which famous hispanic actors would you add that didn't make it?

Mario Lopez and Nick Gonzalez

what is the name of the actor who plays adrian alonso's father in Under the same moon (la misma luna)?

ERNESTO D'ALESSIO... mexican actor and son of LUPITA D'ALESSIO (La Leona Dormida), famous Mexican singer and I guess actress.

Anyone going to watch the movie No eres tu, soy yo?

I m going to watch it............

Question for those who know about torrent sites.....derbez?

torrentpond.com --- m downloading there...theyve lots of stuffs

Does anyone knows the famous mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez? In what web site I can find his monologues?

sorry this is from wikipedia... couldmy find anything better Eugenio Derbez (born September 2, 1962) is a Mexican drama and comedy actor and Formula 1 auto driver. Derbez is the son of actress Silvia Derbez and the brother of Silvia Eugenia Derbez. His niece, who also uses the name Silvia Eugenia Derbez, is also an actress. Derbez is said by some to be born in Mexico City, while others claim he was actually born in San Luis Potosi. Eugenio Derbez grew surrounded by famous show business persons, and he developed an early childhood interest in acting. At the age of twelve, he made his television debut, acting as an extra in a telenovela. Derbez kept acting during his school years and took his first formal acting class at age 19. Derbez began acting in theater, acting in a number of plays less than a year after he began studying acting. During the early 1980s, Derbez was a regular in Cachun, Cachun, Ra, Ra!, a popular Mexican television show. He also participated in En Familia con Chabelo, a childrens' television show. In 1988, Derbez got his first recurrent telenovela character, when he played a number of roles in "Anabel". In 1987, he had briefly worked in a television series named "Tal Como Somos" ("The Way we Are"). In 1990, he played "Eugenio" in a comedy film, "Transplante a la Mexicana" ("Mexican Transplant"). That same year he participated alongside well known Mexican comedian Cesar Bono in "Fotografo de Modelos" ("Models Photographer"). Derbez kept making film during the 1990s, but his movie success could not compare to his television success: In 1992, he began hosting the variety show, "Al Derecho y al Reves con Eugenio Derbez" (loosely translated to "Standing Upside Down with Eugenio Derbez"). "Al Derecho y al Reves..." gave Derbez celebrity across Mexico and in the United States, and was the first of a number of shows that Derbez would host through the years. In 1992 also, he married actress Victoria Ruffo, the couple had a son and later divorced. In 1997, Derbez made his directing debut, in a film named "No Tengo Madre" ("I don't have a Mother"). In 1999, Derbez started a new show, "Derbez en Cuando" ("Every Once in a While"). Derbez acted in "Carita de Angel" in 2000, working alongside Silvia Pinal, Ana Patricia Rojo, Libertad Lamarque and Miguel de León, among others. He also participated that year in "Complices al Rescate" ("Accomplices to the Rescue"), a major teenaged themed telenovela that allowed Derbez to act alongside former Menudo Johnny Lozada, Belinda Peregrin, Daniela Lujan, Francisco Gattorno and Laura Flores, among others. Derbez produced, in 2003, a television series named "XHDrbz". That series marked his debut as producer, and he has since produced "Hospital el Paisa" ("Countrymen Hospital") and "Vecinos" ("Neighbors"). He also acted in "XHDrbz" and in "Vecinos". In 2004, he visited Adal Ramones on Ramones' show, "Otro Rollo'. In 2005, Derbez was the host of Univision's Premio Lo Nuestro ceremony. Derbez has kept active on theater plays as well. He has bought a number of Formula 1 racing cars, which he has used to compete at various races.

LOL Eugenio Derbez dissin on america?

ohh yeahh i heard this foo 1 one time he is a good disser

Poll: Brad Pitt vs Eugenio Derbez vs El Macho Camacho vs Justin Bieber, whos sexier?

Brad, brad, brad, brad and brad he's all Sexy...

Does anyone know where I can get a book that Armando Hoyos ( Eugenio Derbez) wote in the States??

Try looking it up at Barnes and Noble - here's the link. http://www.barnesandnoble.com

If Eugenio Derbez fought George Lopez..?

Definitely Eugenio Derbez !

what do you thing about Eugenio Derbez?

I like him he makes the most funniest faces ive seen xD