Etan Patz case. Only answer if you know it or look it up then answer!?

I remember the Etan Patz case very well. Such a sad disappearance. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't better for a parent to know a child is dead, so he/she can at least have closure than to wonder for decades if their child is still alive, and how they may be suffering. I, too, would be interested in hearing anything new regarding this case.

What happened to Etan Patz?

So sad, Etan has never been found. I have always felt so bad for his family, they never got 'closure'

Do you think Jose Ramos murdered Etan Patz?

Yes, I most certainly do think that Jose Ramos is the one fully responsible for the disapperance and murder of Etan Patz. I just wish he would be man enough to finally admit it and confess what he did to Etan's body so that Etan's family can finally have some closure and peace of mind. I truly hope that Jose Ramos never gets out of prison, because if he does, I believe more innocent young boys will end up becoming further victims of him, just like what happened with Etan. God bless Etan and his family.