what can be done globally to end world hunger?

I don't think any one individual can do anything to end it. But all of us working together can help stop it. My solution is- If two people are starving, Let them fight to the death. The one that lives gets to eat the one that dies

How would you end the world/universe?

look up my answer to this question from last week: If the whole world decided to go canibul, how long would it be until the entire human race was wiped out?

After 2012 when is the next end of world event due to happen?

Here's a list of future predictions (up to 4.5 billion AD) - http://www.abhota.info/end6.htm

Do you think world population could soon end due to homosexuality?

1. It's not an increasing amount, it's just more people coming out. 2. We are extremely overpopulated so no. 3. Sex isn't the only way to create a child.

How would the world's goverments prepare its people for the end of the world?

total world chaos. the world can't even get along now. who knows, something like that could actually bring everyone together..

What was the agreement to end world war two?

In Europe, the German Instrument of Surrender was signed in Rheims on May 7, 1945. In the Pacific, the Japan Instrument of Surrender was signed aboard the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945.

Which statement about the nations of Western Europe since the end of World War II is most valid?

Definitely 4.

What was the sole reason China sent troops into Vietnam at the end of World War II?


How do I cancel/end my world vision child sponsorship?

Close your bank account and replace an new one.

Can we all start saying that the world will end in 45,098?

You can't just make up a date like that. You have to find some vague mention somewhere in some ancient text or that seems to say that. So, write this down, and hide it somewhere. In a few hundred years, if someone finds it, that will grant it legitimacy and people will start believing it. Unless humanity develops the capacity for rational thought by then, of course.

How can I bring about the apocalypse and end the world?

go drop a nuke on Korea. that shall start something

Could same sex relationships end the world or just make it less populated?

heres the thing...the whole world WOULDNT switch to same sex relationships. its so unlikely.

After the 2012 End of World Prediction passes what is the next doomsday?

July 4 2026. scientists discover time travle and rip spacetime in two. 2

Laws in America that stop the world from ending world hunger and poverty?

no. but world hunger and poverty will never end with so many people. you cannot make a law to help it. sorry.

What were the Pros (positives) on the atomic bomb to end World War 2?

1. Japanese were fanatical fighters, they would rather die than surrender (bad for the americans) 2. It would save millions of other lives (russians, chinese, americans) 3.The americans tried to offer peace talks and negotiations but Japan refused.

How do Christians feel about the New Age end of world predictions for 2012?

It is of very little consequence to me. i will stick with the Bible, since it has a proven track record. Did you know that Moses predicted 3500 years ago that the Jews would rebel against God, be scattered to the all the nations, and in the last days be regathered to the land of their forefathers? Did you know the Jewish prophets - Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Ezekiel, Daniel and others; even the the Lord Jesus Christ - all these foretold these days we are living it right now? Jesus said "This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations; and then THE END will come" ? But "the end" is not a sudden cessation, but a series of events that will turn this world upside down. Jesus described it in these words...... "For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again. “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened." Matthew 24:21-22 The focal point of all these prophecies is the City of Jerusalem. Forces are at work at this moment to wrest away Jerusalem from the control of the Jews; and it could very well result in the armies of the nations being gathered against Jerusalem; and the very battle, or battles predicted in the Bible coming to pass. It will come to pass; but it could come to pass very soon. So what do I care about the Mayans, or Nostradamus or Harold Camping or any other voice. Jesus said concerning the End Times "See that no man deceives you...". The Scriptures are the only safe guide in such matters; and if you are living right before the Lord, you are always ready for wahtever may come next. this is what you need to know to be ready.... http://www.4laws.com/laws/english/flash/ consider the record........ http://www.reasons.org/fulfilled-prophecy-evidence-reliability-bible

What was sighned to end World War One? What date was it sighned?

The armistice that ended conflict was signed by Germany on November 11 1918. That's really the answer The treaties of Versailles, Saint-Germaine, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Trianon and Sévres were signed between June 1919 and August 1920 in Paris. These established the terms of surrender of the various Central Powers.

Why hasn't any of the women from these Beauty pageant's ended world hunger or brought about world peace yet?

because does women are too shallow to help others and they only want to help themselves.

What music were people listening to at the end of World War II?

