Can the Sixers have a chance to draft brandon jennings?

The lowest position that Brandon Jennings would be drafted is 8th. Even if Knicks surprisingly bypassed him, he would still be a top 10 pick for sure. That means Sixers must trade up in the draft board if they stick on Jennings. At present Wizards and Grizzlies are among teams to shop their pick. For the former Sixers do expect a major trade here by packaging Elton Brand, Willie Green and the 16th pick to Wizards for Antawn Jamison, Mike James and the 5th pick. The feasibility of such a trade mainly lies on the factor that Sixers continue the run-and-gun style, and Jamison seems a great fit in the system. For the latter it seems easier to figure out a package like Jason Smith and the 16th pick for the 2nd pick given Grizzlies intend to pile up big men for future. Among these, the former sounds logical and potentially the only way for Sixers to draft a better PG prospect this June, while there are better proposals for Grizzlies to part away with its 2nd picks. If Sixers keep the pick, should they draft for need or upside? It is a difficult for Sixers. Yes Eric Maynor should be available at 16th, but you can't rule out the downside on Maynor that he is just a better facilitator than Louis Williams, but both of them share the same rationale at all. Ty Lawson is logical too, yet I doubt Sixers should be reluctant to get its roster even smaller. Meanwhile, players like Chase Budinger and Earl Clark are slipping, and it is wise for Sixers to go for upside either one of them is still on the board. This allows Sixers to make serious trade pitches for better PG such as Baron Davis, or invest the whole mid-level exception on the like of Ramon Sessions or Raymond Felton.

Who do you think would be a better fit for the Pistons?

Jeff Teague Ty Lawson Eric Maynor Those are the three best overall. I'd go with Ty Lawson because he'll make everyone else better, sort of like Chauncey.

Which boy name do you prefer from each set?

Eric Jesse River Phoenix Paul Dalton Spencer Chase My favorite one is Spencer.

Who are the top 25 nba point guards in the NBA 2013?

1. Rajon Rondo 2. Chris Paul 3. Deron Williams 4. Tony Parker 5. Russell Westbrook 6. Stephen Curry 7. Damian Lillard 8. Raymond Felton 9. Brandon Jennings 10. Kyle Lowry 11. JRue Holiday 12. Mo Williams 13. Jeff Teague 14. Kyrie Irving 15. George Hill 16. Kemba Walker 17. Jose Calderon 18. Jarrett Jack 19. Isiah Thomas 20. Brandon Knight 21. Eric Bledsoe 22. John Wall (*wil change) 23. Ty Lawson 24. Luke Ridnour 25. Mike Conley

how come the 49ers always draft suckky players?

Because Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, and Carlton Williamson are now too old to play.

Should I make this fantasy basketball trade?

How good can this team be?

Most of the players on the bench are better than your starters lol

Any ideas on clearing up cap space to sign free agents such as D12 or CP3. Maybe even some possible trades?

Drop everyone. This is a video game? Who cares what team you are? How does that matter?

Snobby popular names (boys and girls, first and last) for story I'm writing?

girls first-renee, merissa , Ira, ethel, vivian, juliet , julia, lilith, chastity,, alice,, aubrey, blanche, bonnie, charlene, ,cherise, delaney, ermine, , lainey,, Reine, angelina, caroline,, evangeline, ava, adeline, gwen, savannah, natalie, allie, sabrina, bridget, layla, dena ,nina, leah, kyra, tori, melissa, merissa, alison, pearl, caitlin, courtney, dawn, destiny, cassidy, Giselle, jasmine, mallory, macy, marcie, sherry , cheryl, taylor, zara, zoe, midori, chloe, mia, alexis, lexi, ashley, alyssa, hannah, brianna, hayley, brooklyn, riley,arianna, bella, valerie, serenity, serena, venus, adrienne boys first-Jacob 2. Ethan 3. Michael 4. Jayden 5. William 6. Alexander 7. Noah 8. Daniel 9. Aiden 10. Anthony 11. Joshua 12. Mason 13. Christopher 14. Andrew 15. David 16. Matthew 17. Logan 18. Elijah 19. James 20. Joseph 21. Gabriel 22. Benjamin Ryan Samuel. Jackson John. Nathan Jonathan Christian. Liam. Dylan. Landon. Caleb Tyler Lucas 36. Evan 37. Gavin 38. Nicholas 39. Isaac 40. Brayden 41. Luke 42. Angel 43. Brandon 44. Jack 45. Isaiah 46. Jordan 47. Owen 48. Carter 49. Connor 50. Justin 51. Jose 52. Jeremiah 53. Julian 54. Robert 55. Aaron 56. Adrian 57. Wyatt 58. Kevin 59. Hunter 60. Cameron 61. Zachary 62. Thomas 63. Charles 64. Austin 65. Eli 66. Chase 67. Henry 68. Sebastian 69. Jason 70. Levi 71. Xavier 72. Ian 73. Colton 74. Dominic 75. Juan 76. Cooper 77. Josiah 78. Luis 79. Ayden 80. Carson 81. Adam 82. Nathaniel 83. Brody 84. Tristan 85. Diego 86. Parker 87. Blake 88. Oliver 89. Cole 90. Carlos 91. Jaden 92. Jesus 93. Alex 94. Aidan 95. Eric 96. Hayden 97. Bryan 98. Max 99. Jaxon 100. Brian Ren Sterling, Spencer, Vincent, Charles, Chandler, Edison remington Preston, Charles, Chadwick (Chad nn), Harrison possible last names- Lawrence Everett Lawson Everhart Atherton Armistead Archibald Astor Ames Acton Archer Ambrose Armstrong Amory Aldrich Arent Averell Astor Amherst Ayer Alden Armitage Ashby Allaire Audley Allerton Aldys Buckley Breese Beaumont Brayton Brighton Brinkley Brynn Breene Brewer Bourne Blythe Buchanan Benton Barrington Bentley Blase Banks Barclay Baring Blackwell Baldwin Blair Brock Bayard Bradford Bond Barron Bingham Briggs Byrd Blaney Brodie Bennett Bowman Blaine Brinton Bruton Burnham Birchard Bronson Burke Brinsley Barbour Breck Blakeley Brayton sage

How will these nba players do this season? What's their playstyle? What will their role be?

