Do you think it is a shame it took a mass murder for Obama and Eric Holder to meet with AZ Govenor Jan Brewer?

Should Obama fire the racist Eric Holder as head of the Dept of Justice?

He never will. That would be admitting he made a wrong choice.

Why Is Eric Holder Going To Gitmo Today Without Any Media?

Very little media has ever been allowed at Gitmo. The main secret there is the identity of the troops on duty. Their identities could lead to repercussions against them and their families by terrorist supporters. SFC US Army Retired

Why did Eric Holder blink about every second during the press conference?

People where taking pictures, so light was flashing in his eyes. Or That is just how he is. Either way, NO ONE with any sense cares. We have more substantive things o worry about.

Have you noticed that Eric Holder and Barack Obama have an unhealty obsession with torture?

I believe they have an unhealthy obsession with painting America in a bad light, and dragging it down.

Why does Eric Holder want to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in traffic court?

Got a link or proof? Just so I know you are not paid by the post.

Can Eric Holder do anything right and is this a good ticket?

I'd like to see them get a good handle on this issue. Holder can't seem to do anything else right. Maybe he could be good at this.

How much flak is Obama going to get from nominating Eric Holder?

So far the change that was the big topic of the campaign is hogwash, it is the same old, same old, Clinton administration in drag, the voters have been hornswaggled into believing there would be change, but how can there be change when the obama chief of staff was in charge if Freddy Mac during that swindle of the taxpayers money. Now obama will get credit for fixing the economy when the cycle is at the bottom and the only way for the economy to go is up. Timing is everything in politics. Wheres the beef?

What Did Eric Holder Mean There Is Too Many Prisoners?

he means the jails are overflowing.

How can we incorporate Eric Holder's statements into the speech tonight?

So he forgot that we put two holes in Osama's head? What a dumbass. Our most effective weapon against terrorism is republican leadership and the US military. There are about 10,000 terrorists worldwide who will never kill again. Holder's court system has already released from prison how many killers?