What was the hockey movie about youth canada vs USA on espn?

The movie is called Sticks and Stones and is available on DVD.

What is the fight song played in the college footbal espn commercial?

is it notre dames anthem?

Can you purchase an ESPN package over the internet or do you have to go through a cable company?

Most sports sites now have paid sports streaming so you can watch games over the internet... There are some free sites but they are hard to find.(also have ads everywhere)

Is there a way to access and manage a ESPN fantasy baseball team from the iPhone/itouch?

Well I think there's an App for it.. At least there was one for Fantasy Football but it costed $10 so screw that. I have an iTouch and I'll tell you exactly what I do. #1 open Safari #2 type Espn.Go.com into the address bar (NOT SEARCH BAR) #3 click Fantasy as you would on your computer then click Baseball. There you go. Simple as that. It's not the mobile version of ESPN.com but it'll do for checking your fantasy team.

Is ESPN a channel that will automatically be on Sky this season?

ESPN will be launching a new channel for the Premiership games, channel 417 (ESPN America) will integrate with this new channel so many American sports will be shown on it as well, if you are already subscribed to Sky Sports the new ESPN channel will cost £9 a month or if you don't have Sky Sports it will cost £12 a month! http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Business/ESPN-To-Launch-New-Channel-On-3-August-To-Show-Premier-League-Games-It-Bought-After-Setanta-Collapse/Article/200907115331308?f=rss

My league is considering a move from Yahoo to ESPN fantasy baseball. Can anyone help?

ESPN's draft lobby is far better than yahoo's. ESPN also has free live stats. I like yahoo better for the roster interface though.

What channel is espn on time warner cable in timewarner cable?

Go to the TW web site or call their customer service office. You can also get an excellent on-line TV guide at the link below. Put in your local info, select TW cable from the pull-down menu, and you'll get a list every channel they have in your area in numerical order. You can search "ESPN" on the page to quickly find the channel(s).

How to get espn or any other sports package?

What was the name of the exercise program on espn that was discontinued ?

try the lil jack workout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdymxP5KqWo

Did i hear espn correct when they announced the only class Oregons QB has is billiards?

This can be true. "A waiver of the minimum full-time enrollment requirement may be granted for a student enrolled in the final term of the baccalaureate program"

How do people make money on ESPN baseball?

ESPN fantasy leagues have paid leagues where you pay to play and the winner get prize money. I'm not sure how much is paid though as I have not done it.

How can I listen to 710 ESPN Los Angeles on my Blackberry tour?

Nobex Radio Companion Get it here: http://www.nobexrc.com/Download.aspx

How do you send fantasy football invites on ESPN?

Send an email with a hyperlink to the league page.

How to accept or decline a trade in espn fantasy baseball?

under the my team tab, then underneath your picture and above your guys there is a thing that says pending trade; click that and itll open up something showing proposed trades, you can click view on the trade and accept/decline it

Are the ESPN announcers rooting for the Steelers enough for them to win?

I turned the sound off. I can't stand the ESPN announcers. I don't think it matters who says what about whom. The Steelers look like CRAP tonight.

What is that advertisement they keep showing on ESPN that gets you pumped up to watch or play sports?

Why is Espn the only people who constantly touch black and white issues?

why is it only blakc and white? bugs me a little bit that show was all blacks vs whites im neither, and i just felt weird watching it. what about a latino like me? it's all black and white with ESPN, and the media in general

How Dominican Republic is better than the Netherlands ESPN chart?

The DR did not have it's best there. Organizations and players' agents did not want them to attend because of insurance risk. The DR is better. Not only that, a 3 game series is not an indicator of who is better. 5 game or 7 game series is what is needed in the WBC.

Why did ESPN stop airing hockey games and will they ever start airing hockey games again?

Verses/NBC have owned the exclusive rights to NHL broadcasts in the US for the last few years and just recently signed a new 10 year contract with the league to extend those rights. You won't be seeing NHL hockey on ESPN anytime soon.

Have you ever had a commercial on espn during an inning of baseball while a team is batting?

never heard of that most of our games are on csn. if its true its an outrage!!!

What type of touchscreen and software does ESPN use on their touchscreens?

I've never watched it, but I'd guess that they use a SmartScreen.

How do you add people to the ESPN fantasy football?

Like fantasy sports? Why not create you own player or even own your own team? You can do this with Goal line blitz. This game is amazing and its FREE. You can create your own player, train him to improve his abilites, sign a contract, even buy special equipment! And if that's not enough, you can also own your own team. Recruit human or computer players and manager the finances, stadium, and plays. You can even create your own plays in the playbook and see them run on the field! Its absolutly free and is just about to start its TENTH season! Try it now at http://goallineblitz.com/game/signup.pl?ref=16328629

how do you invite friends to your espn football fantasy league?

It should give you the option to invite people through your commissioner options by sending them emails.

How do you become a member of ESPN fantasy football hall of fame?

