How many home runs will Evan Longoria have in his rookie season?


Who should I drop: Mike Lowell, Conor Jackson or Evan Longoria?

Drop lowell. That dude is done!!!

When can we expect Jay Bruce and Evan Longoria to get the call up to the majors?

longoria should be up pretty quick...i'd say a month or so bruce maybe in august or september. they don't want to rush him.

If Evan Longoria continues playing the way he has will he be in the HOF?

No doubt whatsoever, Longoria is underrated and a tremendous player. Through his first four seasons, he has had a WAR 24.1, which is higher than Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Frank Robinson, and Rickey Henderson had during their first four (among others). He started at a tremendous pace, and he could certify himself in the Hall of Fame in not as far as you think.

How long will Evan Longoria stay in Tampa Bay?

I know people don't want to hear this but as soon as his present contract expires, Longoria will end up with the Yankees as A-Rods replacement. As to the money, let's just say it will be more than Tampa Bay would be willing to pay.

In yahoo fantasy baseball, what does the NA next to my player Evan Longoria mean?

It means not active as far as in the major leagues. As the other guy said, he should be back by May. He was sent down to stop the clock from running on his arbitration/free agent years. By sending him out and calling back in May the team gains an extra year before Arbitration/free agency. Everyone expects to do well when he returns, but everybody expected Alex Gordon to do well last year. Who knows? But, I am holding on to him in a couple of leagues just in case. You would have to evaluate your own situation as to whether you can afford to hang on. Good luck. Have fun.

Who would you rather have on your team: Evan Longoria or Alex Rodriguez?

The reason A-Rod didn't win the silver slugger was because he was on the DL for a month and a half to start the season. He also was playing on a bad hip all year. And he still managed to put up 30 HR and 100 RBI on the season, and had one of the greatest postseasons of all time. Longoria is better defensively, although A-Rod has a cannon for an arm that helps his defense out if he bobbles a ball. Offensively? It really doesn't compare. A-Rod is, quite simply put, one of the greatest players of all time. And he hasn't started his decline yet. He did a great job this year playing on a bad hip, and next year when he's fully healthy, with his new relaxed approach, in Yankee Stadium, he could put up a 50 HR season. He has that kind of talent. Longoria's a great player and has a bright future ahead of him. If A-Rod declines in the next 5 years, then it might be Longoria. But right now? Alex Rodriguez is the better third baseman.

Is the most pathetic performance in the history of the world series Evan Longoria in 2008?

You haven't seen many World Series performances, have you? Sarge

How much do you think a signed baseball by evan longoria is worth?

175 bucks right now, but hold on to it and it will be worth more in a couple of years.

Evan Longoria?

Wow, I would pick up Longoria immediately, and you better hope it's not too late, this kid will tear the cover off the ball!! He will face so-so pitching in AL East, and it will take a while for the pitchers to pick up his style and strengths!! I would drop Hughes or Bonderman. Hughes will probably give you more strikeouts, but they each play on a team that can easily give pitchers win (Tigers and Yankees). I would not get rid of McClouth because he is hitting in the third or middle of the order!! This is seriously his breakout year; he ended 07 very well, too!! I would definitely drop Konerko b/c he is off to another slow start, just like last year, and his strikeouts and low average are not worth the mid-range home run numbers!!! But I would definitely say Longoria over Konerko!! Hughes and Bonderman will put up manageable numbers!! Your team is fairly balanced and looks good on paper, but some of your players are off to slow starts!! You'll probably hit your stride in May and June!!! SP is very stron, although you might be scrambling for saves at times!! The Reds will have plenty of save opportunities b/c they are much better in the bullpen (hold more leads)!!!