Bledsoe will improve since he'll be the starting SG on the Suns. Nate Robinson will be in another 6th man role in Denver. Ty Lawson will improve as the unquestioned leader and best player on the Nuggets. Thomas will be the backup Pg and will probably have worse stats than last year.

Basketball: What players do you think will have a breakout season in 2011-2012?

Jordan crawford Marcus Thornton OJ mayo Anthony Randolph Jrue Holiday Michael Beasley Reggie Williams Patrick Patterson James Harden Rodrigue Beaubois Tyreke Evans Danilo Gallinari DeMar derozan Roy Hibbert Tyler Hansbrough Ty Lawson DeMarcus Cousins Stephen Curry DeJuan Blair Nick Young JJ hickson Derrick Favours Wesley Johnson Greg Monroe Gary Neal Marc Gasol Rudy Gay Eric Gordon DeAndre Jordan .

2012 NBA Players who will have a Breakout Season?

NBA players who will have a breakout 2011-2012 season: - Jordan Crawford - Marcus Thornton - Anthony Randolph (unless his minutes are barred behind Kevin Love) - John Wall - Stephen Curry - Tyreke Evans - DeMarcus Cousins - Marc Gasol - Andray Blatche - Brandon Jennings - Nick Young - O.J. Mayo - J.J. Hickson - Michael Beasley - Eric Gordon - Thaddeus Young - Lou Williams - Gary Neal - Derrick Favors - Greg Monroe - James Harden - DeJuan Blair Agree/Disagree with your list: - Curry: Agree - Evans: Agree - Mayo: Agree - Hickson: Agree - Lawson: Agree - Smith: Disagree - Cousins: Agree - Crawford: Agree - Thornton: Agree - Wall: Agree - Gordon: Disagree - Holiday: Agree - Beasley: Agree - Gordon: Agree - Harden: Agree .

If you had to create an all-NBA undersized team of 7 (5 starters + 2 bench players) who would you use?

PG - Ty Lawson 5'11" SG - Eric Gordon 6'3" SF - Andre Igoudala 6'6" PF - Paul Millsap 6'8" C - DeJuan Blair 6'7" Bench: PF - Shawn Marion 6'7" C - Al Horford 6'10"

Poll: Favourite "unusual" guys name?

Preston Phoenix Tyler Blake Chase Diego Eric Lawson Jesse

What are some good players to draft for Madden 12 Franchise w/ fantasy draft?

The best advice I could ever give when using a Fantasy Draft is to draft young players. These are my top rated players QB: Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman, Sam Bradford, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford HB: Adrian Petersen, Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles, Darren McFadden WR: Calvin Johnson, Jr., Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, Desean Jackson, Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt, AJ Green TE: Vernon Davis, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Jermaine Gresham, Jimmy Graham LT: Jake Long, Joe Staley, Russell Okung, Trent Williams LG: Carl Nicks, Mike Iupati, Logan Mankins, Derek Sherrod C: Maurkice Pouncey, Alex Mack, Mike Pouncey RG: Jahri Evans, Josh Sitton RT: Nate Solder, Tyron Smith, Gabe Carimi LE: JJ Watt, Marcel Dareus, Jermaine Cunningham, RE: Robert Quinn, Michael Johnson DT: Ndamukong Suh, BJ Raji, Nick Fairley LOLB: Clay Matthews, Jerod Mayo, Manny Lawson MLB: Brian Cushings, Rey Maualuga, Brandon Spikes ROLB: Keith Rivers, Von Miller, Aldon Smith CB: Brandon Flowers, Aqib Talib, Vontae Davis, Devin McCourty, Patrick Peterson, Prince Amukamara, Jimmy Smith FS: Malcolm Jenkins, Luis Delmas, Earl Thomas, Rahim Moore SS: Eric Berry, Patrick Chung, Tyvon Branch K: Stephen Gostkowski P: Daniel Sepulveda, Zoltan Mesko

Do you like these names for a baby boy or girl?

December - I don't like this, it is just to weird. It doesn't really sound like a name. I think that December would make a really cute middle name but not first. If ou like the name Demi, then december could be the girls first name if she was always refered to as Demi. Sunflower - this is quite strange... I don't think it works. If you like unusual names, my aunt is Clea Sunshine. I think her name is so petty, sunshine is good for middle names aswell. If you want first names I love Summer, I think that is pretty. Sous - I really dislike this name. Sue is a terrible name, but this spelling makes it even worth. Just do not use this name. for anyone. please. Keene - It is quite cute, I quite like this name. I think it works well for little kids and teenagers, but adult. I think it could work, I like it . it is handsome and cute. I also like Keenan. But what ever you like best. Ericks - I think the name erick is so cute, but this name is bonkers. It sounds like some terrible name you have just made up. I do love eric though. U think the name Frederick is so adorable with the nickname erick. Hardly unique, but it is like never used anymore, so it would be different. Lowe - at lowes! the shop has a really bad advirtisment. Not a good choice. It would be good as a middle name but I really dislike for a plain name. Maby Lowe as a nickname for Lawson or Logan or Loyd. Whatever floats your boat! If you are incharge of unusaul names I am the right person to talk to: I love unusual names, some are just pretty and most girls middle names are family names, but they are so unique and amazingly pretty also. girls: 1. Audrey Joanne (AJ) 2. Vada Marlene 3. Beatrix Clea (bea) 4. Remy Denise 5. Tabitha Dawn 6. Riley Emmeline 7. Sofia Harlow 8. Lily Millicent 9. Kensi 10. Cora boys: - Malcom Reid - Coleman Vincent - Dillon Madden - Reid Sebastian - Mason Reid - Cooper Bradley hope i helped. cheers.