Probably by winning your leagues...and then in that league having over a .900 winning %. Probably also by playing there for along time and having excellence. Its just like any other hall of fame...It takes a lot of time and work. Good luck!!

How are the league champions crowned in espn fantasy football?

Goto Espn, click on the Fantasy button on the left hand side it will show The name of your team, where you finished (2/10). Then click on your team name and it will say, Current Matchup: vs and show you the score of the two combined weeks. If you have more than 1 team it'll go something like this... FOOTBALL League Champ wi... Dallas Auction 135087 6-7-0 (1/10) 4th and goal, T... Philadelphia Auction 135705 9-4-0 (1/10) Goal line stand... St. Louis 141204 10-3-0 (3/10) League Champ!!... Detroit 136441 8-5-0 (1/10) Championship g... San Diego Auction 137821 9-4-0 (2/10) 3rd place wrap... Arizona Auction 142437 8-5-0 (3/10) Down by six go ... Pittsburgh 133607 11-2-0 (1/10) Necessary Roug... Baltimore 162954 11-2-0 (1/10) The battle 4 t... New England 827639 8-4-1 (1/10)

On ESPN Fantasy Football Custom Leagues, do teams in different division play one another?

1Yes you will play against the other division within your league #2 if you don't have the 12 teams you need to adjust the number of teams yourself (manually) under the league settings.

How do you join a Fantasy Soccer League on ESPN without needing to make a new account?

no, you can't try another computer

What song were they playing before the bcs championship game on espn?

it is a rap song.

Do you think ESPN will ever quit their East Coast bias, and start broadcasting other Baseball teams?

Its all about ad revenue,NYand new england have a combined pop. of around 20 million thats big to advertisers

How does espn fantasy football tally up the points after a match with someone in your league?

It only counts the points of the starters which I assume you are referring to with "total points." Trying to decide who to start and who to sit is what makes fantasy football so fun and challenging...

How do you think ESPN's televised coverage of the Australian Open has been?

Really horrible. A) John McEnroe isn't announcing (he's the best) B) Pam Shriver is one of the most annoying/obnoxious announcers I've ever dealt with. She never shuts up and is very negative. I can barely watch a match when she announces.

How many times has ESPN mentioned the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry being the fiercest in American sports tonight?

Well, ESPN has to sell its product, doesn't it?

How much does Major League Baseball pay ESPN to cover irrelevant stories?

MLB couldn't pay ESPN enough to affect it's coverage. It's us, the consumer, that pays ESPN by buying products from their advertisers, which is where ESPN makes its living. And through highly-scientific viewer and reader polls, apparently ESPN has decided "irrelevant baseball stories i.e. scrub trades" is what we want. And what we want, we get, because we pay for ESPN's lavish lifestyles and glamour. Think about it: If you ran a business, and going Route A returns you $500 and Route B returns $1,000, where are you going to put most of your efforts?

How many viewers has ESPN had over the years?

Billions, you should go to ESPN.com and contact their advertising department, they can help you.

All ESPN alerts on my droid start with //x-espn: and then a number, then the alert. How do I get rid of this?

You likely used to be signed up for ESPN MVP Alerts - if this is the case, you are still signed up for that type which is causing the code to be in the messages you receive. To fix it, go to http://espn.mobi/alerts using your Droid. You should be prompted to convert to text. If you still have problems, call ESPN's Care Center (888.549.3776)- they are there to help!

Who is the ESPN reporter with the big butt I keep hearing about?

Did they mean big butt as fat or big butt as in Phat (a great Booty)? Holly Rowe, Hannah Storm, Rachel Nichols, Dana Jacobson and Shelly Smith cover the first! Erin Andrews, Suzy Kolber, Nicole Manske, Bonny Bernstein, Wendy Nix and Jamie Little cover the Phat ones!

How hypocritical is ESPN for calling for JoePa termination and then doing the exact same thing?

How many people knew who Bernie Fine was before all this happened? Everyone knows who Joe Paterno is, and has known for many years. It's absolutely disgusting what happened in both cases...But in the Penn State case, his was a big name that meant integrity that made what happened even more disgusting. I take it you don't have kids? You'll understand once you have children.

How does ESPN get every sporting event to use for highlights?

ESPN either buys the highlights or has agreements to trade with other networks. It's possible with a lot of money.

How come some college football teams play on espn and others dont?

Because FBS teams play better football and Delaware is in the FCS while Miami and Rutgers are in the FBS. Comparing the FCS to the FBS is like comparing JV football to Varsity football. Miami has one multiple championships and rutgers is one of the oldest schools in history (plus they are in the FBS). I'm a Delaware fan also but the Number 1 FCS team probably would lose to the worst FBS team. FBS is wayyy better than the FCS. These other people are wrong. Way wrong. Delaware has a pretty large enrollment rate, more than schools like Western Kentucky, Temple, Eastern Michigan, etc. It has to do with the fact that we're not in the FBS yet, but we can be if we win a couple (more) FCS championships.

