Grade my fantasy football team?

Since you want a grade i'll give you A-

who would win American football team vs the world's football team?

America hands down. Who would be on the world team?

If the NFL had no salary cap how do u think this Jets team would do?

A few of those guys aren't even playing anymore. Larry Allen Larry Johnson Lorenzo Neal Will Shields

Who is going to win this game?

the team with the most points? Hey how this that Madonna deal coming along?

What should I do to improve my Fantasy Football team to playoff-caliber?

This is a very deep league so a big performance by any player could vault you to a win. Carson Palmer is not a great QB but I know that in 16 team leagues it's pretty hard to get someone who is. You're also pretty weak at RB and RB is a position that will win you championships every year. Maybe you should try to put in one of your RB instead of Lee Evans or Moss because RBs will score more TDs than WRs. Obviously you have a good team but it's not an elite team. I think with a few big games by Michael Turner and Carson Palmer you can get in the playoffs. I think you should try to trade Steve Smith too. He's a big name who will get some good players in return. Maybe try to get an upgrade at RB or package a RB for a better QB so you at least have some depth when the Bengals go on bye. Obviously trading Steve Smith has to be the first thing because Carolina has a piss poor passing game and he's riding the bench behind 3 WRs.

i don't agree with most of these starters and you??

Agree with you with all except Jason Witten. VD clearly had a ground breaking year and he did tie the record for TDs in a year by a TE.

Top 5 at every position. What do you think?

You're totally disrespecting Philip Rivers, he is the BEST passer in the NFL right now. He doesn't have the best team, but he works with Gates and a bunch of nobodys and gets work done. (Vincent Jackson is NOT a stud receiver, just another benefiaciary of Philip Rivers greatness). If were talking SuperBowls than yes, Tom Brady is number 1, but you dont even have Ben Roethlisberger on there and he has more than Manning. My list of QB's would be 1) Tom Brady 2) Philip Rivers 3) Ben Roethlisberger 4) Peyton Manning 5) Drew Brees. FYI Peyton Manning would NOT have a SuperBowl ring if he wasn't playing against Rex Grossman and the Bears that day.

My new Mock Draft for 2011, thoughts? (1-20)?

i think it is good.

Grade my fantasy football team?

For being a 20 man league be happy with what u have i like it i mean its not great but for 20 guys it is u have solid and stacked defense but for some help id get a new kicker because matt stover was released by the ravens so look elsewhere

Top 5 Players at every Position in Football?

QB's: Peyton Manning Tim Brady Drew Brees Phillip Rivers Aaron Rodgers HB's: Adrian Peterson Steven Jackson Chris Johnson Maurice Jones-Drew Jamaal Charles FB's: Vonta Leach Ovie Mughelli Le'Ron McClain Lawrence Vickers Lousaka Polite or Tony Richardson WR's: Andre Johnson Larry Fitzgerald Calvin Johnson Jr. Roddy White Brandon Marshall TE's: Antonio Gates Dallas Clark Jason Witten Vernon Davis Tony Gonzalez Interior Linemen: Jahri Evans Nick Mangold Carl Nicks Chris Snee Logan Mankins or Brian Waters OT's: Jake Long Joe Thomas Ryan Clady Eric Winston Tyson Clabo or Jason Peters DE's: Haloti Ngata Julius Peppers Mario Williams Justin Tuck John Abraham DT's: Ndamukong Suh Vince Wilfork Richard Seymour Kevin Williams Casey Hampton MLB's: Patrick Willis Jonathan Vilma Jerod Mayo Brian Urlacher Ray Lewis OLB's: Demarcus Ware James Harrison Jon Beason Clay Matthews Tamba Hali or Lance Briggs DB's: Nnamdi Asomugha Troy Polamalu Darelle Revis Ed Reed Brandon Flowers (biased, but I do think he's massively underrated)

madden 11 ratings this what it should be?

rating are way to high man... this year they won't be handing out as high of ratings as they have been. I love Ed Reed but 99 not gonna happen. Peppers as a 99, nope. AP will be mid 90s not high. Brees wil come in around the 97-99 spot along with payton. Suh wi be a low to mid 80s and that is what it should be (he is a rookie ~ awareness will be very low). sharper won't be rated that high, high 80s to low 90s i think. Polamalu will be rated high then him

What do you think of my position by position analysis of the Super Bowl?

I haven't read this much since High School ... (smiling) You're wise beyond your years ... your parents gave you "Your Baby Can Read" ... Didn't they???

