some one translate this to me asap please!!!?

3:30 Son of the Spirit I am concerned about getting this message and give warning ... d God made a few days I have been troubled with some development q maybe some have ignored that claim and q are events that the moon is closest to d land. The MAR fell inward and left SECAs the banks in the villages PONCE D SANTA ISABEL VILLAGE OF OUR COASTAL ISLAND PUERTO RICO .. D I've seen and I've had some people approach d q d not have been aware a Christian or a special meeting with our Savior and are confused .... This morning I will give them half a word that God through His Word, q d is Alive and effective. It says in Luke 21: 25-28 There will be signs in the sun on the moon and the stars and the earth distress of nations, confused acausas RAF yd roar of the waves; faint men by fear and d expectation that things on the world, because the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory .... what we live to serve our God in spirit and truth of these events shows that our redemption is near ... as stated in 21: 28 When these things begin to happen, and the Levant stood YOUR HEAD, BECAUSE Vestre REDEMPTION IS NEAR .... AMEN COME LORD JESUS ALLELUIA IF YOU HOLD YOUR CHURCH ... Do not delete this message is send to all Supplies do q because God is on trial ... sleeping and you have to get up to fill their oil lamps to welcome Lord ... God bless .... Greatly