3 HUGE fantasy basketball trades ; who got better deal?

I think Ty Lawson is a fantasy sleeper and KD is a top fantasy pick so whoever get those two, wins. BQ: Wes Matthews

Surprise players in this years draft?

1. Brook Lopez 2. OJ Mayo 3. Eric Gordon 4.Jerryd Bayless 5. Kevin Love 6. Brandon Rush 7. Robin Lopez 8. Tywon Lawson 9. Roy Hibbert 10. Danillo Galllinari

would love if some could give me the chords to river of tears by doyle lawson?

I'm sorry but I could only find it for Eric Clapton, so I'm assuming he wrote it originally :) Best of luck

What is your top 10 in Men's College Basketball?

(in no particular order) -Memphis-undefeated, speaks for itself -Duke-i had my doubts, but last night i lost lose. they are a solid team, quick guards and solid rebounding. the only worry i have come tourney time is a C like roy hibbert. -UNC-still a really good team, would have given duke a better run with lawson in there. its hard to play without your starting PG against the #2 team. -Georgetown-finding a way to get wins, hibbert is a stud. -Indiana-eric gordon and dj white are a scary inside outside combo. white is a monster on the glass, and gordon can flat out ball. -Michigan State-3 losses, 2 to iowa and penn state. stats from those games tell why. iowa had 29 FTs, MSU had 4. penn st had 51, msu had 31. no one wins games like that, cant guard FT's. take out those games, only ucla beat this team. -UCLA-collison is back and healthy playing well. love is a beast inside. they have a good combination of skill and complimentary players. -Kansas-only lost to a really good K-State team with beasley and walker. quick and athletic, even the big men. -Tennessee-very fast team, lofton is a great shooter, transfer smith is a great player, they just need a post player and would be dominant. -Wisconsin/Butler-both have top 10 rankings. i would give wisky the edge though. they are a surprise team that is for sure.

What do you think about these for boy names?

Lucas Landon

Do you think my fantasy basketball team can win it all?

What is your NBA Draft Bold Prediction?

BOLD Prediction There will only be two superstars picked. Blake Griffin and Ricky Rubio. Sounds obvious to start out with right? But we forget about the other top picks. A lot of people think that Thabeet will be the next Yao. Wrong. He'll be a good player, no doubt, but if you think he'll be a 20-10 player you're wrong. He has no offensive game. He'll get those 10 ribbies but not the 20 points. He looks to me like an Emeka Okafor type of player. Solid but doesn't live up to his potential. I don't see the players like Harden, Curry, or Jennings being great players. If Jennings was so great then he would have averaged more than 5 ppg and 17 minutes in Italy right? Harden looks to be a good player but not a superstar. Curry is a shooter. Not much more. He'll come in as a JJ Reddick type player and shoot 3's when needed. Sure thing (just for fun) Rubio lives up to his potential and becomes the next Maravich. I like this kid a lot in the NBA. The only way I see him not doing well is if he drops to number 3 to OKC. It looks like their previous 1st round draft choice, Russell Westbrook, is going to be a great PG in the NBA and there won't be enough room.

What do think of the name Warren? Rate 1-10. Other boy name suggestions?

I quite like Warren. It's one of those genuinely unique names that doesn't look out of place. I'll order your names from fav to least fav, k? Owen Eli Levi Warren Jameson Jackson Lawson Weston Wyatt. I hate Wyatt with such uncontrolled burning passion, you have no idea. Suggestions: Hunter Maxwell Jamie Bailey Rory Riley Jordan Eric Marcus Adam Austin Jayden

Does anyone have any baby name ideas?

Emma Isabella Emily Madison Ava Olivia Sophia Abigail Elizabeth Chloe Samantha Addison Natalie Mia Alexis Alyssa Hannah Ashley Ella Sarah Grace Taylor Brianna Lily Hailey Anna Victoria Kayla Lillian Lauren Kaylee Allison Savannah Nevaeh Gabriella Sofia Makayla Avery Riley Julia Leah Aubrey Jasmine Audrey Katherine Morgan Brooklyn Destiny Sydney Alexia Alexander alan pyper emmy McKay Lawson Toby Logan Benji Veida Sulle Bryce Jayna Tuff Audley Riley oscar kevin christain vincent jorge mario jonathan rafael michael carlo Addison (for a boy) Tess Mara Brooklynn Dara Katherine Charissa Victoria Logan Niotta Sarah Kortney Kaitlyn Elizabeth Lisa Dunia Megan Shelley Amber Melissa Kayla Keilee Kaylee Kylie Klayton Caleb Callum Austin Derek Jessie Stacey Max Alexander Peyton Nicholas Kyle Ryan Lucas Aidan Corey Jackson Colin Carson Keith Michael Daniel David Aaron Adam Adrian Elliot Brian Thomas Timothy Lyle Landon Jonah Noah Nathan Nathaniel Dane Justin Dylan Wayne William Jason Ethan Evan Zachary Reese Simon Samuel Shane Blake Miles Joseph Julian James Gabriel Gregory Wade Owen John Jonathan Benjamin Declan Patrick Sean Leo Eric Cade Andrew Anthony Duncan Milo Carmine Hope this Helped....Sorry if I repeated any names :-)

Who are the top 15 underrated players in the NBA?

