What ESPN show do you like better,Mike & Mike or First Take?

Mike and Mike. I don't even know what Skip Bayless is doing on the air. He has it against Tiger, Lebron, KG, Iverson, T.O & Romo to name a few. He came from DFW and has written books about the Cowboys (u can buy them for 1 cent online). He is completely biased against Dallas (which is probably why he's there). I just think he's annoying. Those other people are just flat out dumb

Is there a way to find out what songs played on ESPN's First Take today (12/5)?

No sorry

Okay, guys do you find Dana Jacobson of ESPN's "First Take" attractive?

Actually I do. I think she's cute.

NFL teams on ESPN's First Take?

Try the ESPN website. Maybe that can help.

On ESPN's First Take who is more annoying?

I never thought anyone could be more annoying than Skip Bayless, but the Lewises may have him beat. I'll let Jemele Hill slide, because I actually feel a little bad for her. She obviously has no grasp of what she's talking about, and I think most of her thoughts are things she reads online. As the only black female sports columnist I know of, she is not doing wll representing any of those groups. Bayless is a moron who was at one time a good writer. He then got a TV gig, and decided that he would think of the most ridiculous thing he could, then say it out loud and get a reaction. I don't know, maybe it's too much time spent sitting across from the vapid Woody Paige? Anyway, the Lewises now represent all that is wrong with the world of sports broadcasting these days. They take their cue from fools like Stephen A. Smith, where it doesn't matter what you say so long as you say it with authority. I think they've actually become worse than Skip Bayless, who is now made to defend himself whenever anything involving black players comes up as an issue. It's nice to see Bayless teamed up, but I wish it wasn't idiots like the Lewis boys doing it.

Who is the new female host on First Take on ESPN 2 this morning? Nov. 23 2009.?

-- Reischea Canidate or Dana Jacobson http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/feature/index?page=firsttake --------------- REISCHEA CANIDATE ESPNEWS ANCHOR Reischea Canidate joined ESPN in February 2008 as an anchor for ESPNEWS, the only all-sports news cable TV network. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?id=4442396 ----------- Dana Jacobson http://www.espnmediazone.com/bios/Talent/Jacobson_Dana.htm

Skip Bayless from ESPN's First Take/1st and 10?

Tony Kornholer, the absolute worst person on ESPN if i could slap one person in the face it would be him.

Who the F is this ESPN Fashion Expert on "First and Take"?


Anyone tired of watching ESPN's First Take cause all they talk about is Tim Tebow?

It amazes me how they search for any topic to add Tim Tebow to the discussion. Ship Bayless is so unbelievably close minded / one sided toward Tebow its sad except for the fact that he actually believes what he says. Tebow is such a polarizing athlete and I completely understand that but it gets so old listening to Ship Bayless and his arguments. To hear him report it Tebow might as well throw passes to himself, that he kicked a 60 yd FG and that the coaches, Def, and Elway all have nothing to do with them winning. First Take caters to the back and forth banter with Bayless and his absurd arguments and people tune in to say what contoversial things he will say next. Did you see how Skip personally attacked Cris Carter for giving his football analysis of Tebow from weeks ago. And According to Skip he is the only one qualified to accuratley analyze Tebow and his play. Anyway I am suprised I have not seen this type of question on here before because I like the show but am soooo sick of hearing about how great Tebow is.

Did Dana Jacobs of ESPN's First Take play a sport in college?

That's Dana Jacobson and No, she did not play any organized sports at Michigan.

Where can I find Bio info for Amy Nelson of ESPN's First Take? ?

I saw her today on ESPN News, and she was HORRIBLE. She kept studdering and it was very uncomfortable listening to her lame stories and injuiry updates. How the heck did she land a sweet gig at ESPN?

How much do you think ESPN's (Cold Pizza,First Take)Dana Jacobson weighs?

She is definitely hiding some fat in those dark colored suits.

Okay, guys do you find Dana Jacobson of ESPN's "First Take" attractive?