Ahh, that era had the best music and songs. Here are just some of many that were popular hits all over the world in 1945 - 1946 Andrews Sisters - Begin The Beguine Artie Shaw - I Poured My Heart Into A Song Bob Crosby - Day In - Day Out Boswell Sisters - Alexander's Ragtime Band Cab Calloway - Jumpin' Jive Charlie Spivak - Elegy Charlie Spivak - Brother Bill Charlie Spivak - Let's Go Home Charlie Spivak - Mean To Me Charlie Spivak - This Is No Laughing Matter Count Basie - Jumpin' At The Woodside Count Basie - Kid From Red Bank Count Basie - Lester Leaps In Count Basie - Sent For You Yesterday Count Basie - Thursday Duke Ellington -Rose Of The Rio Grande Eddy Duchin - Moon Over Miami Fats Waller - You're Laughing At Me Gene Krupa - After You've Gone Gene Krupa - Body And Soul Gene Krupa - Drumboogie Gene Krupa - I Walked In Gene Krupa - It All comes Back To Me Now George Shearing - April In The Rain Glen Gray - Georgia On My Mind Glen Gray - It's The Talk Of The Town Glen Gray - Memories Of You Glen Gray - My Heart Tells Me Glen Gray - My Shining Hour Glen Gray - No Name Jive, Parts 1 & 2 Glenn Miller - Blueberry Hill Glenn Miller - The Five O'Clock Whistle Glenn Miller - I'll Never Smile Again . Glenn Miller - Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee Glenn Miller - Nearness Of You Glenn Miller - When You Wish Upon A Star Glenn Miller - Woodpecker song Hal Kemp - Don't Worry 'Bout Me Hal Kemp - Love Bug Will Get You Hal Kemp - Night Is Filled With Music Harry James - I Don't Want To Walk Without You Ink Spots - If I Didn't Care Isham Jones - If I Should Lose You Jack Teagarden - Shiek Of Araby Jimmy Dorsey - Any Bonds Today? Jimmy Dorsey - Wasn't It You Kay Kyser - Johnny Doughboy Kay Kyser - Ole Buttermilk Sky King Sisters - Music Makers Louis Armstrong - Jeepers Creepers Louis Jordan - G. I. Jive Mills Brothers - Paper Doll Ozzie Nelson - Says My Heart Paul Weston - On The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Perry Botkin - Two Sleepy People Tommy Dorsey - Be Careful It's My Heart Tommy Dorsey - Indian Summer Tommy Dorsey - Last Call For Love Tommy Dorsey - Star Dust

How would you end hunger in a country?

Ending World hunger is not challenging, which vested interest told you that. Because they are wrong. Most hunger is down to corrupt Government and War. That the people in those Countries accept this and that their 'Educated classes' live with corruption, usually promoted by themselves is simple. How would I end Hunger, stop Islam from promoting itself as above the Law, it isn't. Corruption comes from the top and those who believe they are above the Law. This leaves the poor sods at the bottom who are not in the loop to starve, because they don't have access to the Law, and hence to property rights. Why because there are those who believe they are above the Law?

What event brought about an end to World War II and why was it so controversial?

The use of the atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the event that brought about the end of WW2. The event was extremely controversial because it was highly frowned upon to kill so many innocent civilians. War was meant to stay between military personnel and not meant to be used as an excuse to attack civilians.

Are the Bibles prophecies to vague to really use them to predict the end times?

Nope. They are pretty clear to me! I guess I'm not blinded to the wisdom of these prophecies.

Would you end world hunger or poverty? Click on the question to see the consequences of each choice.?

1, Because everyone is going to die anyway, and for most people it would mean living longer than they would without food. Also, people can control how much they eat, so it's their own fault.. I do feel harsh though.

Why is our leftist govt using our tax dollars to study World Of Warcraft game?

They probably aren't studying the game as much as they are studying the "platform" and how people interact on it. As players of games like this enter the work force, the traditional work environment might not be the optimal way of doing business. Look at how email, instant messaging, and mobile phone/computing affected business and government. Some business/government agency projects may be appropriate to move into a platform similar to WoW or Second Life. Imagine intelligence agencies for example. If each vehicle, satellite, soldier was a "sensor" that input into a virtual world, how could analyst (i.e. players) use the information and collaborate with each other to make better decisions. Not having seen the earmark though, can't say that is what the funding is covering. I have a hard time believing that something like this hasn't already been done at a company or university. Virtual worlds as a concept have been around for a long time, can't be that the government is only now getting around to figuring out how to exploit it.

what are large humanitarian groups for ending world hunger?