No specific order Lamarcus Aldrige Montae Ellis Stephen Curry Carmelo Anthony Deron Williams Mario Chalmers Jason Kidd Micheal Beasly Serge Ibaka Nene Ty Lawson Tyreke Evans Chris Paul Andrew Bogut Rudy Gay Zack Randolph Marc Gasol Jrue Holiday Eric Gordon Brian Sclabrine Overrated players in no order Chris Bosh Kobe Bryant Kevin Garnett Paul Gasol Manu Ginobili Tony Parker Danny Granger

Make a starting line up for the most underrated players in the NBA?

PG: Kyle Lowry SG: Eric Gordon SF: Andre Iggy PF: Lamarcus Aldridge C: Andrew Bogut I was thinking about using non-stars but then I didn't want people to think I'm weird by making a PG they never heard and calling him underrated. I think I'll just do starting PG's Honarable Mentions: (Just because they are in the HM place doesn't mean Lwry is better, I didn't want to put the best underrated players here) PG: Dragic, Darren Collison, Kemba Walker, Ty Lawson, Michael Conley, Jrue Holiday, Jennings, Curry, Felton, Harris, Wall, Stuckey, Nelson. SG: Martin, Manu, Ellis, Dorell Wright, S-Jax, Jason Richardson, Joe Johnson, Marcus Thornton, Wesley Matthews, Butler, Terry, Lee, Paul George, O.J Mayo, Salmons, Jamal Crawford, Derozan, Fields, Carter, Wes Johnson, Marco Belinelli SF: Granger, Rudy Gay, Pierce, Jefferson, Budinger, Beasely, Danilo, Corey M., Hill, Wilson Chandler, Deng, Gerald Wallace, Batum, Prince, Hedo, Shaw Marion, Kwahi, Dudley, Ariza. PF: David West, Boozer, Smith, Lee, Amare, Millsap, Zach R., Jamison, Glen Davis, Scola, Brand, Kris H., Ersan, Al Harrington, Drew Gooden, Faried, Bass, Carl Landrey, Ryan Anderson, Young, Tyler Hansbrough. C: Al Jefferson, Tyson Chandler, Marc, Noah, Hibbert, Monroe, Drummond, Gortat, Nikola P., Nene, Kaman, DeAndre Jordan, McGee, Spencer Hawes, Mareese Speights, Biyombo, Dalambert, Asik, Thomas, Steisma. I know some of these might not be underrated to some people and I still might be missing ALLOT of underrated players.

What are (in order) the top 10 best point guard possible prospects in the 2009 NBA Draft?

WOW very dissapointed lol, how can you not have the best player in the nation as of right now, a player that Texas Tech coach B. Knight called the terminator because he has no consience, and a few 40 point 20 rebound games this season! his name is.... (btw check him out at 1. BLAKE GRIFFIN 2.Hasheem Thabeet 3. Ricky Rubio 4. Tyler Hansbrough 5 Stephen Curry 6. 6reg Monroe 7. AJ Price 8. Ty Lawson 9. Jeff Teague 10. Darren Collison

What do you think of these names for brothers?

That's cute! I love those names and I love that they aren't similar!! Most people would say something like Chance and Charlie or Andrew and Alex, but you're actually giving them their own unique identity which is awesome! Charlie Lawson (Last Name) Charlie Alexander (Last Name) Charlie Everett (Last Name) Charlie Bennett (Last Name) Charlie Thomas (Last Name) Charlie Reece (Last Name) Charlie James (Last Name) Charlie Jax (Last Name) Charlie Ray (Last Name) Charlie Tate (Last Name) Andrew Henry (Last Name) Andrew Jenner (Last Name) Andrew Bennett (Last Name) Andrew Noah (Last Name) Andrew Christian (Last Name) Andrew Kelley (Last Name) Andrew Jaxon (Last Name) Andrew James (Last Name) Andrew Radley (Last Name) Here are some middle names for you to mix and match yourself :) Unique: Urban Witter Benry Leith Thayer Erol Keegan Common: Ben Benjamin Erik\Eric Aaron Joseph Donavon Dustin Justin Lee Billy Bobby Matthew Ones not used as much: Devon Adam Clint Chase Michael Robbie Ryan Stephen Vance Lyle Some cool spelling: Rhys (reece) Rian (ryan) Mathui (Matthew) Charley Chayse Some trends: Carlisle Edward Emmett Jasper Damon Jacob Gale Peeta Finnick

What are the overall ratings of this year's NBA draft class? I am going to create them in NBA 2K9?