As a girl i don't think she pretty at all.ESPN X-mas party coming up I wonder if she will get drunk again!That was funny.

Did anyone see ESPN's first take this morning?

So lets all EMAIL him demanding an apology! Simple as that. I am in, consider it done!

Why doesn't ESPN have Erin Andrews on first take instead of that amazon/tranny looking chic?

LOL! I'd even settle for Rachel Nichols. She isn't beautiful in the classic sense, but I find her very sexy in a New York Jewish girl way.

Dana Jacobson on ESPN First Take?

She sucks And while i used to hate Skip, im slowly starting to like him. Even though he won't get off TO, thought Moss was washed up, and is always on LBJ's back. Also i cant remember but he said something real dumb awhile back. It was ridiculous though. But yeah Dana Jacosen knows nothin, and she aint even attractive.

Why does ESPN first take mention Lebron 100x when talking about Golf & Football?

If you asked me this a year ago, I would have given you a different answer. But now, all I see is Skip Bayless and the rest of the attention hogs are not any worse than the common NBA fan. Haven't you seen ANYTHING that makes fun of LeBron getting attention? Even in yahoo answers? So the answer is, the current NBA management, analysts and mainly FANBASE are, honestly, weak in thinking. They do everything to get attention. Because they choose attention over truth and honesty. I am not trying to offend anyone but that's what I think.

i went to the espn first take website and it wont come up i really need espn's dana jacobson's address

you should contact espn about that, since, you know, it's related to espn.... -nny

ESPN First Take Fans Who Missed The Show Today?

Alright thanks

So The Rock Was On ESPN First Take Today and...?

Probably not, he talked about hosting raw in the future on Letterman. BQ: Yea

LMAO did anyone just see what happen on ESPN First take just now??? Damon Jones?

You think LeBron is gonna do that tonight? http://www.yougotschooled.com/2010/12/01/many-happy-returns/

Bomani Jones: on ESPN First Take doesn't let peoples talk?

yes he and Nancy Grace would make the perfect couple

Who is Ryan Stewart on ESPN First Take's brother?

His brothers name is Doug Stewart. They both host a radio show in Atlanta called 2 Live Stews.

Do you think Skip Bayless should leave ESPN First Take?


Skip Bayless of ESPN First Take...Do you think he has a high sports "IQ"?

He knows what he's talking about. He may seem like a hater, and someone that doesn't know crap about sports, but he knows a lot more than any of us realize.

ESPN first take need to make a song about Lin like they did with Tebow?

Wow man, i hate Lin for tonight because the Lakers lost, but he can definitely be adopted into the Mamba family. Black Mamba- Kobe Mini Mamba- Goudelock(adopted by Kobe) Yellow Mamba- Lin(adopted by Mamba fans)

Do You Think ESPN First Take on ESPN2 will air its 500th epsiode?

Yes, I think it will..

1st and 10 espn first take??????????????????????????…?


POLL: ESPN First take, TNT's Inside the NBA, PTI, or Sportscenter?

TNT's Inside the NBA is my favorite Sportscenter is my second favorite

Do you think Skip Bayless of ESPN's First Take is a bigot?

I don't think he's a bigot, just opinionated, and really not really well informed. To me, he's one of those shock guys that's always trying to say something to shock people so he can keep his job. The guy works for the Dallas newspaper and constantly criticizes Terrell Owens, no matter what he does, I just don't pay him any mind, kind of like Jim Rome. But, racism and classism is alive and well in sports and the world we live in today, I do agree with you there. I love it when my man Stephen A. Smith puts him in his place with well informed facts, especially about the NBA.

On ESPN First take, why is Stephen A. not on a lot?

he's on there way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way too much for my taste.

Is ESPN First Take a joke?

Cold Pizza was a train wreck, but this hybrid schlock is even worse.....shown on TV's in prisons, it would qualify as cruel & unusual punishment.

What is up with Jay Crawford's Hair on ESPN First Take?

maybe his favorite team lost or something.