Well most of these humanitarian groups are from America and we need to worry about our own homeless issues and hunger issues here before we worry about Africa and other countries. EDIT: I would suggest getting canned food and taking it to your local mission and volunteering etc. Any type of food suppliement or anything is a great help to the homeless

How can we keep up with the rising world population?

By whiping all of us out with a new super disease or genocide. War remember disease poverty will keep us down. Environment will get stronger winds and hurricanes too!!

What is the change you want to see in the world?

I want John Mcain and Sarah Palin as President and Vice President. Oh and i want lower gas prices. :-)

what would happen if all religions prayed for nothing else but to put and end to world hunger?

How can I give advice to my little sister about changing the world?

Wow. Well, I would tell her that big things start small. There is a lot she can do to help others locally. She can collect food for a food bank, work with groups to support our troops, and be vocal about what she wants to do with her life.

What would your three wishes be to improve the world?

No World Poverty No Corruption and and world unity People in the world should understand that no matter how different we are to each other we are still humans and only if we learn to appreciate and understand each other will we ever get to the point of working together to sustain earth.

What has been done to end world hunger?

Hi, Absolutely NOTHING has been done.. because the population has grown more rapidly than the total size of works done for the starving.. so there is always a growing number of starving irrespective of the good work that has genuinely been done in small pockets.. Furthermore.. with the past 50 year mass abuse of limited resources by world powers.. we now see extreme weather conditions which has caused massive land degredation resulting in lower arible growing land.. Further to that again, many natural river systems have been completely polluted beyond use or have been diverted for private commercial use for growing canola and sugar for ethanol fuel.. the only real oil substitute.. as a resault crops aren't being watered and the natural environment including flora and fauna has changed with many species becoming extinct especially the larger "edible" mammals.. which were once hunted abundantly for food by humans.. fish is a perfect example, with some scientists claiming upto 90% of fish stocks are gone since the 1950's. that is STARTLING because the popualation is still growing.. and they're talking about 12 billion in the next 100 years.. Forests being replaced by cattle farms for Mcdonalds.. and things like civil wars fought over these lands for private co0mmercial "discreet use" are all having massive effects.. and as a result despite we here all have access to the internet and thus are most likley not far from a Mcdonalds.. bare in mind most of the people on earth rely on whatever they buy at markets, growin their fields and catch in the sea.. to sustain life.. and many Africans live on a limited number of vegetables and grains their whole lives.. while we rap on about ab blasters and grapeseed diets..

What attempts and campaigns have there been in the past to end world poverty?

green revolution...but it was inappropriate technology for the populations it was directed at Fair trade is also an attempt structural adjustment policies (SAP) also tried to create an economic arena conducive to western investment but failed for several reasons..displacement of workforce...etc hope this helps

What would be your idea of ending WORLD HUNGER?

This is one of the biggest concern of the world apart from Terrorism, global warming, Globalization, growing power imbalance, etc etc., Now what Big countries are doing is they are giving lot of rebate and help to their already rich Farmers, and imposing duties and taxes on foregin farmers making them more poor. And the way that these big powers have selected (free aid and donation) is no way the solution for this problem They need to strengthen the people-so that they can grow their own food, instead of that they are feeding them, so that they never learn how to stand on their own feet. The super powers have to understand that they have to give all equal rights to these third world countries in forums like WTO, so they can decide whats best for them instead of USA or JAPAN deciding for them.

If it was proven, without a doubt, that not eating meat would end world hunger, would you change your ways?

Well I've always said I'll never give up meat, but if you COULD prove that it would end world hunger I would seriously consider it. It would be a very compelling reason.... trouble is I don't think that it would make any difference to world hunger. There are too many other factors.

A hypothetical idea about ending world hunger?