1. Clippers - PF- Blake Griffen # 23 All Around player Ovl:89 2. Grizzles - C- Hasheem Thabeet # 55 Defense Ovl: 84 3. Thunder - SG - James Harden # 13 Ovl: Shooter, Scorer 85 4. Kings - PG - Tyreke Evans # 12 Shooter,Speed, defense Ovl: 86 5. T-Wolves - PG - Ricky Rubio # 9 Passes, Speed, Potential, Ovl:80 6. T- Wolves - PG - Jonny Flynn # 10 Fast, Scorer Ovl:78 7. Warriors - SG- Stephen Curry # 30 Shooter, Scorer, Defense Ovl:88 8. Knicks - PF - Jordan Hill # 43 Rebounder, Defense Ovl:82 9. Raptors - SF - DeMar DeRozan # 10 Average All Around Ovl:75 10. Bucks - PG - Brandon Jennings # 11 Nothing but Potential Ovl:72 11. Nets - SF - Terrence Williams # 1 Fast Ovl: 74 12. Bobcats - SF - Gerald Henderson # 15 Defense Ovl:76 13. Pacers - PF - Tyler Hansbrough # 50 Hardworker Ovl: 84 14. Suns - PF - Earl Clark # 5 Defense Ovl:78 15. Pistons - PG - Austin Daye # 5 Fast Ovl:70 16. Bulls - SG - James Johnson # 23 Shooter Ovl: 72 17: 76ers - PG - Jrue Holiday # 21 Fast, Scorer, Shooter Ovl:84 18. Nuggets - PG - Ty Lawson # 5 Fast, Defense Ovl:76 19. Hawks - PG - Jeff Teague # 0 Defense, Fast, Scorer Ovl: 74 20. Jazz - SF - Eric Maynor # 3 Defense Ovl: 72 21. Hornets - SG - Darren Collins # 2 Fast Ovl: 70 22. Blazers - SG - Victor Claver # 9 Fast Ovl:70 23. Kings - SF - Omri Casspi # 10 Rebounder, Fast Ovl: 74 24. Mavericks - SF- Rodrigue Beaubois # 8 Rebounder, Defense Ovl:68 25. Thunder - C - B.J. Mullens # 32 Nothing Special Ovl:66 26. Bulls - SF - Taj Gibson # 22 Defense Ovl: 72 27. Grizzles - PG - DeMarre Carrol # 1 Fast Ovl:70 28. T-Wolves - SF - Wayne Ellington # 22 Scorer Ovl:74 29. Knicks - SG - Toney Douglas # 23 Ovl:67 30. Caverlies - SF - Christian Eyenga # 21 Ovl: 66

Should I trade eric gordon for ty lawson?


I need some fantasy basketball advice?

depending on your league either korver or hawes, if its a points league kyle korver because 3's count alot, if its head to head i would go hawes

What are the top 10 best kicks in the 2011-2012 NBA season?

1. LeBron 9 (worn by lebron, ty lawson, and norris cole among others), More people at my high school own LeBron 9s than any other shoe, they are also very comfortable and easy to clean. 2. Foamposites (worn by rajon rondo and nick young), Secure on your foot, and they mold to your feet, also very stylish, but only hoop in these indoors or your sole will get messed up. 3. Kobe 7 (worn by kobe, al harrington, and kwahi leonard among others), very lightweight with a clean look 4. Hyperfuse 2012 (worn by Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love among other) Very light with one of the tightest laces ever, better for thin feet 5. Crazy Light (worn by eric gordan and jrue holiday among other) Very light, alot of different colorways 6. Hyperdunk 2012 (worn by blake griffin and kyrie irving among others) Very light, better for wide feet 7. Nike huarache 2k4 (worn by rajon rondo, delonte west and jr smith among others) Tight fit and very padded, as for style they are on nikeid so you can customize your own 8. Stupidly Light (worn my josh smith among others) Very light, less than the crazy lights though, look to have a secure fit 9. Kd iv (worn by kevin durant and mike miller among others) seem to have a very secure fit but as for low tops kobes seem better for hooping 10. Adirose 2 (worn by derrick rose) decent looking but i would only suggest you get them if you have very narrow feet All retro jordan were left off If this was just based on style... 1. Foamposite 2. Lebron 9 3. Kd IV 4. Huarache 2k4 5. Kobe 7

How old are the cast of pretty little liars?

Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin)- 22 years old Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) -26 years old Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) - 22 years old Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields)- 24 years old Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis)- 15 years old Tammin Sursok (Jenna Marshall)- 28 years old Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh )- 22 years old Janel Parrish (Mona Vanderwall)- 23 years old Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers)- 25 years old Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz)- 25 years old Bianca Lawson (Maya St. Germain)- 32 years old Ryan Merriman (Ian Thomas)- 28 years old Torrey DeVitto (Melissa Hastings-Thomas)- 27 years old Brendan Robinson (Lucas Gottesman)- ??? I'd say he's like early 20's though Yani Gellman (Officer Garrett Reynolds) - 26 years old Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery/Aria's mom)- 38 years old Chad Lowe (Byron Montgomery/ Aria's dad)- 44 years old Laura Leighton (Ashley Marin/Hanna's mom)- 43 years old Brant Daugherty (Noel Kahn)- 26 years old Nia Peeples (Pam Fields/ Emily's mom)- 50 years old Cody Christian (Mike Montgomery/ Aria's brother)-???? early 20's Lesley Fera (Veronica Hastings/Spencer's mom)??? late 40's Nolan North (Peter Hastings/ Spencer's dad)- 41 years old Drew Van Acker (Jason DiLaurentis/Alison's brother)- 25 years old Julian Morris (Wren Kim)- 28 years old Chuck Hittinger (Sean Ackard/ Hanna's ex)- 28 years old Roark Critchlow (Tom Marin/ Hanna's dad)- 48 years old Bryce Johnson (Detective Darren Wilden)- 34 years old Paloma Guzman (Jackie Molina/ Ezra's ex)- ??? late 20's Lindsey Shaw (Paige McCullers/ Emily's ex)- 22 years old Annabeth Gish (Dr. Anne Sullivan/ the girl's therapist)- 40 years old Diego Boneta (Alex Santiago/ Spencer's ex)- 21 years old Claire Holt (Samara/ Emily's ex)- 23 years old Jim Titus (Officer Barry Maple)- 30 years old Shane Coffey (Holden Strauss/ Aria's friend)- ??? early 20's Eric Steinberg (Colonel Wayne Fields/ Emily's dad)-??? late 40's Natalie Hall (Kate/ Hanna's stepsister)- 23 years old Heather Mazur (Isabell Randall/Hanna's stepmom)- 35 years old that's all for like the main cast I suppose

True or False, Mike Conley has been one of the 3 best point guards in the West this year?