When does Espn fantasy basketball start?

usually about a month before the season starts

How come ESPN is showing NBA basketball on a Monday?

Because they'll be showing the Men's NIT and the Women's NCAA tournament later in the week.

How much is it per person at the Espn bar and restaurant in denver CO?

http://www.espnzone.com/menu/fullmenu.shtml http://www.espnzone.com/denver/ http://www.menupages.com/restaurantdetails.asp?areaid=0&restaurantid=14399&neighborhoodid=0&cuisineid=0&readmore=true MENU AND PRICES Appetizers Zone Queso Chips - $9.49 Chili with Chips - $6.99 A Pound of Buffalo Wings - $9.99 Cheese Fries - $5.99 Ultimate Tailgate - $22.49 Classic Chicken Tenders - $9.49 Chili Cheese Fries - $9.99 Cramy Spinich and Artichoke Dip - $5.99 Sliders - $9.99 Salads Tomato and Mozzarella - $8.99 Grilled Chicken Caesar - $11.49 Grilled Steak - $12.99 Blue Cheese, Apples and Walnuts - $6.99 Shrimp Caesar - $13.99 Traditional House Caesar - $8.99 Chicken Tender - $12.49 Sandwiches ESPN Burger - $10.99 Cheeseburger - $9.99 Triple Double Burger - $14.99 Zone Cheeseburger - $11.99 Barbecued Mahi - $11.99 Chicken Breast - $10.99 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - $11.99 Chicken and Avocado Wrap - $10.99 All Beef Chili Dog - $8.49 Turkey Cheeseburger - $9.99 Chipotle BBQ Steak Sandwich - $12.99 Entrees Grilled Salmon - $16.99 Top Sirloin Steak - $19.99 New York Strip - $25.99 BBQ Breast of Chicken - $12.49 BBQ Ribs and Chicken - $15.99 Baby Back Back Back Back Ribs - $22.49 Shrimp Scampi and Penne - $15.49 Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo - $15.49 Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo - $13.99 Chicken and Penne Marinara - $13.99 Fettuccini Alfredo - $11.99 Sun-Dried Tomato and Penne - $10.99 Desserts Sudden Death Brownie - $7.49 Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae - $7.49 Rum Carrot Cake - $6.49 All-American Fresh Apple Pie - $6.49 Milk Shakes - $5.29 Beverages Soft Drinks - $2.59 Fresh Brewed Iced Tea - $2.59 Coffee - $1.99 Bottled Water -$2.59/$4.99 Beer Draft Beer in a Souvenir Pilsner - $10.50 with Domestic Draft, $11.50 with Premium Draft Domestic Draft - pint/$4.50, Big Daddy/$6.25 Premium Draft - pint/$5.50, Big Daddy/$8.00 Domestic Bottles - $4.50 Premium Bottles - $5.50 Wine White - by the glass or bottle Red - by the glass or bottle Sparkling - by the glass or bottle

What kind of draft is best for ESPN fantasy under these circumstances?

If you're newcomers, use an automated draft and make trades afterwards.

What is the difference between the ESPN Pick Center and Game Predictor?

Pick Center is where the NFL "experts" like former players and journalists make their picks. The game predictor is a computer that picks game winners based on stats.

Should ESPN be the only news agency allowed to report on politics and elections?

You're missing the main factor here, money. News media are influenced, lobbied, bribed to spread an opinion from corporations and/or politicians. It's that simple. Sports media doesn't work like that.

How is Tommy Smith in the ESPN studio after a game that was in a different country?

The ESPN comentators did not flight to Europe. They're commentating from ESPN studios here in the US while watching the game on a TV screen.

How ridiculous are ESPN and the way they manipulate everything?

This is difficult to do, but you have to separate ESPN's news shows, like SportsCenter, from their opinion shows, like Pardon the Interruption. On the opinion shows, they try to get as many different opinions as possible. The more opinions, the greater chance for an argument, which makes for higher ratings. The news shows should just be a place to get facts. The problem is that when you watch the news shows, they interject a clip about somebodys opinion on the topic. This makes it easy to confuse fact from opinion. It makes ESPN look like they are creating the news instead of just reporting it. ESPN should focus their news programs on just reporting the facts. It would give them more credibility.

Why is ESPN wasting their money and airing NFL Live during the off season?

Well they are not wasting money because people are watching. For some reason or another people get off on watching 10 million screen shots of football plays while Trey Wingos replacemnt for the summer is flapping his yap. The problem is with NFL live in the off season is they over anaylize crap in refernce to offseason moves, talk about drama news like Brett Farve coming back , or Adam Pacman Jones's personal life, or Chad Johnson's antics and it basically becomes NFL's verson of "Showbiz tonight".


is crazy biased


you'd have to register in order to post on the show. even if you do post, there is no guarantee that it will show on the screen or will be read by the announcers. good luck.