Will ESPN First Take Skip Bayless be able to sleep tonight? ?

I'm sure he's passed out from celebrating the Broncos victory. BQ: It's started right now. ESPN is back on Tebow's bandwagon!

Skip Bayless False remark about Lebron, MJ, Kobe on ESPN FIRST TAKE?

Jordan was the very definition of showboat during the first half of his career. I remember Jordan throwing a hissy fit when then Bulls coach, Doug Collins, told him to stop shooting so much and share the ball w/ his teammates. Jordan was also the biggest stat-padder I've ever seen, always making trips to the scorer's tables to check his stats. But under the tutelage of Phil Jackson, he gradually matured and learned to trust his teammates. In some ways, MJ's development is very similar to what we saw in Kobe these past couple of years. And every superstar like LBJ, I think it's normal to showboat every once in a while until you develop your character in and outside the court...

Does anyone know who that girl is on espn's first take that talks about the yankees?

I don't know but probably if you go on google.com and type in espn first take there might be something that will come up like that girl talking about the Yankees.

Can I watch todays espn first take online somewhere?

Maybe not the whole thing. But I'd try iTunes to see if you can watch it or at least listen to it on there--a lot of ESPN talk show-type things are on iTunes for free. Otherwise, espn.com probably has clips from today on it.

Why does ESPN First Take feel the need to debate *LeBron's tweet* about Blake Griffin's dunk ?

Honestly...I don't understand why they stalk athletes' twitter accounts and actually TALK about them on the show. Who gives a c.rap? I think the tweet is just fine... I think both dunks were amazing, but I think jumping OVER a man in the middle of play is more spectacular than a mad dunk ON someone. The only other time I've seen someone dunk by jumping OVER someone was in the dunk contest (Nate Robinson). Don't get me wrong though, Griffin's dunk was nasty too.

Did anyone see ESPN First Take this morning?

i know, it was hilarious SUNS IN 09!

ESPN First Take Question.?

what the hell was she talking about earlier with barry bonds and bud selig being racist. i want woody back like the good old days of cold pizza

Are Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson from ESPN First Take siblings?


Did anybody see that debate between Jaylon Rose and Skip Bayless on ESPN first take?

Hi I haven't watched that, but: Skip is a goofball and takes hits on LeBron often but, I hate when a pro player throws the "You haven't played" card. Throwing that card is a easy, cowardly way out of an argument. You have to defend your take with facts and reason. Not only people who haven't played at the high level can participate in an argument, but they can have a job in the league in question, like Daryl Morey (Rockets GM). While you can find cases like Isiah Thomas, one of the best PG ever, doing a horrendous job as a GM. So, when an argument gets heated going "...well, you haven't played at this level, so you don't know...", it isn't a valid way to annul an opposing point of view.

Is Dana Jacobson still with ESPN and First Take?

I believe her father passed away and she has taken some time off........in regards to the new girl, she is a former professional athlete (not sure of sport) but she is terrible on the show....bring back Dana

Why hasn't Dana Jacobson been on ESPN First Take in the last month?

IDK where Dana Jacobson is because Jay Crawford has gained too much co-hosting duty spotlight on the show for the past 4 weeks. I miss the old ESPN First Take.

Does anyone know the anchorwoman Dana Jacobson from ESPN First Take?

Yea. I think she looks nice every day

what is the pen drop game on espn first take?

There's a small hole in the floor of the stage that they try to drop a pen through. Sometimes it's used as a good luck charm, such as "If I make the pen drop, then Ohio State will win its game today."

What is the song ESPN first take has been using before the commercials?

I was looking for this myself... i believe the song your talking about.... is The Clarks- Trampoline check it out see if thats the one

What is the theme song on ESPN First Take?

That's an interesting thought, but it strikes me as odd that some of these trends are fairly pointless in a statistical sense

Do you think if Nicole Manske can guest host ESPN First Take?

yes she can

Where can I find the ESPN First Take video that mocks Lebron James?