If american NFL players were able to play for USA National Football Team, who would you put on starters?

qb- manning rb- ap and charles wr- miles austin, andre johnson and larry fitzgerald ots- jake long and bryant mckinnie te- j witten and chris cooley og- evans and mankins c- shaun ohara de- freeney and osi dt- suh rolb- d ware mlb- chlay matthews lolb- brian orakpo ss- eric berry (troy is better, but i LOVE eric berry) fs- ed reed cbs- revis and asomghua p- jay feeley (i forget if he punts or kicks) k- viniteri p/kr- joshua cribbs

rate my madden nfl 08 fantasy team?

That is a great team Overall:98 Offense:98 Defense:98

Should we re-name the Pro Bowl?

It should be called the Pointless Bowl because no one watches it, no matter who plays.

What would you name quadruplets using these names? plus BQ?

BOYS: Noah Gabriel Adam Thomas GIRLS: Clara Marie Eva Camille BQ: Margo This was fun :-)

If you had to make 10 names out of these names, what would you choose?

Ivy Peridot Lillian Tawny Brya Ruby Holly Amethyst Zinnea Coral Lucas Garnett Raphaël Jasper Léo Flint Evan Mica Mattéo Stone

Which would YOU rather be named (France VS Spain)?

1. Emma/Lucia - Emma. 2. Manon/Sara - Manon. 3. Lola/Irene - Irene. 4. Eva/Carmen - Eva. 5. Lucie/Noa - Lucie (both). 6. Lisa/Natalia - Lisa. 7. Lou/Emma - Emma. 8. Celia/Lola - Lola. 9. Anna/Nuria - Anna. 10. Lily/Victoria - Lily (both). 1. Lucas/Daniel - Daniel (not too keen on either). 2. Mathis/Alvaro - Mathis (neither). 3. Léo/Mario - Leo. 4. Clément/Samuel - Samuel (!). 5. Evan/Izan - Evan. 6. Baptiste/Victor - Victor (neither). 7. Quentin/Gabriel - Gabriel. 8. Valentin/Aaron - Aaron. 9. Victor/Jaime - Victor (neither). 10. Lenny/Oscar - Oscar (!). Love, <3

What do you think of these POPULAR BOYS names (FRANCE)?

Lucas - Love it Mathis - This screams surname at me, bleck. Mathéo (mah-THAY-oe) - cute, and I think it may be becoming more popular in the US as well Enzo - sounds like a medication. Nathan - nice, but I prefer either Nate or Nathaniel Noah - nice, but I'm getting really sick of it Raphaël (rah-phah-ELL) - it's okay Louis - cute, I like the nn Lou Kylian - sounds very feminine Ethan - love it! Hugo - not bad Théo (THAY-oe) - it's actually probably TAY-oe in France, I'm guessing? It's okay but Mattheo with this as a nickname would be better. Yanis - bleck no Gabriel - LOVE it Thomas / Tom - nice Evan - very nice Maxime (max-EEM) - Sounds too much like Maxine... Max or Maxwell or something would be better. Clément (clay-MONT) - For a French name it's not bad... but if used in the US I don't think it would work very well. Arthur - eh it's okay

If you had sextuplets....?

I would want 3 and 3 also. Boys: Graydon Haden Kyler Girls: Cailyn Ashleen Brielle

How about this team in Madden 09!?

Not bad. I pick my teams on fantasy draft very similar. OFFENSE- I would give a solid B. Reggie Bush is a beast in the game but not so much in real life. I also use Hester as a #2 reciever because he is very fast and you can get him in the later rounds. DEFENSE- B Plus. Urlacher is an animal who again I also have as my middle linebacker. He gets a lot of picks. ST- A-. You can't go wrong with Devin Hester returning punts and kicks, and Janikowski has a very powerful leg. Overall my man I would give you a B plus.

Who do I start this week: Joey Galloway or Lee Evans?

Lee Evans. Galloway is losing targets to Hillard and Lee Evans in going against the Jets D which if you haven't notice sucks this year.

NFL Fans: Which players from your favorite team do you believe will be in the Pro-Bowl?

Matt Forte Devin Hester (KR) Brian Urlacher Julius Peppers Lance Briggs Should be but probably won't: Charles Tillman Corey Graham (for ST) Patrick Mannelly (LS)

Who's the anchor of the Eagles O-Line?

Jason Peters. He had arguably the best season out of any tackle in football this past season. Mathis is very good, especially in the passing game, but he struggles to stay healthy. I agree that they should sign him (2 year deal), but Peters is without question the best player on that line.

episode with eric mcgee vs mary hellen evans on judge mathis?

try this, -

Who starts at left guard for the Bengals?

Livings was today, I'd know

Since Evan Mathis doesn't like winning, what will the Ravens do with the guard position?

Will the Ravens do better with Evan Mathis instead of Ben Grubbs?