Eric Bledsoe has been better. He averages more points, rebounds and assists (20.9ppg, 7.3apg, 4.4rpg) and his team is 5-2 and have a better record than Conley's team and he has less help than Conley. I would also put Stephen Curry above him as well putting up similar points but 8.5apg compared to Conley's 5.8, plus the Warriors are doing better than the Grizzlies, a little bit. Curry: 19.2ppg, 8.5apg, 3.5rpg, 48%fg, 45%3pt, 90%ft Conley: 20.2ppg, 5.8apg, 2.8rpg, 52%fg, 20%3pt, 96%ft Tony Parker has been better too having the Spurs at the top of the conference with similar numbers to Conley. Edit: After them, it's hard to argue anyone else against Conley ATM (unless I was going based off reputation, or how great an overall player they are). Judging by your question it seems you wanted the best PG's (as in who has played the best so far). Therefore that's all I can make an argument for playing better than Conley right now. Edit 2: Yeah, you have a point about Curry's defense. But as for Bledsoe, he's has some solid defensive performances this year. PG's Parker, Lillard, and Lawson have had big games against him this year. But Bledsoe has played games against these PG's in which they had REALLY bad games with him guarding them. Holiday for the Pelicans: 1-7FG with 6 TO's. John Lucas (III): 2-10FG. Russell Westbrook: 5-16FG, with 4TO's. So overall, given his larger role on offense, I would say he's been doing solid on defense.

Does anyone know a really good book I can check out?

Marley & Me by John Grogan..great story about a dog....true....this book had me laughing and crying! You should go to African American books Try: All African American Authors: A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown (true story) Between my Thighs: An Urban Erotic Tale by Naija Tonight I Give In by Mia A. Moore Deliver Me From Evil by Mary Monroe Gonna Lay Down My Burdens by Mary Monroe She Ain't The One by Carl Weber The First Lady by Carl Weber Baby Mama Drama by Carl Weber The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Soulja *****so good! He's Just a Friend by Mary B. Morrison Soulmates Dissipate by Mary B. Morrison Sin No More by Kimberla Lawson Roby Milk in My Coffee by Eric Jerome Dickey Sleeping With Strangers by Eric Jerome Dickey Friends & Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey Chocolate Flava by Zane Purple Panties by Zane Dear G Spot by Zane Sorry about the dog book, but it is really good. I keep my mind open to all types of books being an avid reader.

I am writing a book but I really don't know what genre to put it in. Can you help?

Urban fiction? I'm not exactly sure if this is the genre, though; it's just a guess on my part.

What should the 76ers offseason plan be?

I think with 76ers will be fine once Elton Brand is 100%. The problem is that he hasn't been that for 2 seasons. They also need a point guard that can run the offense allowing A.I. more shot attempts. A.I. should be near the top of the league in scoring, but for some strange reason guys like Andre Miller shoots the ball more than he passes it. They need a point who'll be true to the position. Someone who'll pass and set up other players rather than himself. I really like Eric Maynor and Ty Lawson (if he declares) Thaddeus Young is a diamond in the rough. The 76ers would be foolish to let him go. They may even trade Brand to keep give him more minutes. I would. Stephan Curry is a scorer 1st. That's not what the 76ers need at the point. They have guys that can put the ball in the basket. They need a true point guard. Curry is a two guard at best.

Rank the top basketball players on the NBA draft board and the seniors who have not declared.?

