to sue Facebook for refusing to remove pictures of my children posted by someone else?

Not such a good idea, facebook has many lawyers since it's a famous website, and many people trial for court for reasons like that many other. The best thing to do is make your son sign a form with his full name and send it to facebook. Then they will probably ban the account.

getting sued for uploading pictures on facebook?

For facebook could I download a picture like a fish tank or is it copyrighted meaning I could get sued?

I think you can put whatever you want as your facebook profile picture. It's not as if you're using it to make any money.

how easily can one be sued for comments made on facebook?

Well personally my opinion is that they would have to go pretty far to get sued.. But if its something that makes you want to go suicide or something then maybe that's good enough.

Can I go to jail or be sued for putting a threat on Facebook?

jail - no sued - maybe depending on the context, past history and your intent

I'm getting sued for posting a video on facebook and youtube of a fight what do i do?

Shut up and hire a lawyer

yahoo sued facebook!!!!!!! who will win?

Facebook ! İ love yahoo answers and i do use yahoo weather app on my phone but all my friends are on face, i recently moved abroad, facebook is a great way to keep in touch for free With friends From all over the world, share tons of pics etc. Also the vast amount of Pages and groups! My uni has a page from where you follow daily news about the uni! My study group have a group Account so we can easily Chat and share the work we have done! İ rely on facebook far more then yahoo, so no matter how Much i like both of them , i NEED facebook!

Can i be sued for posting a naked pictures of my 20 year old ex girlfriend on Facebook?

Yes if she can prove it was you who did it as well as her body that was shown. Even if you didn't post her full name or show her face, it is still harassment. I am sure she would find a way to prove it was her body up there and even though Facebook would have already deleted the pictures (or are on their way to deleting them) if she saw them and saved them somehow you could be charged for it (if she wanted to get you in trouble).

Can you be sued for libel in Facebook?

No! The word "****" is a jailiable offense and is often followed by a stiff prison sentence of 25 to life. I hope you have a good lawyer on hand, buddy!

Can I get sued on facebook for having a TV shows character name?

No Problemo, As you are not gaining any monetary benefits from it, no one cares. I use a picture of a game's character from devil may cry.

Can facebook sue you for using your own pictures?

No, they cannot. You grant them a free license to the photo, you do not give them control over the original, which you still own.

why has'nt facebook sued sexbook ?

Can one be sued over a facebook comment?

Damages have to be proven. That is a bit difficult, but can be done. In the USA anyone can bring any lawsuits they want. Whether the court will hear it is entirely different.

did you know facebook is being sued?

It doesnt surprise me at all that Myspace 2: Electric Boogaloo is being sued. Lets hope everyone remembers this when the next fail of the trilogy comes out.

Can you get sued for mentioning facebook in a feature film?

Can you get sued by a teacher for making a Facebook group petition to fire her?

If you make clams that are not true, especially when the intent is to harm the person (harm her career, in this case), you can certainly be sued. If you don't make such claims, simply stating a preference is not something she can sue over. However, just stating the preference COULD get you expelled, since it goes beyond what would be considered appropriate for the school, and THEY have the right to set those limits.

How much did facebook get sued for?

Which lawsuit are you referring to? Your question is far from being complete. Please fully think and plan your questions before posting them so you get the kind of answers you really want. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Facebook is a multi billion dollar company. There are lawsuits filed constantly against large corporations and they have full time lawyers to handle the. Welcome to the real world.

Can i be sued if i put a video of a girl in school acting dumb on facebook?

She is not a public person, such as the regular press or the paparazzi would cover. There's no news interest exception. She has privacy rights. In my state, you cannot record someone without their consent. She is also a minor. And your school may have rules about this. Don't do it. Not just for legal reasons, but moral reasons.

Can you get sued over harassment through Facebook if you live in the USA while the victim lives in Asia?

Can i get sued for writing on my facebook wall about my roommates?

Anyone can sue you for any reason whatsoever. They simply need to complete the proper paperwork and pay the court filing fees. Whether they win or not depends upon the strength of their case. If they sue for libel, your defense would be that you wrote the truth. Be prepared to prove you wrote facts.

