Do you actually believe that the world Is going to end May 21st?

Odds are even for that day as it is for any other day. At Matthew 24:36, after telling us the signs we could identify when the end of Satan's system was near, Jesus told us no one knew the exact date--not even Jesus himself. So why would God inform an old guy off the street? Las Vegas bet?

Who are the people who believe the world will end May, 21 2011?

This garbage has next to nothing to do with Christianity and next to nobdy believes it . Harold "Crack of Doom" Camping is the bod behind this last prophecy of whatever is a radio preacher with weird ideas, including the one that says he can pick a number in the Bible, multiply it by something or add it to something and get a date for the so-called rapture, He offers no reason or justification for multiplying instead of adding or adding instead of multiplying. He has already predicted this for 1994, when it didn't happen predicted a date a little later and that didn't happen and - you get the drift. A whole truck load of old cobblers, self deception etc if not direct lies and deliberate fraud. The only justification he has is that he has to get a date in the near future so that he can impress the gullible and maybe get his hands on some of their money. If his calculations said the so-called rapture would be in 1992, everyone would just laugh. If he claimed 2991 then nobody would care because our great great grandchildren's great great grandchildren will be long dead by then anyway. There have been dozens of prophecies of dates for this so called rapture starting from about 1840 right up to a couple of years ago. One thing they all have in common is that they were all wrong and another thing is that they were nearly all made by supposedly Christian sects in the USA. Why is that? Almost the only sects that believe in the rapture are in the USA but outside the USA they are outnumbered by local Roman Catholics, Anglicans / Episcopalians, the Orthodox, Lutherans and Methodists who regard the rapture as false doctrine and anyone who prophecies it as a false prophet whether they give a date or not. So it is garbage any way you look at it.

Is May 21, 2011 end of the world true?

Not true at all. It seems like Harold Camping made another hoax but the real end of the world date is still unknown.

What are people doing now to prepared themselves for May, 21, 2011: End of the world?

I'm setting up for an end of the world soon as I'm done typing this I'm putting up 'Goodbye world' was my rbother's suicide party favor.....I just ran into a pole, damn answers for mobile

will the world end may 21 2011?

its may 22 2011 and we're all still alive. STOP believing everything you hear from every crazy man!!!!!

Do you believe the world will end may 21,2011?

No, I don't believe that crap. Whether the Christians believed it or not, I wouldn't care. They believe anything. -Nudges elbow-

Will the world end May 21,2011?

It is NOT going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people saying the world will end May 21, is any of what they are saying in the bible?

No, none of that is in the Bible. I don't where they are getting it.

What are your thoughts on this 'end of the world on May 21'?

May 21st "The Rapture" was "predicted" by a man named Harold Camping ( ) he's a false prophet who also said the same thing in 1994. ..He's a loon, don't even give that junk second thought. As for 2012 - that's also a hoax started back in 2003.

Is the world really gonna end may 21?

Harold camping claims that 21st May 2011 is the Rapture and 21st October 2011 is the end of the world. Since he also predicted the end of the world for: 27th September 1994, 29th September 1994, 2nd October 1994 and 31st March 1995, perhaps he ought to call this the really, really, definite, I honestly mean it this time, end of the world?