If a team feels that it must draft a European, then they should pick one of four big men born in 1987 that are on the draft board with a late second round pick. Otherwise, I didn't make a mistake excluding Europeans. Everyone else was required to go to college for a year and produced NCAA box scores. Here is how they rank as NBA prospects. 1Blake GriffinOklahoma 2Chavis HolmesVMI 3Hasheem ThabeetConnecticut 4Luke HarangodyNotre Dame 5DeJuan BlairPittsburgh 6Tyler HansbroughNorth Carolina 7Lester HudsonTennessee-Martin 8Travis HolmesVMI 9Diamon SimpsonSt. Mary's 10Stephen CurryDavidson 11Ahmad NivinsSaint Joseph's 12John BryantSanta Clara 13Taj GibsonSouthern California 14Jordan HillArizona 15Jarvis VarnadoMississippi State 16Patrick PattersonKentucky 17Tony GaffneyMassachusetts 18Stefon JacksonTexas-El Paso 19DeMarre CarrollMissouri 20James HardenArizona State 21Michael WashingtonArkansas 22Luke NevillUtah 23Toney DouglasFlorida State 24Terrence WilliamsLouisville 25Ty LawsonNorth Carolina 26James JohnsonWake Forest 27Jermaine TaylorUCF 28Marcus ThorntonLSU 29Jeff AdrienConnecticut 30Kevin TiggsE. Tennessee State 31John CantrellChicago State 32Omar SamhanSt. Mary's 33Dante CunninghamVillanova 34Brett WinkelmanNorth Dakota State 35Ben WoodsideNorth Dakota State 36Eric MaynorVirginia Commonwealth 37Tasmin MitchellLSU 38Jeff TeagueWake Forest 39Wesley MatthewsMarquette 40Jerel McNealMarquette 41Aaron JacksonDuquesne 42Matt HowardButler 43Jon BrockmanWashington 44Lee CummardBrigham Young 45Jeff PendergraphArizona State 46Nick CalathesFlorida 47Chase BudingerArizona 48Ryan ToolsonUtah Valley 49Robert DozierMemphis 50Devan DowneySouth Carolina 51Gani LawalGeorgia Tech 52Sam YoungPittsburgh 53Drake ReedAustin Peay 54Paul Delaney IIIUAB 55Earl ClarkLouisville 56Jodie MeeksKentucky 57Jonny FlynnSyracuse 58Tyreke EvansMemphis 59Damion JamesTexas 60Gerald HendersonDuke 61Danny GreenNorth Carolina 62Mike RoseEastern Kentucky 63Brandon EwingWyoming 64Paul HarrisSyracuse 65Jerome TillmanOhio 66Patrick MillsSt. Mary's 67Daniel NorthernTennessee Tech 68Alex RenfroeBelmont 69Jeremy ChappellRobert Morris 70Greivis VasquezMaryland 71Jonathan TavernariBrigham Young 72Byron EatonOklahoma State 73Tywain McKeeCoppin State 74K.C. RiversClemson 75Curtis JerrellsBaylor 76Korvotney BarberAuburn 77Leo LyonsMissouri 78Tyler SmithTennessee 78Alex RuoffWest Virginia 80Ben McCauleyNorth Carolina State 81Cedric JacksonCleveland State 82A.D. VassalloVirginia Tech 83Josh HeytveltGonzaga 84Wayne EllingtonNorth Carolina 85Alade AminuGeorgia Tech 86Mac KoshwalDePaul 87Michael DeloachNorfolk State 88Tyrese RiceBoston College 89Lawrence HillStanford 90Derrick BrownXavier 91Alonzo GeeAlabama 92Dionte ChristmasTemple 93Taylor GriffinOklahoma 94Dominique ArchieSouth Carolina 95Terrel HarrisOklahoma State 96Dominic JamesMarquette 97Dar TuckerDePaul 98Kevin RogersBaylor 99Scottie ReynoldsVillanova 100Darren CollisonUCLA 102Antonio AndersonMemphis 103Edwin UbilesSiena 104Josh CarterTexas A&M 105Michael BramosMiami (Ohio) 106DeMar DeRozanSouthern California 107Magnum RolleLouisiana Tech 108Weyinmi EfejukuProvidence 109Austin DayeGonzaga 110Dwayne CollinsMiami (Fla.) 111Aron BaynesWashington State 112Goran SutonMichigan State 113Kyle SpainSan Diego State 114Lorrenzo WadeSan Diego State 115Wink AdamsUNLV 116Chinemelu ElonuTexas A&M 117Alex BarnettDartmouth 118Josh AkognonCal State Fullerton 119Chris JohnsonLSU 120Geoff McDermottProvidence 121Justin DentmonWashington 122Bobby DavisSouth Carolina Upstate 123Nic WiseArizona 124A.J. AbramsTexas 125Robert VadenUAB 126Markel HumphreyMarshall 127Marcus LandryWisconsin 128Charlie ColeyCharlotte

Who were some important Japanese people who contributed to American society?

· Mike Honda · Ronald Takaki · Pat Morita · Sessue Hayakawa · Norman Mineta · Patsy Mink · Yoko Ono Eric Shinseki · Sadao Munemori · Daniel Inouye · Kristi Yamaguchi · Ted Fujita · George Takei · Bryan Clay · Ellison Onizuka · Minoru Yamasaki · Sueo Serisawa · Chiura Obata · Isamu Noguchi · George Tsutakawa · George Nakashima · Milton Murayama · Ronald Phillip Tanaka · Miné Okubo · Keiho Soga · Taisanboku Mori · Sojin Takei · Muin Ozaki · Toshio Mori · William Minoru Hohri · Karen Tei Yamashita · Sheila Hamanaka · Lawson Fusao Inada · Ronald Takaki · Kimiko Hahn · Lois-Ann Yamanaka · Ruth Ozeki · Hiroshi Kashiwagi · Yuko Taniguchi · Hisaye Yamamoto · Janice Mirikitani · Lawson Fusao Inada · Michi Weglyn · Harvey Itano · Charles J. Pedersen · Yoichiro Nambu · Michio Kaku · Ellison Onizuka

What are some films involving this theme?

A Family of Strangers (1993) (TV) -- starring Melissa Gilbert and Patty Duke is a good one, if you can find a copy of it somewhere. Synopsis: After Julie Lawson (Melissa Gilbert) is diagnosed with a life-threatening blood clot in her brain, she investigates her family's medical history and is devastated to learn she was adopted at birth, and even more shocking, that her conception was the result of a rape. Julie must convince her birth mother, Beth (Patty Duke), to face her scarred past to find her only shot at survival--her natural father. But, the only clue of his identity is a single button ripped from his jacket. As Julie's chances of survival slip with time, mother and daughter must unravel the mystery behind the horrific event to reveal the attacker's identity. Also starring William Shatner and Eric McCormack. Strange Relations (2001) (TV) -- starring Paul Reiser My Beautiful Son (original title) Synopsis: Jerry (Paul Reiser) is a successful New York psychiatrist who is diagnosed with leukemia. When he tells his mother, she reveals that Jerry was adopted from a young Catholic girl called Sheila in Liverpool, England. Jerry's desperation for a bone-marrow transplant leads him to working-class Liverpool to find his mother and see if he has any siblings. Along the way, he finds out more about himself than he knew. August Rush (2007) -- starring Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell and Jonathan Rhys Synopsis: A drama with fairy tale elements, where an orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents.

Why would Obama try to appoint Attorney General who helped pardon FALN terrorist?