Sugar beets at optimal conditions can fix 2 grams glucose/sq m leaf/hour giving the plant ~8 kcalories per hour. (1 g carb = 4 kcal) An example using the rates of the sugar beet: Assume humans can also produce at a maximum of 2 grams of glucose per square meter of leaf surface per hour in optimal light, water, temperature, & CO2 levels. Humans have ~1.6 - 1.8 square meters of skin (in an adult) just less than 2 square meters. 2 g carb/sq m x ~2 sq m = 4 g per hour So this would give an active naked adult almost 16 calories per hour to live on, or less than 200 calories per 12 hour daylight in the tropics, since we could only photosynthesize in the day. We could get almost 300 kcal in the arctic summer day (if we could survive the mosquitoes while naked). We use about 60kcal/hour just to stay alive while sleeping. Sitting up to drive a car needs well over 100kcal/hr but walking at a good pace can use that 300kcal in 1 hour. There is a reason we eat a lot of plants in order to get what it took them an entire growing season to accumulate by photosynthesis.

Some reasons you would like to end world hunger?

So everyone will feel full.

writing a paper for my social justice class on ending world hunger?

World Hunger Feed the Poor sorry, nothing good today Check out my blog at http://astheworldchanges.blogspot.com to be informed and entertained!

Is the United Nations a worthwhile organization for ending world poverty?

Hmm 3rd world tyrants and dictators doing work for the sake of humanity......ha ha I doubt it

Do you agree with my wonderful idea to end world poverty?

i totally agree with you. they use there celebrity status to bring awareness but still flounder money on $15mil houses and multiple cars. they do give but not as much as they can

What would be an argument in opposition to ending world poverty?

- Overpopulation (poverty is a harsh but effective population control), Overtaxation of natural resources (poverty is usually a sign that local resources are overspent, to remove it, one would have to expend resources from elsewhere - until ???)

What role did local governments take place in ending world hunger in Madagascar?

Not much, due to the political problems, and the lack of international political recognition of the new government. But: In 2007, the Malagasy Government, with the support of United Nations agencies, and especially with WFP, developed a National Strategy for School Feeding and Nutrition. This strategy is based on the principle that all children - especially those living in food-insecure areas - should have access to a primary education of good quality. Along with health and nutrition activities, school feeding is one of the pillars of this strategy. The above-mentioned expansion of school feeding activities funded by the Malagasy Government took place within the framework of this strategy. Still within the framework of this strategy, ongoing discussions between WFP and the Ministry of National Education aim not only to intensify the program in the south, but to extend it further to the southeast of Madagascar, where there are also areas of high food insecurity. https://www.examiner.com/global-hunger-in-national/an-interview-with-nicolas-babu-school-feeding-program-officer-for-wfp-madagascar?render=print http://www.reliefweb.int/rw/rwb.nsf/db900SID/JALR-8B3GZ9?OpenDocument&rc=1&cc=mdg http://www.endpoverty2015.org/en/africa/news/madagascar-stands/18/sep/10

Do we have a moral responsiblity to help end world poverty?

Yes we do it is our responsibility to help our brothers and sisters in Christ .

What can we do to help end world hunger?

The problem is overpopulation. Support birth control.

Game that you can play from your computer to sharpen vocab and help end world hunger?

I've heard of that site too, but when I tried it, it didn't work.

What role did local governments take place in ending world hunger in Madagascar?

How could you end "world hunger" in a single country?

How well are we prepared to end world terrorism?

We aren't and we can't end terrorism. As we sit home & type on our computers, Muslims are training their children to be terrorists. They start little and teach them to hate others of different religions. There is no way to combat that. P

What major events helped to end world war 2 in Europe and Asia?

The major events leading to the end were Midway, Iwo Jima, Stalingrad, the fall of italy, D-day, Kursk, and the battle of the bulge.

What are two simple thing that can be done globally to help end world hunger?

become vegetarians/vegans Don't buy food(not even for cattle) or tobacco that comes from hungering countries

Is there jobs that are focused on ending world hunger?

I would contact various organizations that are committed to ending world hunger and see if you can get hired. What skills do you have to offer any organization? I am familiar with "The Hunger Project." http://www.thp.org/

Why should the United States NOT help end world hunger?

It's impossible to end world hunger because most third world countries have very corrupted leaders. Example.....Haiti.