Why did Eric Cantor run away like a scared little girl from his speech at the Wharton School of Business?

Well, apparently Cantor cancelled after he heard the event was "open to the public." He seems like chicksh$t coward who won't (or can't) defend his position. If you believe in what you're saying you shouldn't be afraid to look someone in the eye and say it.

Did President Obama just tell Eric Cantor to go ahead and make his day?

Good for President Obama! Eric Cantor does not have a right to flush the country down the toilet!

Why is the Republican Whip Eric Cantor talking about Billionaires Balls?

I think he's referring to the taste in his own mouth after the Koch brothers visit.

how do we stop people like Mr Eric Cantor, Mitch McConell, and Scotto Brown of Wisconsin?

Vote for their opponents.

Is Eric Cantor getting kickbacks from the wealthy?

"It goes against all logic not to raise taxes when the tax breaks caused our mess in the first place." That statement is so irrational. It's even unthinkable for someone who knows real logic to hire a Liberal to a accountant position (there isn't any) because liberals can't calculate responsibly and are so irrational

Why is Eric Cantor saying he will hold the east coast hostage unless he gets what he wants?

Don't we have more important issues like the illegal alien in the white house?

How do Virginia voters feel about Eric Cantor these days?

No, I don't support him or his party

Should Republican Leader Eric Cantor apologize for Un-American Comments he made?

He should but he won't. I did not know he was Jewish so I am really surprised he used the fascist bullshit. They have become quite a different party from when I remember them best in the 80's. They are nothing close and now risk the little respect that they had with comments like these. We are all Americans, RIght and Left and I agree that this is Un-American behavior. It is childish and lacking character so i guess it tells us a lot about Mr. Cantor.

Is Republican Eric Cantor the sleaziest thing in congress?

tough one! With all the sleaze on the Hill it is pretty hard to pick just one...I say it's a tie with Sen. David "spank me harder" Vitter. Cantor is a tool though. He does remind me of Santorum both the ex Senator and the noun. Cantor is now the Republican attack dog, he doesnt like anything Obama puts forward, he is a typical scum Republican out for himself and his money! I hope Obama raises taxes on the rich soon....I can watch Cantor squirm and probably cry.

Why do I hear liberals attacking Eric Cantor so much lately? He must be a real big threat to them, huh?

Yes he is a threat to them. He doesn't represent the status quo. Ron Paul has my vote! How can we keep telling other countries how to run their government and invest their money when we can’t even do it properly in our own country? Why do we send Foreign Aid to 174 countries (most with positive bank accounts) when we are 14 trillion in debt and can’t take care of our own people in disasters? Where are the National Guard when we need them? Aren’t they supposed to help our people at home? Why not Bring the troops home, stoop the foreign aid, take care of our own, stop aggressive wars that breed hatred, invest in a free market with opportunities for new inventions and new ideas for energy and such and let states decide on issues such as same sex marriage and drugs? *r(EVOL)ution * Liberty * Ron Paul * 2012 * Freedom* Constitution * rights * Love*