Kendrick Owen Simon Orion Hunter Emmett Ezekiel Eugene Douglas Andon Adam Rylan Camden Thomas Abel Caleb Noe Jefferson William Lawson Daniel Dalton Noah Sawyer Houston Lance Colin Weston Milo Ian Ethan Truman Mitchell Aiden Maddox Norman Damarion Justice Davion Lucas Jarvis Justin Colby Mason Kendall Jonah Travis Colin Samuel Chandler Nathaniel Donald Joshua Brennan Eric Dean Timothy Campbell Sebastian Denzel

How many baseball players in Major League history have a career 1.000 batting average?

There's been 84: Charlie Snow, Sparrow McCaffrey, Frank O'Connor, Tom Lipp, Mike Hopkins, C.B. Burns, Hub Knolls, Doc Tonkin, John Kull, George yantz, Chuck Tompkins, Bob Ingersoll, Pete Sims, Bill Meehan, Ty Pickup, Doc Bass, Hall Deviney, Allie Watt, Uel Eubanks, Red Lutz, John Mohardt, Fred Schemanske, Johnson Fry, Jackie Gallagher, George Abrams, Tige Stone, Heinie Odom, Pete Rambo, Buzz Wetzel, Jim Holloway, Al Wright, Ralph Onis, Abe White, Tom Lanning, Chet Kehn, Bill Peterman, Steve Biras, Claude Crocker, Bud Swartz, Ramon Garcia, Lou Grasmick, Steve Kuczek, Earl Mossor, Chuck Lindstrom, Rupe Toppin, Roy Gleason, John Paciorek, Dave Gray, Larry Loughlin, Roe Skidmore, Don Eddy, Dave Sells, Steve Lawson, Larry Gowell, Eduardo Rodriguez, Mike Dupree, Mike Rowland, Scott Munninghoff, Steve Shirley, Brett Gideon, Miguel Garcia, Dave Liddell, Jeff Banister, Matt Maysey, Esteban Yan, Steve Montgomery, Ryan Hancock, Jeff Kubenka, Joe Davenport, Eric Cammack, Justin Brunette, Kevin Ohme, Jason Roach, Travis Hughes, Cliff Bartosh, Scott Munter, Joel Peralta, Jason Hammel, Jose Morales, Matt Tupman, Bobby Korecky, Bobby Wilson, Tim Dillard Most At Bats: John Paciorek, Jose Morales (3 for 3) Most Games: Eduardo Rodriguez (264) Most Homers: Esteban Yan, Frank O'Connor (1) Most RBI's: John Paciorek, Frank O'Connor (3)

What worthwhile players do you see your favorite team losing to free agency this year?

The 49ers have a whole slew of possible FA losses, but the biggest ones that I can see are: David Baas: With Eric Heitmann's injury, Baas filled in at C admirably. If we lose him and Heitmann can't come back, there's trouble. Ray McDonald: He's been a solid presence at DE. Can't really afford to downgrade right now. Manny Lawson: With the drafting of Aldon Smith, losing Lawson might not be too bad. I'm pretty sure he's gone in any case. Takeo Spikes: An ILB is going to be more difficult to replace than Lawson at OLB. Still, the 49ers are carrying a lot of LB and there's going to be cuts somewhere. Brian Westbrook: The 49ers drafted Kendall Hunter, but Westbrook is an explosive back that is now a year removed from his major injury. With Frank Gore getting too many carries, he can lighten the load and we can't afford to lose him now. Alex Smith: Despite the 49ers struggles at finding a QB if Smith walks, I really wish they wouldn't re-sign him. Unfortunately, of all the FA's, he's the one that appears most likely to re-sign.

Which team got the better of these HUGE fantasy basketball trades ?

Whp ever traded durant in trade 2 and 3 is a complete idiot and should never play fantasy basketball again due to his stupidity

What are some boy names that start with these letters?

Colson, Cale, Colby, Caleb, Carter, Callum, Clayton. Eli, Evan, Eric, Emmett, Elias. Finley, Fletcher. Lyndon/Linden, Luke, Levi, Lennon, Leo, Lane, Lawson. Preston, Parker, Porter, Pierce. Thomas, Trevor, Thane, Trenton, Troy.

Who is the best point guard in the 2009 Draft?

You forgot Ty Lawson 1. Flynn 2. Jennings 3. Lawson 4. Hoilday 5. Rubio 6. Curry 7. Teague 8. Evans 9. Maynor BQ: No, I don't think it;s strong enough for a Point Guard Festival.

Who do you think will be the future stars of the NBA, lets say in 10 years?

Here are my predictions for the upper echelon of NBA stars in 10 years: LeBron James (King James will always be up there) Kevin Durant (next Rashard Lewis / Dirk Notwitzki player) Greg Oden (next Patrick Ewing with better defense) Dwight Howard (next Baby Shaq) Chris Paul (next Isiah Thomas / Kevin Johnson type player) Deron Williams (next Baron Davis) Derrick Rose (next D-Wade / Steve Franchise type of player) OJ Mayo (next Agent Zero) Mike Beasley (next Lamar Odom) Brandon Roy (next Ray Allen) Al Horford (next Elton Brand / Horace Grant type of player) Mike Conley Jr. (next Damon Stoudemire) Corey Brewer (next Ron Artest)

Middle names for boys and which of these do you like the best?

1. Alec 2. Isaac 3. Erik Alec Kayden Alec Lawson Alec Trey Alec Henry Isaac Deaken Isaac Declan Isaac Brandon Isaac Isiah Erik Manuel Erik Kyle Erik Andre Erik Jae

What are some of the most underrated players in the league today?

luis williams nick young caron butler eric gordan al jeferson greg monroe