Could I Get Sued for making a facebook page about Kpop artists?

I'm not a lawyer or anything, but I think this could be a yes and a no situation. If you wouldn't put anything illegal or law-breaking on there, I don't see why you would get in trouble. There's hundreds of Facebook pages that aren't official pages made by the particular band. There is a chance that you could get in trouble if you do put illegal or Photoshoped photos of them up. Another way is, if you don't have permission from them you could. Although that is probably unlikely. They're not going to look through all the pages on Facebook to find one that doesn't have permission to be up. If it gets reported, then it'll catch Facebook's attention and they could contact the band. Well, as I said it's yes and no. Just be careful and responsible for what you post if you get a lot of followers. Have fun!

Can Pocodot get sued by Facebook?

Unless they copied VERY closely the form and style of Facebook, copied trademarks, or used some very unique features, there is little Facebook can do. If it was an issue, the lawsuits would already be filed.

has anyone, who is disabled by mental illness (PTSD and Bipolar II for me) ever sued facebook?

Its not facebooks obligation to provide extra protection like that. Its that persons problem, not facebooks. A case based on that would never make it to court, no standing.

Can you be sued over Facebook Harassment?

Can you be sued over a truthful Facebook accusation?

Can I get sued for using myspace, facebook, or youtube logos on promotion material?

It's possible, but unless the material itself might somehow be viewed as damaging to a website's image (if such a thing is possible), I wouldn't expect it. First of all, you're really not gaining anything by using their logos. People aren't going to buy your CD just because they have those logos on them. That being the case, I doubt I would use them, myself. If you were using the logo of a professional sports team, or the Olympics, or even Campbell's Soup, they might, but I don't see those websites being the subject of "collectors." Second, they stand to gain if you do so. You're promoting them, whether you realize it and/or intend it or not. Unless the CD is something that might become the subject of a 60 Minutes segment asking "Why do we tolerate this kind of thing?", I doubt anyone will care much.

Should Facebook be sued for all of the marriages it breaks up?

Waste of time. Same as suing McD's for making you fat, or a gun company for killing your sister, or volvo for killing your cat. There are all sorts of law suits like this, and very few winners on the plaintiff side. That being said, I detest FB and would be thrilled if someone won. :)

Can you get traced and sued over facebook overseas?

You can get traced for your activities on Facebook anywhere on earth. The internet is a universal activity. Facebook is owned and controlled by two fellows in California. If anything goes amiss anywhere in the world on Facebook then they are the ones who are contactable to do something about it. Also if you have to abide by the laws of the USA and various other countries in relation to what is listed on Facebook. A case in point in the last six months in Australia there have been three youth deaths and friends have put comments about their death on Facebook. Two of these deaths have occurred in the past couple of weeks and the Premier of the state of Queensland Australia has contacted the people at Facebook to do something about the abusive content of these entries. They have simply replied saying that it is a social networking site and it is not their responsibility. However, it does involve a teen murder and a child murder and is a serious matter in this jurisdiction. The Premier Anna Bligh is quite within her right to ask Facebook to take down abusive material about people - both of whom are minors and both of whom have been murdered. Facebook was less than co-operative. I doubt that they are going to be too worried about what you say about your Mum. However, if a future employer finds the material it could affect your employability and it does not reflect positively upon your character as a person to speak like that about the person who bought you into the world. Article re Premier Anne Bligh & Facebook I hope that this helps give you some examples of the abuse of Facebook. It is a great networking site and you should keep it that way so that when you do go overseas you can keep in touch with family and friends and put photos of where you have been up there and your friends and family will you are OK and having a good time. Happy travelling. Cheers!!! Wrong Action have consequences!!! In a virtual world you can be litigated virtually anywhere if what you say, or even imply is damaging to the good name and/or public persona of the person that it has been said about.

I'm being told I'm goIng to get sued over Facebook and this guy just posted my passport number. What do I do?

Delete the post on your wall and block the guy. Contact Facebook.

Could facebook be sued for acting slowly on a false profile?

Yes if you do know who these girls are then you can report it to your local police station & they can make a case out of it if its that serious. Hope this helps