American Idol: My review of the top 10?

American Idol: My review of the top 11?

I agree with the top 2. I am sure Joshua Ledet was the best male singer of last night and Hollie Cavanagh the best female singer. I loved Hollie's version of ''Power of love'' but I was very much surprised when they said this is a song of Hollie's birth year because I heard this same song in 1984 with Jennifer Rush singing it a long time before Hollie Cavanagh was born. I am sure you are right that the rest belong in the 7 remaining spaces but I don't necessarily agree that they belong in the order in which you put them. Girls like Colton Dixon and I am sure he was better than Shannon but Shannon was not bad. I think Elise was better than Shannon. Shannon was good for her age and definitely a huge improvement to last week but she still seems to find it hard to hold a tune, she gets it right but it seems to be a hard thing for her to do, so that one can see it's an effort for her and then it comes out perfect but one should not see that she is straining that hard to achieve this perfect tone. Jessica Sanchez will not be in the top for sure this week but I believe she is genuine and that her previous positive comments she got never went to her head because she said...''If I make it through to next week I promise to make a better song choice. So a lot was due to song choice and not to bad singing and Deandre Brackensick, no matter what we think, I am sure he has a lot of fans, I don't see him going anywhere. I agree that it will be Heejun Han whom America will send home this week, although he can sing and this was a bad song for him and he did not sound good on this song ...but I will miss his funny attitude. Jermaine Jones made a stupid mistake. He is old enough to know that such things will disqualify someone from being a contestant. If he had been open about his convictions they might have kept him on the show because they seem to be minor ones but 4 of them..and he said nothing..He has a good voice. I suppose I hope he gets a chance somewhere else after American Idol. After all people like Lindsay Lohan, and a lot of others did worse and still get movie roles to play or they messed up big time and still are in showbusiness. So the worst he did was not coming clear about it but he deserves another chance somewhere else because he is a good singer. He should never have suppressed this vital information..He must have known this would come out and he would be eliminated...x

American Idol: My review of the Top 12 Girls?

My order would be: 1. Hollie Cavangh 2. Skylar Laine 3. Jessica Sanchez 4. Hallie Day 5. Jennifer Hersch 6.Shannon Margrane 7. Erika Van Pelt 8. Elise 9.Baylie Brown 10. Chelsea Sorrell 11. Haley Johnson 12. Brielle Von Hugel

American Idol Top 13: DeAndre over Jen Hirsh?

I am not a fan of Deandre Breckensick but that's because i don't like when guys have female voices and sing like women...I do like it when a guy sings like a guy and I would not buy a DVD with Deandre Breckensick songs on it because it would give me a headache but I knew that the judges would use the wildcard on him because they were raving about him so I knew that he would be getting voted through. I suppose by choosing Georgia he did the best he could to show a range of going very high but also sometimes sang in a deeper voice..that was a good choice for him to get voted through but I am not a fan but I am sure a lot of others are even if America did not vote him through...he is too much like another female singer there and I would have prefered Jen Hirsh to get voted through because she had a great range in her song last night and I was very surprised that she did not make it...but I agree that Erica van Pelt also did a great job...but I would have preferred Jen over Deandre. I agree with all the other choices for the top 13...I am happy with the other 12 decisions only this one is not to my personal liking either..x

American Idol: My review of the top 13?

It's hard to rank them since their all great. Here I go: 1. Jessica Sanchez- honestly I don't know what all the hype about her is. I don't think she's as great as the judges make her sound. 2. Colton Dixon- I might just think this because I had my doubts that he wouldn't be as good this week and it turned out to be pretty great. 3. Skylar Laine- I love her because I love country and tonight proved she can sing anything. 4 Hollie Cavanagh- Hollie is one of my favorite female singers. I didn't like it as much this week just because I didn't know the song and I loved last weeks performance. But it's still good enough to get her ranked this high in my opinion. 5. Phillip Phillips- it was hard to hear him over all the instruments. If we could hear him better, the way he makes the songs his own is amazing and I love his unique voice. 6. Joshua Ledat- last weeks performance was amazing or I don't think I'd have him ranked this high. He is good but I don't see him as great. 7. Jermaine Jones- I'm not a fan of the deep voice singing but he is great and you can help but fall in love with him:p 8. Heejun Han- I was a huge fan last week but I'm getting tired of him off stage already. His jokes aren't as funny anymore if at all(I did laugh at the pics he gave Jeremy and Mary). As for his singing I wasn't a fan of this performance. 9. Elise Testone- I'm really not sure what order to put Elise, Jeremy, and Ericka in because I really don't remember their performances. I put Elise here because her voice is one of my favorite females in the competition, tonight just wasn't her night. 10. Ericka Van Pelt- I agree the judges overrate her. She has a good voice but she's my least favorite of the females. 11. Jeremy Rosado- I can't believe I have him ranked this far down! But tonight wasn't that great either, I'm just remembering his fight to be a wildcard which was one of the best performances. 12. Shannon Magrane- she's a great singer but tonight she really did "crash and burn"(as you say). 13.DeAndre Brackensick- I find his voice annoying and irritating. I don't see how the judges like the guy so much, there were better singers they could've chosen from(cough cough, Reed Grimm). When he sings those high girly notes it annoys the fudge out of me. But, if it does come down to Shannon and DeAndre, Shannons going home because the judges just seem to love DeAndre. Dear God I hope not. Maybe the 2 male judges will take pity on Shannon and want her to stay.

My opinion on this year's American Idol rankings!?

My ranking of the Top 13 was 13. Jeremy Rosado 12. Erika Van Pelt 11. Heejun Han 10. Jermaine Jones 9. Shannon Magrane 8. Elise Testone 7. Colton Dixon 6. Deandre Brackensick 5. Joshua Ledet 4. Skylar Laine 3. Hollie Cavanagh 2. Jessica Sanchez 1. Philip Phillips as of now it looks like Jermaine won't make it past tonight cause he's a wanted fugitive from the law

POLL: Who do you think will win American Idol season 11?

Heejun Han or Jessica Sanchez